Tonia Vojtkofsky (2001)

Tonia Vojtkofsky ’01 is both recovering from a serious auto accident and looking forward to beginning the Psy.D. program at Rosemead School of Psychology this fall.

Alicia (Baldwin, 1998) LaJoie

After serving Vanguard University for many years as Programmer/Analyst, Alicia (Baldwin ’98) LaJoie has been offered a job as a Technical Support Specialist by Sungard Bi-Tech at the Vashon Island, Washington office. Sungard Bi-Tech is the company that produces VUSC’s educational software package, and the job offer is a recognition of Alicia’s excellent work! Congratulations and best wishes! (7/30/02)

Deanna (Wilson, 1994) Wahlheim

Deanna (Wilson ’94) Wahlheim is completing the MFT program at Chapman University. She will be taking her oral exam for advancement this summer.

Anita (Berg, 1992) Hernandez

Anita (Berg ’92) Hernandez is working as a Manager in the Purchasing Department at Miller Brewing Company. Anita and husband Edwin have “two beautiful and enthusiastic” children: Michael is six and Christy is three! Anita and family live in Corona, CA.

Colleen Knox (1988) and David Richards (1989)

Colleen Knox ’88 is in private practice full-time as an LCSW (licensed clinical social worker). David Richards ’89 is also an LCSW, providing counseling services for a juvenile recovery group home, training the county’s child welfare workers on child abuse issues, teaching at a community college, and working for a private non-profit agency that provides counseling services to the community. Colleen and David have an eight-year-old daughter, Megan!

Brianna (Cox, 2000) Dubbs

Brianna (Cox ’00) Dubbs married Jobe Dubbs in January, is pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University, and is also working as a Sales Specialist at a mortgage firm!

Tricia (Nalore, 1990) Woods

Tricia (Nalore ’90) Woods will be attending California Western School of Law, with a projected graduation date of June 2006!

Pamela Lee (2001)

Pamela Lee ’01 is working at Laurel High School & Laurel Adult Education (LAUSD) as an Instructional Assistant-Computers. Pamela also teaches several subjects, including math, journalism, and health.

Nicole Price (2001)

Nicole Price ’01 has been hired to teach severely emotionally disturbed (SED) individuals from Fairview Developmental Center. Nicole will begin her work in the fall. Nicole is also co-author of a recently published study on “Tattoos and Ratings of Personal Characteristics.”

Alicia Pegg (2002)

Alicia Pegg ’02 married Brian O’Quinn (VUSC Chemistry major) at Needham Chapel on May 18! Alicia will be teaching 6th grade at a Christian school in Sacramento.