Research AbstractDegelman, D., Free, J. U., Scarlato, M., Blackburn, J. M., & Golden, T. (1986). Concept learning in preschool children: Effects of a short-term LOGO experience. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 2, 199-205.


The effects of of a LOGO microcomputer experience on problem-solving and creativity was investigated using a novel graphics control group. Eighty-eight kindergarten and second grade students were assigned to a LOGO, Graphics Control, or Comparison group. The use of a programmed joystick for the Graphics Control group allowed the separating of the graphics component of the experience from the procedual programming component. Results revealed a significant grade effect both for total errors on problem-solving measures and for four of the five creativity measures (all p’s < .001). No significant treatment group differences were observed, nor was there a significant grade by treatment group interaction (p’s > .05). Possible alternative explanations and suggestions for future research are provided.