Provost Newsletter | December 1st

Christmas Giving
By Diane Wright

The snow is rapidly falling
People are scurrying and in a fuss
They try to complete their shopping list
and get it done before the Christmas rush.

The house smells are scintillating
There are cookies, cakes, pies and more
Excitement is in the air for all
waiting for the festivities that are in store.

This is the most joyous time of all
It’s Christmas giving all in fun
Yet, why can’t we make Christmas
every day for everyone?

loveLove is not a seasonal emotion
To only be shared in the Christmas flair
We should spread love all year through
Displaying a Christlike attitude to share.

FOR . . . 

The homeless, deprived, and hurting
Torn clothing, sick, and in want
Bedding down on streets and corners
Days too long to even stop and count.

The unmarried girl with child
Needs love to alleviate strife
Weighing the cost involved
Going under the abortionist’s knife.
The elderly in nursing homes alone
Family rejected, unloved, their words unsaid
Pushed off to the side emotionally
Left to die in loneliness instead.

The abused child feeling rejected, unloved
Stripped of nurturing love and dignity,
Hiding behind a wall of anger
Needing love to find her identity.

caringThey are out there; the poor, depressed, and lonely
In deep need and want year through
So many to love and tenderly touch
And, doing your part makes the numbers few.

The Christmas season passes quickly
And we go back to our daily lives
Forgetting one another’s needs
Ignoring the cries and mournful sighs.

Our Savior’s eyes fills with saddened tears
Witnessing His children give love then suspend
from giving of self all year long
Rather… Waiting for Christmas to arrive again.



A Word from the Provost

As I reflect on this time of celebrating our Savior’s birth, reading this poem is sobering, yet it reminds me of why Christmas is not just a season for the believer.  Christmas is a lifestyle that welcomes the presence of the living Savior everyday, as we share his love to all.  We are blessed at Vanguard University to welcome so many young people God sends to us to make a significant difference in their lives by educating them with a Spirit-empowered and Christ-centered message integrated with biblical truth, Godly virtue and a lifetime of preparation for Christian service to the church, marketplace and ultimately the world.  Yes, with humility we should grace this season with gratitude to the Savior for the gift of teaching his heritage… all our students!

I want to wish each of you a very special Merry Christmas and a transformational New Year.

Our country has completed the election of the 45th President-elect Donald Trump.  Whether you voted republican, democrat, independent, wrote in your nominee, or didn’t vote at all, the elections are complete.  If your candidate was not the choice selected, we as Christians have a biblical mandate from Romans 13:1, 2 (NKJV)… Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities.  For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.  Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinances of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. “God grants authority to serve good ends.  How that authority is exercised will be the accounting of each to whom it has been given.”  Our nation once again has broadened its divide among people of diverse class, religion (religious denominations), race, socioeconomic status, etc.  It is our opportunity as Christian leaders to advance God’s kingdom message with truth, Godly example, unity and Spiritual authority and most of all love.  It is not the time for the people of God to grow weary if your party lost or prideful if your party won, but truthful to the ultimate authority of God through Jesus Christ who reigns as King of all Kings and Lord of All Lords.

FacultyStaffChristmas Fantasia, one of the highlights of a Vanguard Year is around the corner, get your tickets today.  The leadership in our music department develops such wonderful talent from our music students.  Come celebrate the teaching gift of each colleague and enjoy the musical talent in our students.

Our reaffirmation is around the corner.  It is great to see faculty and staff coming to the office to read our report.  It is to your advantage to take time to come and engage with the work many of you have made great contributions through written documents, surveys, reports, edits and prayers.  The report can be found in the Provost, Dean of TUG and the President’s office.  Make your appointment today.  Again, our visit is scheduled for February 28-March 2nd.  It is important that everyone mark those dates to be present as our team will want to meet you.

The final faculty senate meeting of 2016 will be held Friday at 11:00 in the Price room.  If you have never attended senate meetings don’t let 2016 close before you do.  This meeting is not just for senate representatives but the full faculty.  Join your colleagues for the final meeting.
christmas-party-food1Special Christmas treats especially for faculty and staff of Academic Affairs to say thank you and Merry Christmas from Rev. Michael and Dr. Doretha O’Quinn.  Please join us on Thursday, Dec. 8th in Kerr Pierce from 10am-noon open house to celebrate YOU and to extend praises to our Savior.

engagementWedding Bells are ringing in the Provost Office for my administrative assistant, Dalila Toledo who works untiringly to assist me and each of the faculty and staff of Academic Affairs.  Dalila is an alumnus of Vanguard and has been an employee for many years.  She has the heart of a true servant and I invite you to share your thoughts and prayers for she and her future husband Luigi.  She will return after the first of the year as Mrs. Dalila Perea. We love and appreciate you Dalila!!!

