Douglas Degelman
Vanguard University of Southern California

3. Research question: What is the relation between prayer and physical health? Using ERIC, identify the two most relevant articles.

Here is one possible sequence of steps:

1. Generate a list of possible search terms: prayer, health, physical health, healing, etc.

2. Try “prayer AND health.” (Note: This search that was performed in 2003 returned the following relevant articles. Your search may find different articles.)

Bearon, Lucille B.; Koenig, Harold G.. Religious Cognitions and Use of Prayer in Health and Illness. Gerontologist; v30 n2 p249-53 Apr 1990.

Conway, Katherine. Coping with the Stress of Medical Problems among Black and White Elderly. International Journal of Aging and Human Development; v21 n1 p39-48 1985-86.

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