AmoebaWeb: Language and Communication

Early Vocalization Analyzer: Harriet Fell
Ethnologue: Languages of the World
The Evolution of Language: Simon Kirby
Internet Anagram Server:
Ladle Rat Rotten Hut
Language Acquisition: Steven Pinker
Language and Brain: Neurocognitive Linguistics: Rice University
Language and Mind: Noam Chomsky
Language is a Human Instinct: Steven Pinker
Nonverbal Behavior: Jaume Masip
The Origins of Babble: Melissa Hendricks
A Pictorial Introduction to Fourier Analysis: John Krantz
Project Koko: Gorilla Language Project: The Gorilla Foundation
A Review of B.F. Skinner’s Verbal Behavior: Noam Chomsky
The Sounds of Language
Thinking and Speaking: Lev Vygotsky
Vygotsky and Language Acquisition: Ricardo Schutz
Words and Rules: Steven Pinker