AmoebaWeb: Cognitive Psychology

Bimbos and Rambos: The Cognitive Basis of Gender Stereotypes: Margaret Matlin
Cave of Magic
Decision Making and Problem Solving: Herbert Simon
Dictionary of Cognitive Science: University of Alberta
Discontinuity Theory: Cognitive and Social Searches for Rationality and Normality: Philip Zimbardo
Genetic Epistemologist: The Journal of the Jean Piaget Society
The Grey Labyrinth
Imagination, Mental Imagery, Consciousness, and Cognition: Nigel Thomas
The Information Processing Approach to Cognition: William Huitt
The Origins of Cognitive Thought: B.F. Skinner
Piaget: A Short Biography
The Jean Piaget Society
Prisoners’ Dilemma: Serendip
Prisoner’s Dilemma
Psychology of Intelligence Analysis: Richards Heuer
Riddles: William Wu
Sex, Lies, and Audiotape: A Cognitive Analysis of the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal: Diane Halpern
Tower of Hanoi: MazeWorks