It is very important to read your emails in a timely manner.  Often information is shared that many will call my office to ask about.  We welcome your calls however, Inside VU, and other weekly message provide communication updates that are important for the Vanguard community.  We want you to know what’s happening on campus.

Thanks to all who attended and presented at the Research Luncheon!


News from the Dean

cornerstoneWe wrapped up Cornerstone in Week 8.  We feel good about it, but are sure revisions will occur once we complete assessments.  Hearty thanks to all faculty who participated in one or more sessions:

Tom Carmody, Doug Degelman, Steve Kelly, Vince Gil, Kristen Lashua, Elizabeth Powell, Diana Avans, David Pecoraro, April Westbrook, Ed Rybarczyk, Doug Petersen, Greg Austring, Pam Crenshaw, Bonni Stachowiak, Tara Sirvent, Michael Hanna, Hien Park, Robert Reno, Mun Kang, Ed Westbrook, James Melton, Rachelle Walker, Jen Russum, Ed Clarke, Stephanie D’Auria, Laurie Hatch, John Wilson, and Kevin Walker.

Huge thanks also to Cornerstone instructors:

Itzel Calleja-Macias, Celina Camarillo, Krystal Gowens, Kimberly Greene, Kayli Hillebrand, Josh Houston, Kerry Kimble, Jon Krapivkin, Randee Loya, Rachael Lund, Barbi Rouse, Dalila Toledo, Lauren Walker, Christina Wollin, and Danielle Woo.

Special recognition to President Beals and Provost O’Quinn for their contribution in Week 1.

And finally, enormous gratitude to Amanda Lebrecht, who poured heart and soul into Cornerstone this semester.  For these grand endeavors to be successful, someone has to worry about the details.  Amanda did that and much, much more.

News from the Library

Approximately 60 undeclared students were counseled by faculty librarians in preparation for spring 2017 registration.

Pre Finals/Finals Week Hours

Monday, November 29 – December 1, 7:30 a.m. to 3 a.m.
Friday, December 2, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday, December 3, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday, December 4, 2 – 8 p.m.
December 5 – 9 7:30 a.m. to 3 a.m.
December 10 – 11 Closed
December 12-16, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

News from the Registrar

grades-dueHappy end-of-the-semester!  On a less happy note, just a reminder that grades are due by noon on Thursday, December 15th for TUG and most GRAD programs.  Students will be able to view their grades on myVU at 12am Saturday, December 17th.   It is imperative that grades are in on time.  The Registrar’s Office staff has to ensure that grades are entered, processed and a probation/disqualification list ready for the Dean by the first week in January.  The Athletic Department has to re-certify athlete’s eligibility prior to Christmas, and the Financial Aid Office may review student’s grades for academic progress.  All of this takes a considerable amount of time.  Many people, not the least of which are the students, appreciate your timeliness!

News from Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion collaborated with various departments and personnel throughout the community to address the civil and racial tensions across the country throughout the months of October and November.  A moving statement of solidarity was sent to the Vanguard community by President Beals.  Students, especially under-represented students, expressed great appreciation for the acknowledgement of the fear and frustration many of them were experiencing during this time.  In the same week, the Provost addressed the community in a chapel sermon on coming together and recognizing everyone as a sister and brother in Christ.  Students were stirred by the message and impressed by the duet delivered by their provost and faculty member. conversationsOctober was also the launch of our Courageous Conversations Series, hosted by Dr. Harris Akinloye, Chief Diversity Officer. Faculty, staff and students attended and thoroughly engaged in the first discussion on the misconceptions of Black Lives Matter.  Mark your calendars now for the next Courageous Conversation taking place, Wednesday, January 25th.

In the third week of our racial reconciliation focus, 80 of our student leaders participating in a Racial Reconciliation & Diversity Summit spearheaded by Dr. Harris Akinloye and colleagues from Pepperdine and Westmont University.  Students boarded a bus at 6:00 a.m. to attend the all the all day summit in the beautiful beach city of Malibu.  The summit allowed our students to engage with peers from other campuses and gain insight into other perspectives on the topic of racial reconciliation.  The day of interactive training was led by ReNew Partnerships founder, Chad Brenner.  Chad and his team will also partner with Vanguard on our campus wide climate survey that will launch in February. panel To conclude the month long focus of learning and reflecting on racial reconciliation, a panel session was conducted in chapel with President Beals, Dr. Pete Menjares, our new Institute of Faculty Development Director, Professor Liz Powell, Aizaiah Young and five student representatives from various racial, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.

