Stefanie Daubert (1996)

Stefanie Daubert ’96 works as a Domestic Violence Counselor at the Women’s Shelter in San Luis Obispo. In addition, Stefanie works for the county’s crisis and referral line. Next January Stefanie plans to begin an M.A. program in clinical psychology.

Blake Corbin (1998)

Blake Corbin ’98 is coaching water polo and swimming at Laguna Hills High School. Blake is also substitute teaching at Laguna Hills and hopes eventually find a full-time position teaching psychology in high school.

Mark Merrick (1993)

Mark Merrick ’93 is HP Network Administrator at S.C.C., overseeing the administrative database. Mark also has IS Webmastering duties, administrating the web servers and assisting community members in the development of non-marketing pages.

Kerri Light (1996)

Kerri Light ’96 is Director of the Shalimar Learning Center in Costa Mesa, an after-school tutoring center serving kindergartners through sixth-graders. “We’re here to provide a safe and positive environment for students to do their homework” according to Kerri. Five schools feed into the Shalimar Learning Center and the related Teen Center.

Shelly Romanoff

Shelly Romanoff has been accepted into the Pharmacology and Therapeutics Ph.D. program at Louisiana State University Medical Center and has been awarded a full Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship. Congratulations!