Psychology Photo Session

Psychology Majors 2011

All new and returning Psychology students and faculty will meet in the Needham Chapel Courtyard on Thursday, Sept. 6th, from 9:15 – 9:30 a.m. for the annual Psychology department picture. It will only take a short time between classes. See you there!

Student Research Team

A student research team under the direction of Dr. Noreen Dulin represented the psychology department at the 2012 Social Sciences Colloquium. Ashley Armendariz, Lauren East, Rachelle Garcia, and Armando Melgoza presented their research findings on “Correlates of Life Satisfaction in College Students.” This research was also presented at the California State University San Marcos Psychology Conference. Congratulations to these researchers!

Psychology Savants 2012!

Congratulations to our 2012 Psychology Savants! A savant is a person of learning, well-versed in science or literature. Our Psychology Savants are students who have demonstrated their learning by scoring in the top quartile of graduating seniors on a difficult, objective, comprehensive Psychology Major Field Test. This year’s Psychology Savants are David Boyer, Greg Austring, Khrisa Johnson, Mollie Huntsinger, Jenna Iguchi, Ashley Armendariz, Kari Bergerson, Aspyn Remington, Lauren East, Elisha Avne, Rachel Jones, David Badoud, Joshua Claramunt, Tatiana Kildiszew, and Olivia Sprenger.

Psi Chi Inductees 2012

Congratulations to the 41 Psychology majors inducted into Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology! New Psi Chi members include the following: Shannon Ardrey, Ursula Auger, Elisha Avne, Christa N. Call, Carson Carpenter, Michelle Cavanagh, Laila Collman, Matt Cowan, Candice Dobson, Katy Erhardt, Samantha Espartero, Teresa Flores, Rachel Gamboa, Dora Garcia, Sunshine Golson, Diane Hopkins, John Hosier, Anita Israel, Amanda Ives, Lauren “Ellie” Kaiser, Lauren Keating, Sophia Kendrick, Sarah Kershner, Shannon Laskey, Leslie Lockridge, Debora Mabry, Moneh Magdaleno, Patrick Malaret, Javier A. Melgoza, Dixie Moak, Tracy A. Morales, Claudia Otis, Elizabeth Ramirez, Carissa Robles, Maria Ruiz, Lara Stauffer, Ashley Tebeau, Rachel Michelle Toth, Dana Tull, Jasmine Villalta, Deborah Wieland.

In the photo, from left to right, Dr. K.J. Hummel (Chair, Department of Psychology), Ms. Sheryl Curl, RN, MFT (Invited Speaker), Dr. Elizabeth Powell (Psi Chi Faculty Advisor), Lauren East (Psi Chi Co-President), David Badoud (Psi Chi Co-President)

Congratulations to our 2011-2012 Psychology Savants!!

Congratulations to our 2011-2012 Psychology Savants!!!  The Psychology Savants (in alphabetical order) are: Ashley Armendariz, Gregory Austring, Elisha Avne, David Badoud, Kari Bergerson, David Boyer, Joshua Claramunt, Lauren East, Mollie Huntsinger, Jennifer Iguchi, Khrisa Johnson, Rachel Jones, Tatiana Kildiszew, Aspyn Remington, and Olivia Sprenger.

These Savants’ scores on the Psychology Major Field Test place them in the top quartile of graduating seniors in psychology!  Our Psychology Savants will be honored at our Senior Dinner and Psychology Awards event on the evening of April 19.  We, in the Psychology Department, are very proud of their accomplishments!

Graduate Clinical Psychology Information Meeting

Vanguard University’s own Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology will be hosting an information meeting from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 25 in the Great Commission Hall.   During this time,  the unique structure of this program will be explained and current students will be available to share their experiences.   You will have the opportunity to ask questions and attend a portion of a class.  If you attend this session and determine that this is the program for you, your application fee will be waived.

Multi-Cultural, Multi-Disciplinary Potluck

Students from Psychology, Anthropology, and Sociology recently gathered for the first ever Multi-Cultural, Multi-Disciplinary Potluck.  In the spirit of Social Science communty, students crossed departmental and cultural lines to celebrate diversity and “break bread” representing many ethnicities.  A delightful and delicious time of camaraderie and collegiality was had by all!

Grad School Info Session

Dr. Carl Renold and other psychology faculty members recently shared information about preparing for graduate school. For a summary of the information, go to

Psychology Advisory Council Begins

On Wednesday, June 8, Claudia Degelman, Julie Howard, and KJ Hummel from the psychology department met with individuals from various local human services organizations for the first  Psychology Advisory Council meeting.  The purpose of the Council will be to provide independent outside feed-back regarding the psychology program and curriculum, perspectives on changes in the field of psychology and human services, and suggestions for establishing and enhancing partnerships within the community.  Participants from the community were Raul Castorena from Olive Crest, Deanna Johnston from Orangewood Children’s Home, Sheree King from Mercy House, Julie Larson from Share Our Selves, and Leah Sloterbeek from Autism Solutions for Kids.

Psychology Faculty Present at APS

Vanguard Psychology faculty Ludmila Praslova, Julie Howard, K. J. Hummel, and Claudia Degelman presented at the 23rd Annual Convention of Association for Psychological Science in Washington, DC, May 26-29, 2011. The 2011 meeting was centered on the major theme of Convergence: Connecting Levels of Analysis in Psychological Science. The Vanguard psychology poster presentation, “Psychological Science and Hot Topics in Educational Debate” addressed the current treatment of the topic of education by the media, public, and policy makers, and advocated for a more empirically based and multilevel approach, informed by research on individual cognition and motivation, as well as social, cultural and organizational processes. Systemic thinking and an empirical foundation, as well as educating the general public and media, are essential in formulating sound educational policy, avoiding harmful unintended consequences, and facilitating both individual and national educational success.