Finally, the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion has spent this semester integrating the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment in the Vanguard community. Approximately ten departments have already completed the assessment.  Before the beginning of next semester both the university and provost cabinet members will have formal introductions to the assessment.  By February, we will have three certified IDI facilitators on our campus and begin the integration of the IDI with our faculty and student services personnel.  For more information or questions on this assessment please go to:

News from Disability Services

The Fall 2016 school semester has been off to a busy start in Disability Services. This semester we have welcomed 103 students into our offices and provided over 209 academic accommodations. We are thankful to be able to serve and support our students with disabilities.

mellicaMellica Harris our former Disability Services Student Worker of 4 years, has recently been hired as the Academic Resources Coordinator. She supports Disability Services, Student Success and Retention, and our Chief Diversity Officer. Mellica graduated in Spring 2016 with her BA in Business. She is the first smiling face you see when you enter into the lobby as well responding to all calls. Mellica assists our students with disabilities with: scheduling a meeting about accommodations, test proctoring, and answering any general questions. Mellica is also running our test proctoring, and any questions regarding exam accommodations she will respond to. She can be reached at or Please make her feel welcome when you see her, we are very grateful for her administrative support.

Additionally, Disability Services has a new proctoring space for students with disabilities. The Testing Accommodation Center (TAC) is located on the same floor as Disability Services, Office 281. This new space has proctored close to 300 exams this semester alone. This space has given exam accommodations such as time and half, a more distraction free environment, and exams read aloud. These accommodations allow Vanguard to remain in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and continue to offer academic support to our students with disabilities.

News from the Bookstore

vu-bookstoreWith fall term winding down, the Vanguard University Bookstore team is already busy working with faculty, publishers and wholesalers to stock the shelves for spring term. Departments and faculty members are solely responsible for selecting which materials are used in the classroom, but the bookstore lends expertise in exploring cost-saving options that promote student access.

The earlier the bookstore receives book orders from faculty and departments, the sooner the bookstore team can evaluate format choices including used, rental and digital. Rental is currently the most popular option at the bookstore, saving Vanguard University students up to 80 percent compared to purchasing new. The bookstore also looks at format alternatives like loose leaf. As an example, the old edition of Abnormal Psychology sells for $245.00 new while the new edition loose leaf with Revel access code is only $122.00.

“All of these options reinforce the bookstore’s core mission, to ensure all students have affordable access to the materials needed for success,” said Stephanie Bunt, the Vanguard University Bookstore Manager.

Any members of the campus community with questions around course materials and savings opportunities are encouraged to contact Stephanie and the bookstore team directly at (714) 966-6722 or

News from Ed Tech

Educational Technologyed-tech

It’s always so hard to believe the semester is drawing to a close. We know how quickly the next one starts, again, too. To that end, we encourage you to think about how you might leverage Canvas [more] in your teaching.

Getting Started with Canvas
If this is the semester you have planned to begin with the basics of what Canvas has to offer, a great base-line use involves:

Placing all your class’ assignments in Canvas, so students have both a centralized calendar of what’s due in all of their classes, along with the ability to view their grades and receive your feedback, is a wonderful first-step in serving the most essential needs our students have.

Next Steps with Canvas
If you used Canvas this semester, consider watching the Show Us Your Course video series, to get inspiration on what to try next in Canvas. If you’re wiling to share your story of how you used Canvas this semester, please email Bonni Stachowiak to express your interest and she’ll set a time with you.

News from the Institute of Faculty Development

professional-developmentAs a reminder, those of you who have received professional development funds for Spring 2016 are asked to share what you learned via a blog post, which will be published on the Institute for Faculty Development website.

Here’s an example of one way to approach this knowledge sharing is provided through Bonni Stachowiak’s post about her experience at the Online Learning Consortium’s Accelerate conference.

The instructions about how to write a blog post, after receiving professional development funds may also be found on the IFD site. Click on the link for CCCU 2016-2017  faculty-development-opportunities.

