Nichole Dotson (2003)

Nichole Dotson ’03 is a Math Teacher at Century High School in Santa Ana, CA, teaching geometry and algebra. Nichole is enjoying the teaching and reports, “I use my psychology every day!”

Lisa Roland (1997)

Lisa Roland ’97 graduated from Loma Linda University in 2000 with an M.S. in Marital and Family Therapy. Lisa is a licensed (February 2005) Marriage and Family Therapist, currently working for Kaiser Permanente (Tustin/Santa Ana Medical Office), providing outpatient therapy for members of Kaiser. Lisa specializes in treating children and adolescents.

Gladys Green (2003)

Gladys Green ’03 is a student in Vanguard’s Graduate Education program. She is currently doing her student teaching and plans on continuing with her Master’s in Education. Gladys is also teaching an online class for Vanguard’s Early Childhood Education program and is also teaching at Orange Coast College.

Tiffany Worthy (1997)

Tiffany WorthyTiffany Worthy ’97 is beginning the fourth year of her Psy.D. program in School Psychology at Argosy University/Phoenix. Her first practicum was completed at Orangedale Elementary School, and this past June she completed her second practicum at a private day school for emotionally and behaviorally challenged students. At both sites, a licensed school psychologist supervised her. At present, she is preparing applications for internship and will participate in the APPIC match in 2006. During the upcoming school year, she will also complete her Clinical Research Project (CRP). She is researching the predictive validity of the K-ABC 2 and the WJ-III Cognitive Abilities intelligence tests on child and adolescent adjustment.”

Justy (Riggs 1990) Panther

Justy RiggsJusty (Riggs ’90) Panther has had a remarkable 12 months! A year ago, Justy was working in the Public Relations Department of the Joshua Foundation, a missionary foundation in Tanzania that includes a Bible school and Teacher’s College. Justy met Brad, a visitor from New Zealand, and they were married in July. Justy, son Riley, and Brad are now living in northern New Zealand and hoping to return to Tanzania within a couple of years. As Justy says, “WOW!!”

Alicia (Pegg, 2002) O’Quinn

Alicia (Pegg ’02) O’Quinn and husband Brian live in Medford, Oregon, with son Wesley.

Jennifer (Bolger, 2001, 2004 MS) Anderson

Jennifer (Bolger ’01, ’04 MS) Anderson and husband Aaron live in Santa Barbara. Jennifer is gaining hours towards MFT licensure as a therapist for Devereux, a residential treatment facility that treats children who are developmentally delayed and have emotional/behavioral disorders.

Melissa (Gibson, 1997) Finley

Melissa (Gibson ’97) Finley and husband Jonathan live in Chino Hills with their daughter McKenna.

Lynn Munson (1997)

Lynn Munson ’97 is now Pastor of Orangethorpe United Methodist Church in Fullerton, following three years as Associate Pastor at Garden Grove United Methodist Church.

Breanna (Archer, 2002) Kraft

Breanna (Archer ’02) Kraft has accepted a position as Social Worker for Yolo County (northern California). Breanna is working in the Family Reunification Unit, working with parents whose children are in foster care. (5/29/05)