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Alienation Test: George Boeree
Aspie-Quiz: Leif Ekblad
Attachment Style Questionnaire: Chris Fraley
Barbarian’s Online Test Page
Big Five Minitest: George Boeree
Big Five Personality Test
Defensive Pessimism Questionnaire: Julie Norem
Depression Test: PsyCom
Eating Disorder Screening: Psych Central
Emotional Intelligence: Turknett Leadership Group Emotional Intelligence Quiz
Face Recognition: Harvard University
Five Factor Personality Test
Goldberg Depression Inventory: Psych Central
Goldberg Mania Inventory: Psych Central
Homophobia Scale: PBS
Implicit Association Test: Project Implicit (Requires Java)
International High IQ Society
IPIP-NEO (International Personality Item Pool): John Johnson
IQ Test Lab
Kiersey Temperament Sorter
Majon’s Online IQ Test Center
Morality Test: Jeff Potter
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Screening: Psych Central
Online Psychological and Personality Tests
Online Psychological Tests:
Online Tests for Psychologists:
Personality Online: The Enneagram
Personality Online: The Personality Profile
Personality Online: The Tests
Personality Test Center
Personality Tests: Great Ideas in Personality
Phelps-Nourse Addictiveness Test tests, tests, tests
Riddles: William Wu
Shyness: Henderson/Zimbardo Shyness Questionnaire
Surveys and Psychology Tests: BBC