News from First To VU

first-to-vuSince launching First to VU, our first-generation advocacy program, we have discovered that 51% of our full time faculty (including our University President and Provost) were first-generation students. This gives us great insight into the reason our growing first-generation student population is succeeding. The understanding that comes from shared experiences and, inspiration that comes for students as they face challenges and are reminded of all that you have already overcome to get where you are today is invaluable. If you missed the opportunity to identify yourself as first-generation on your contract or would be interested in partnering with First to VU to support this population, please take a moment to fill out the survey below:


News from Global Center for Women and Justice

Women in Leadership

The Global Center for Women and Justice host its 10th Women in Leadership Series featuring Scharrell Jackson, Chief Financial and Administrative Office of Squar Milner, Nicole Johnson, a federal agent, and VU Assistant Professor, Jacqueline Park. At the evening event, they spoke to VU students where they are taking us and how their individual work is helping generations achieve to their potential. (see attached photo)

Pray for Freedom

pray-for-freedom-flyerJanuary is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Global Center for Women and Justice in partnership with the Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking will host its third annual Pray for Freedom on January 28, 2017 from 3-5pm PST at Vanguard University/Newport Mesa Church. As in the past years, we will be live streaming this prayer event that will rally the body of Christ together to fight against human trafficking with prayer. Our communities will gather to pray for freedom for victims of labor and sex trafficking. Partner organizations and community leaders will open the prayer with a worldwide prayer for wisdom, resources, and divine intervention to free captives. We will pray for the unique issues of widows, single mothers, refugees, foster kids, immigrants and vulnerable communities because of poverty, gender, conflict, and violence. We will also pray for wisdom to make a difference for community leaders that represent government, ethnic minorities, and churches. Our final focus will reflect on prayers for change in our own hearts and communities that will reduce demand driven by greed, pornography, and violence. The final call to action will focus a call to action to help us recognize victims, understand how we can serve, and engage the local church community in everyday responses that make a difference. (see attached flyer)

News from Global Education and Outreach

Thank you all for participating in our annual Operation Christmas Child shoebox drive.  We had our biggest year ever – packing over 140 boxes to send around the world.  Elena Hagemeier from the former Soviet Union received a shoebox as a child and was able to share in chapel about the transformation it had on her life.



2016-17 Trips

Our teams were picked for many of our study abroad and outreach trips this month.  Students will begin their fundraising efforts and team meetings will start when we return from break.  Trips this year are:

  • Northern Ireland (Outreach)
  • Arkansas (Outreach)
  • VU Italia (Study Abroad)
  • Greece (Study Abroad)
  • Mexico (Outreach)
  • Indonesia (Outreach – working with unreached people groups)
  • Kauai (Study Abroad)
  • Israel (Study Abroad)
  • Tanzania (Outreach)
  • Kenya (Outreach)

Here are some pictures of our reveal event to students.



Provost Newsletter | November 1, 2016

give-thanksOh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

Psalm 136

This is such an appropriate verse for Thanksgiving season but it is also the perfect verse for every morning.  I challenge you to say “Lord, I thank you for you are just good.” This praise or declaration can lead you to name so many ways he is good.  When is the last time you have shared with a colleague, how good he is to you?

Yet, this passage also states for his mercy endures forever.  Every day we awake to new mercies. Colleagues as you begin planning for Thanksgiving with family and friends, let me extend a challenge: Be intentional about providing time to share of God’s goodness and reflect on one opportunity to experience God’s mercy.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

A Word from the Provost


We are grateful for Dr. Tara Sirvent, Director of Research and Writing, and want to acknowledge her accomplishment of being recognized by Advancing Women in Technology (AWT) as one of their 2016 Outstanding Executives in Technology.  We salute you Tara and praise God that we can celebrate with you.  Dr. Sirvent works tirelessly for the success of our students and provide stellar recognition for Vanguard University.  Thank you, Tara.

Congratulations Dr. Ed Rybarczyk on your recent book publication, For Him Who Has Eyes to See: Beauty in the History of Theology (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock Publishers).  Dr. Ed Rybarczyk and other Religion faculty are contributing to the scholarship of Christian Higher Ed and I invite you to be the first to make a purchase and share with other scholars.  Again, we are grateful for another stellar accomplishment of a faculty member in the Vanguard community.  Thank you, Ed.

Thumbs UP!  Our ECE department is Ranked #6 for “Best Online Early Childhood Education Program” by for 2016.  Dr. Seon Chun-Burbank extends her appreciation to her ECE Team and all they contribute along with those who came before her to develop this program to train educators who work with our society’s young children.  We celebrate you Dr. Burbank and your leadership of the Early Childhood and Liberal Studies Program.  Vanguard University celebrates your work.  Thank you, Seon.

painting-picI am grateful for our new faculty who joined Mike and I at our home October 15th.  We shared a meal, fun games and everyone on campus loves Skittles after coming to my party. What a competitive group!  Everyone who attended found that God has gifted them with artistic abilities.  We enjoyed the candy and popcorn bar while we painted. We are grateful for the new faculty of Vanguard University.  Thank you, new faculty.

We express thanks for the Music Department and the recent collaboration with Concordia and Vanguard orchestra and the entire Music faculty’s hard work.  We were also honored the past few days for the High School guests on campus for the Choral Festival.  Vanguard University joins the chorus in harmony of your great work.  Thank you, Music Department faculty and staff.

