AmoebaWeb: Culture and Psychology

Childrearing, Culture, and Mental Health: Peter Cook
Cognitive Costs of Physical and Mental Health: Applying the Psychology of the Developed World to the Problems of the Developing World: Robert Sternberg
Comparisons of Attitudes Toward Living and Dying: A Programmatic Study in International and Cross-Cultural Perspectives: Leonore Adler
Contextualism versus Positivism in Cross-Cultural Psychology: Carl Ratner
Cross-Cultural Human Development: Uwe Gielen
A Cultural Critique of Psychological Explanations of Terrorism: Carl Ratner
Cultural Psychology and Qualitative Methodology: Scientific and Political Considerations: Carl Ratner
Cultural Psychology Links: Social Psychology Network
International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology
Is Amae the Key to Understanding Japanese Culture?: Herman Smith
Marginality in a Pluralistic Society: Billie Davis
On the Growth and Continuing Importance of Cross-Cultural Psychology: Walter Lonner
Outline of a Coherent, Comprehensive Concept of Culture: Carl Ratner
Post-Soviet Psychology: What is Ahead?: Albert Nalchajian
Psychological Science in a Postmodern Context: Kenneth Gergen
Race and Ethnicity: Michael Kearl
Test Yourself for Hidden Bias:
Theoretical and Methodological Problems in Cross-Cultural Psychology: Carl Ratner
Three Approaches to Cultural Psychology: A Critique: Carl Ratner