Heidi (Vieselmeyer, 1995) Afusia

Heidi AfusiaHeidi (Vieselmeyer ’95) Afusia is enjoying being full-time mom to Mikayla (3) and Koa (1)! Heidi, Roy, Mikayla, and Koa live in Santa Ana, CA.

Pam Prouty (1993)

Pam Prouty ’93 works as a Marriage and Family Therapist at Juvenile Hall in Orange County. Pam describes the position as a “great job” and says that she has learned a lot working for the county!

Carice Blazo (1993)

Carice Blazo ’93 works as the central Europe director for Educational Services International, an organization that recruits, trains, and sends Christian teachers in 10 different countries.

Dulce Bautista (1994)

Dulce Bautista ’94 and her daughter Angela have recently returned from living in the Phillipines. They now live in Chula Vista.

Jill Ault (1990)

Jill Ault ’90 completed her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology at Azusa Pacific University in 2000 and is now employed as Director of Performance Improvement and Quality Management by Behavioral Healthcare Corporation in Rosemead, CA!

Mike Janson (1998)

Mike Janson ’98 worked for Cal State Long Beach for 5 years (’98-’02) on a National Institute on Drug Abuse grant to study the effects of drug use on sexual behavior. In January of this year, Mike moved to Los Angeles and is enjoying his new position as a behavioral researcher for the County of Los Angeles Department of Health, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Mike has presented many posters and presentations regarding drug use and sexual behavior at several conferences including the American Public Health Association. Mike’s current work includes implementation and oversight of an HIV risk assessment of residents receiving services from 175 LA County health providers. Mike actually enjoys statistics and has become an advanced SAS programmer! His current areas of interest include club drugs (ecstasy, ketamine, GHB) and their effects on behavior. (9/16/03)

Ross Andel (1996)

Ross AndelRoss Andel ’96 received his Ph.D. in Gerontology from the University of Southern California in 2003! Ross is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Gerontology at the University of South Florida. His primary research interest has been the identification of modifiable behaviors that may delay cognitive impairment, such as leisure activity, exercise, or occupation. Dr. Ross has published many articles, including “Does participation in leisure activities lead to a reduced risk of dementia?” published in the Journal of Gerontology.

Sarah (Nugent, 2002) Latham

Sarah (Nugent ’02) Latham has been accepted into the MFT program at Bethel Seminary San Diego and will be beginning the program in September. Sarah is also working part-time as an aide in a special education high school English class for students with learning and/or emotional disabilities.

Parker Campbell (2000)

Parker Campbell ’00 has been accepted into the UCLA School of Public Policy and Social Research in their Social Welfare Department. Parker will be starting the MSW program this fall!

Wendy Olsen (1989)

Wendy OlsenWendy Olsen ’89 is working as a pharmaceutical sales representative while parenting Lauren (17), Isaac (8), and Ellen (5). The kids are doing “amazingly well”: Lauren graduated from high school and will be attending culinary arts school in the fall; Isaac will be in third grade and Ellen will be in kindergarten. Isaac and Ellen love baseball and are playing up one year due to their athletic abilities!