Finally, we express our thanks to our Theater department and the long running play on campus, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. What great acting and singing talent among our student actors!  The faculty of our Theater Department spend early mornings, weekends, late nights and time away from families to provide the community of Costa Mesa with a place for a night out in a Christ centered environment of Vanguard University.  Thank you, Theater Department faculty and staff.

The list could go on and on in this newsletter but please know the Administration is grateful for the hard work of our academic departments, TUG, PS and GRADUATE PROGRAMS.  Share your department’s scholastic achievement, events and activities with the Provost Office that we might celebrate with you. Thank you, Vanguard University and staff.

We look forward to seeing you at our monthly faculty meeting for November.  Remember, faculty meetings are required for all resident, term, and part-time faculty.  We welcome our Directors of all academic support offices to our meetings.  Faculty can not do the good work without you.  Dr. Pete Menjares, will be partnering with the Provost to make our meetings focus on faculty development following all brief announcements for the remainder of the year.  Come and hear the vision of Dr. Menjares for on campus Faculty Development and how our faculty meetings will center on training and development for Faculty with minimal announcements.

Special Announcements from the Provost:

Join Tom Carmody and others for early morning prayer Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 7am in the Great Commission Hall.

Joel Gackle, Director of Alumni and University Relations would like to collaborate with those of you who bring alums on campus as guest lecturers or special events in your department to let his office know as he and his team would love to acknowledge their presence in a tangible way.

Are you encouraging your students to take advantage of the Career Center?  If not, I encourage you to do so today!  Internships and job opportunities and other training for job preparation are available to our students.  Please share opportunities you may be aware of for your discipline with the staff in the Career Services Office.

It’s Catalog planning time!!! Drafts are due in the Registrar’s office no later than December 16, 2016. We are asking that you honor the deadlines that we will be holding fast to.  This allows the Office of the Registrar time to make all necessary edits and plan for timely distribution for new students for 17-18 and returning students for new courses. Chairs it is important that you recognize the importance of planning ahead and getting your changes to the Undergrad and Grad curriculum committees for all approvals including Faculty Senate. All other catalog contributors please note the deadline.

Faculty Senators, please make sure you are reporting to your department the Senate meeting outcomes.  You represent colleagues in your department and if you must be absent from Senate meetings, please send a representative from your department.  Each senator should have time at each department meeting to present.

Vena Training:  All budget managers should contact Mario Dimas at if you have not had a budget training appointment.

Department Chairs and Program Directors: Please make sure all syllabi for Fall semester are submitted to course syllabi folder on the share drive Tuesday, November 1.  The Provost would like to attend department meetings throughout November and December to share appreciation for the hard work of all faculty and hear how our office can be of support to the vision of your program.  Please send a time and date to Dalila of your meeting request.  Your voice matters!!!

Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) has opportunities for faculty grants and logistic placement for sabbaticals, new faculty development, leadership development institutes and other support services to enrich your teaching experience in Christian Higher Education.  Please check out

Do you know of Foundations or Grant opportunities in your specific academic discipline?  Please share those organizations directly with the Provost Office, IFD or Dr. Tara Sirvent, Director of Research and Writing.

Keep your eyes on announcements and the IFD website for the lunch hosted by the Provost Office during the month of November to hear the Sabbatical work of David Pecoraro and Dr. James Melton.  Dr. Pete Menjares will moderate the discussion following the presentation.  Don’t miss hearing the academic work of our colleagues.

News from the Registrar

quarterly-meeting-10-2016In October the Registrar’s Office hosted a quarterly meeting that includes the Accounting Operations, Financial Aid, Admissions, and Registrar’s Offices along with the Admin Assistants for the President and VPs.  We meet quarterly in an effort to maintain good communication, relay information, and build relationships.  To make the relaying of information more interactive and fun, the hosting department does so in game format.  For this meeting we used the game Catch Phrase as a base which brings out the competitive side of everyone!


  • Vanguard is now in the time period when students who withdraw from a course will receive a grade of “WF” (Withdrawal Failure). When a form is submitted to our office, a WF will be issued and the instructor will be sent a form allowing them to issue a grade of “WP” (Withdrawal Passing).  A “WP” should only be assigned if the student is earning a minimum grade of “C” and is withdrawing from the course due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control (page 43 of the ’16-’17 Catalog).
  • Traditional undergraduate priority academic registration is November 7-11, and graduate student priority registration is November 14-18. Remember that if your class closes during registration and students add themselves to the waitlist you can give priority to individual students by contacting your administrative assistant. They know how to make that happen.  Please do not sign an add/drop form to allow them entry to the class as this procedure is now handled by each department through the waitlist process. More detailed information will be sent via e-mail closer to Registration.

