Psychology Majors and Student Life

Congratulations to our psychology students who are contributing to Vanguard Student Life! Involved in the Student Government Association are Spencer Green (SGA President), Renn Lazzerin (Vice President of Communication & Marketing), and Lucas Brawner (Executive Vice President). Involved in Diversity are Danny Ledezma (Diversity Lead Intern & International Student Engagement), Charity Culp (Diversity Lead Intern & Black Student Union Club President), Mele Tuuholoaki (Asian Pacific Island Club President), Kim Saucedo (Public Relations & Publicity Intern), Emma O’Brien (Awareness Coordinator), and Michael Avila (Bridge Mentor).


Roxanne Jordan Warren 2005

Roxanne Jordan Warren (2005) is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) working as a Clinical Supervisor at Autism Spectrum Therapies in Pleasanton, California. Roxanne earned her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University in 2008 and received her BCBA in February 2014. “I love the field!” Autism Spectrum Therapies provides (1) assessments that evaluate thinking, learning, and behavior, (2) autism intervention using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), (3) occupational therapy (OT) and speech and language therapy, and (4) social skills programs that can help children establish friendships and build confidence.


Ciprian Boitor 2006

Ciprian Boitor (2006) is completing a post-doctoral residency with Kaiser Permanente after earning his PhD in Clinical Psychology (2013) from Fuller School of Psychology! In his post-doc, Ciprian is providing family therapy and case management for adolescents and parents in the Chemical Dependency Program. Among his many responsibilities at Kaiser Permanente, Ciprian also teaches chemical dependency recovery classes.


Kayleen Howard 2005

Kayleen Howard (2005) has been a Behavioral Therapist at Cornerstone Therapies in Huntington Beach, California for seven years. The Cornerstone Autism Program (CAP) is an early intervention program for children under 3 years of age who may or may not have a formal diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The program is founded on the principles of the science called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Children receive intervention delivered by a behavior therapist utilizing a 1 to 1 ratio and incorporating research-based behavior strategies and methodologies. Supervisors monitor the child’s progress towards goals and observe individual behavior sessions to ensure quality programming and to determine any modifications or adaptations that are warranted. Services are provided in multiple settings depending on the unique needs of the child and family. Programming may be performed in the child’s home, community environments, preschool, and clinic.