Joy Schoenleben (1997)

Joy Schoenleben ’97 started an MFCC program at Chapman University the fall of 1997 and has recently presented research at the Gerontological Society Association Conference in Cincinnati, OH.

Michele Dodge (1991)

Michele Dodge ’91 lives in Las Vegas and is in her 4th year of teaching at an AT RISK school. She is Chair of the Student Intervention Team and specializes in learning disabilities. She is also halfway through an MFT program at ULV and is starting her practicum this spring. Michele is married to SCC alum Philip Dodge and they have two children, Kaitie and Timothy.

James Ward (1993)

James Ward ’93 is the Assistant Executive Director of Southern Indian Health Council, Inc. This is a large health facility that provides health care survices such as medical, dental, HIV education, mental health counseling, nutrition, childcare, and social services. James lives in San Diego, CA.