News from the Writing Center

img_9583The new writing center on campus is flourishing. We are settling into our new location in Scott 295, and we have a staff of nine undergraduate consultants who provide peer feedback on student papers five days a week. This semester we are requiring undergraduate clients to sit down for face-to-face appointments where they can discuss their writing in detail with our qualified team members. This allows students to ask questions about their writing and provides time for consultants to give detailed and thorough revision suggestions. We have img_9179staff members from various disciplines ready to help students with MLA, APA, or Chicago format. As we head into the final stretch of the semester, please encourage your students to make an appointment with the writing center to receive help on their papers. They should schedule ahead of time, as we are often too busy to accommodate walk-ins. Thank you for your support.

News from the Institute for Faculty Development

ifd-site-unveiling-peteOn October 17, Bonni Stachowiak, Naomi Kasa, and Pete Menjares unveiled the Institute for Faculty Development website to a group of faculty in the Great Commission Hall. We hope you’ll take a look at the site and think about what additional resources would most help you in facilitating learning for your students and what you might contribute to the site, as well.

Here’s an overview of the site (, if you want a tour. Thanks to Naomi Kasa in the Communication department for your exceptional design and technical skills in developing the site.

Congratulations to KJ Hummel, Trish Fisher, and Susanne Reid for winning the movie gift baskets. Thanks to Naomi Kasa, Bonni Stachowiak, and Pete Menjares for presenting at the site unveiling. We’re also appreciative of Celina for the wonderful movie-themed treats.

As you look toward next semester’s classes, the new Institute for Faculty Development website ( has a host of resources to help.

show-us-your-course-jackie-parkeHear Jackie Parke in Psychology describe her visual home page and share the resources she used to create it. (

Read about other faculty members’ creative uses of Canvas, including Seon Chun-Burbank, Siaumin Fun, Joni Prado, Bridget O’Callaghan-Hay and Phil Reid. (

News from the Library

spoken-wordThe Library hosted a Spoken Word night on Thursday, October 27, 2016.

Approximately 60 undeclared students were counseled by faculty librarians in preparation for spring 2017 registration.

Information Literacy sessions in the library during November include CORE 101, ENGL 120, BUOM 378, PSYD 367.

Library hours for Thanksgiving:

Tuesday, November 22, Close at 5 p.m.
Wednesday, (11/23) through Saturday, (11/26) Closed,
Open Sunday November 27, 2-8 p.m.

Pre Finals/Finals Week Hours

Monday, November 29 – December 1, 7:30 a.m. to 3 a.m.
Friday, December 2, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday, December 3, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday, December 4, 2 – 8 p.m.
December 5 – 9 7:30 a.m. to 3 a.m.
December 10 – 11 Closed

December 12-16, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

News from the Office of Institutional Research

evaluationkit-1It is our great pleasure to announce that now course evaluations will be completed online rather than in paper from October 24th. Students can take the course evaluation survey on their mobile devices or on Canvas. An invitation email will be sent to students and instructors two weeks prior to the last day of the class. Also, reminder email(s) will be sent to incompletes. Faculty, if you teach cross-listed sections, please make sure to combine them as one course in Canvas in order to have their evaluation results combined in one report. Also, while students have the ability to take the course evaluation outside of class time, we strongly recommend that you set aside ten to fifteen minutes at the beginning of class time to allow students to complete the survey. During this time, please leave the room.evaluationkit-2

Academic admins and coordinators, we will be hosting a brief informative training session on November 10th @10-11am in the library computer lab regarding how to access and distribute the evaluation result reports as well as a brief overview of the software ( We greatly value your inputs as we strive to improve the new online course evaluation system. Feel free to contact us with any questions/suggestions regarding this matter at


News from the Office of Global Education and Outreach

Thank you all for participating and supporting GEO Week 2016.  We had a wonderful turnout and made several connections with students interested in serving short and long term.   Below are a few snapshots of the week!


Coming up… Operation Christmas Child!

November 1st will kick off our annual shoebox drive for Operation Christmas Child.  Join us in chapel November 1 at 9:30am to hear from a former recipient of a shoebox and how the Lord used that small gift to do huge things in their life.  Shoeboxes are available at the GEO office and are due by November 18th.  For more information, visit

News from the Global Center for Women and Justice

wilThe Global Center for Women and Justice will host its 10th Women in Leadership Series featuring a panel of exceptional women leaders in the community. Guest speakers include Scharrell Jackson, Chief Financial and Administrative Office of Squar Milner, Nicole Johnson, a federal agent, and VU Assistant Professor, Jacqueline Park. The event will take place on Monday, November 14th from 6:30-7:30pm in Newport Mesa Church.

Continuing the legacy of our friend Dr. Elizabeth Leonard, the Global Center for Women and Justice put on its annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month Speaker Series. Invited speakers included Diamond Award nominee, Laura’s House, and Sociology Professors, Dr. Stephanie D’Auria who presented on Date Rape, Dr. Ed Clark who presenting on the experience of boys in domestic violence, and Dr. Sandra Morgan on the connection between pornography and sex trafficking.

lifewithoutparoleThe American Coast Theater Company, Vanguard University’s resident professional company, in collaboration with the Global Center for Women & Justice, are proud to present the West Coast Premiere of Life Without Parole, a play that takes a look at domestic violence from the perspectives of women serving long prison sentences for killing their abusive partners. This show will be featured in LA for 3 weekends:

November 4 & 5 || 8pm
Location: Edgemar Center for the Arts | 2437 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405


Vanguard University Ranked #6 for “Best Online Early Childhood Education Program” by for 2016

As the demand for early childhood education teachers continues to increase, Vanguard University’s ECE BA program is recognized for offering a flexible online learning environment, focused on high-quality education. Courses are offered in an accelerated, rotating, 7 week format – designed to allow students to complete their degree at the convenience of their schedule.

Instructors are reputed for their extensive training and diverse experience in the classroom, education offices, and as advocates in the field of ECE.  Students receive individualized support and professional development through an interactive, caring learning environment – provided on a user friendly learning management system.’s ranking factors include; academic quality, affordability, and online programming. The resources used in the methodology of these rankings can be found in data compiled from IPEDS and the College Navigator, both which are hosted by the National Center for Education Statistics.



Vanguard University Receives Outstanding U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad

Vanguard University received the prestigious award from the American Chemical Society by Orange County local section.  It is for the Outstanding US Chemistry Olympiad, a program aided materially by Vanguard University  in allowing use of our facilities to test Orange County students at no charge. Orange County arranged awards programs to honor the top students and teachers, 135 students from 37 schools competed; two students received High-Honors and four Honors. Winners received medallions, gift-cards, and their names engraved on a perpetual plaque.

Carol J. Grimes, Chair, Education Committee, OCACS shared that “Irvine Valley College has hosted the first phase of the exam for the past 2 years, and Vanguard University the second phase.  On behalf of the chemistry students of Orange County, and of our local section, I can’t thank you enough for your gracious hosting of our endeavors.”
A special thank you to the VU Chemistry Department for their fine work!

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Provost Newsletter | October 1, 2016

Thoughts from our University Pastor

Failures, Flukes and the Grace of Resilience

If onlyWe were in the Splash Zone.  My daughter looked longingly into the water and declared with visions of life purpose, “Daddy, I want to swim with the dolphins.”  Even as an adult, I have to admit that the graceful motions and affable nature of these porpoises caused me to concur with my daughter’s childhood fantasy.  But the cold wet reality is that my swimming technique would probably splash more people than the dolphins would!  Another fish, the flounder, more represents my aquatic abilities.  This chasm between what we can envision of ourselves without encumbrances and the reality of personal failures, inadequacies and hostile environments can lead to discouraging seasons in life.  The question, “if only…” plagues many of us.

Floundering with a stick in his gill, the Apostle Paul pleaded to God for different circumstances in life.  Instead, the Lord gave a powerful insight that exists beneath the surface of weakness and turmoil, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness[i].”  Like Paul, most of us believe that removal of hindrances and alteration of contrary life situations would afford a more meaningful and productive life.  Perhaps, we could learn a few lessons from the dolphin!

Grey’s paradox suggested that from a physics perspective, dolphins don’t have the muscle mass to produce the power needed to swim at the speeds that they do[ii].  Modern research unlocked the mystery of the dolphin by identifying the flexible fluke’s (tail) upstroke and down stroke as the key motions beneath the surface that explain its speed defying dynamics.  Likewise, beneath the surface of what we show on the outside, our failures, hardships and troubling circumstances can be leveraged by God’s grace toward strength and resilience.  With flexibility in stature and forcefulness of faith, our spiritual fluke does not get stuck in the upstroke or down stroke of life.  Rather, as Brooks describes, “The struggle against weakness often has a U shape…  The shape is advance-retreat-advance[iii].”  Like Paul, we transform our weaknesses into strength when we admit our need for a savior, redeemer and friend, surrender our circumstances (flexibility) and then forcefully press forward with a robust confidence in the purposes and power of God.

So, next time you feel as if there is a stick in your gill that will certainly keep you from the Godspeed you desire, remind yourself of the rhythm of flexibility and force beneath the surface that integrate surrender with relentless pursuit!

[i] 2 Corinthians 12:9
[ii] Fish, F. E., Legac, P., Williams, T. M. and Wei, T. (2014). Measurement of hydrodynamic force generation by swimming dolphins using bubble DPIV. J. Exp. Biol. 217, 252-260.
[iii] Brooks, D. (2015) The Road to Character. Random House.  265.

Dean of Spiritual Formation & University Pastor


A Word from the Provost

I know you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted. Job 42:2

Wisdom for the wayIn a devotional book of mine, called “Wisdom for the Way” by Chuck Swindoll, the topic that was attached to the passage above was an encouraging theme for me along with the narrative that joined it.  May I share the theme to encourage you to reflect on as you recognize God’s care for you.  The theme is “When God Says It Will Be, It Will Be” centers around Job’s experience but knowing his story’s outcome gives me amazing confidence and excitement in God’s great plan and testimony for Vanguard University and each of you.

I am extremely grateful to share with our community and thank those who stopped to pray for our Offsite visit, that it went very well.  We will expect within a week a written report of lines of inquiry to questions needing clarification and additional documents before and during the actual Onsite visit.  Once the report is received we will share more information with you as we begin to prepare for the second half of the accreditation process.

Vanguard University has been recently reclassified by the U.S. News and World Report from a regional college to a Tier 1 regional university.  There are several factors that contribute to the reclassification and will allow us to look at areas for assessing opportunities for growth and development.

We are working diligently for a spring start for our Online Religion program.  Please share an extended opportunity with friends, church family, and colleagues seeking to develop in a B.A. in Religion or Masters of Leadership Studies.

We are planning a lunch and learn about the Sabbatical experience for Dr. James Melton and Dr. David Pecoraro.  Please keep an eye out for the date and upcoming details.

The Provost Cabinet will be leading the direction of the Academic Strategic Plan. Work is being done in preparation to present to the Academic Departments.  As a reminder, members of the cabinet consists of: Mike Wilson, Dejon Davis, Diana Avans, Mary Wickman, Pete Menjares, Pam Crenshaw, Judy Hamilton, and April Harris.

Student recruitment is beginning for 17/18 academic year.  Enrollment teams for all programs are in schools, community events, etc.  Departments should make an appointment to share important information about your programs.  Contact Kim Johnson to find out how you can communicate your program’s story with your designated admission’s counselor.

FRIENDLY REMINDER:welcome new faculty

The O’Quinn family welcomes all New Faculty on Saturday, October 15th at 1pm at there home in Cerritos for a time of fellowship, fun and food. Evites went out last week, please send your RSVP by Friday, October 7th.

One-Stop-Shop for Course Packets

Course packetsThe Bookstore and the Copy Center are teaming up to provide a more timely, environmentally sustainable, and cheaper option for the student to receive their course packets. The Copy Center will now be the sole provider for course packets. Faculty can send their desired course packet material, along with a copyright release, to the Copy Center who will, in turn, take request from the students, print the materials on demand, and distribute the materials to the students directly. The new process alleviates waste, decreases the cost for students, reduces processing times, and protects copyrighted materials.  Please, inform your students, and make appropriate changes to your course syllabi, that the Copy Center is now their one-stop shop for course packets.


You Are Invited: Q Commons | Irvine

Q commons“Engage our Divided Nation”-During this special event, your city will join with thousands of attendees in hundreds of cities to be equipped on how to engage this unique, American moment. Join us Thursday, October 13, 2016, from 7pm – 9pm, as we gather at Mariners Church to learn and consider how to advance good in Irvine. This two-hour live event will educate Christians on how they can bring hope and leadership to their communities in a critical moment for America. Our own Dr. Morgan will be presenting on the topic of “Poverty and Sustainable-Longterm Support.” Click here for more information.


News from the Registrar

  • Please take a few minutes and compare the names in your grade book/spreadsheet to the names on the roster in myVU.   If anyone has stopped attending, but has not yet withdrawn, please e-mail Marissa at  and she will in turn contact the student.  It serves the students, staff, and faculty well to only have students enrolled who are actually attending your classes.
  • Vanguard is now in the time period when students who withdraw from a course will receive a grade of “W”.  Beginning October 17th, grades of “WF” (Withdrawal Failure) will be given for students who withdraw from a class.  When a form is submitted to our office, a WF will be issued and the instructor will be sent a form allowing them to issue a grade of “WP” (Withdrawal Passing).  A “WP” should only be assigned if the student is earning a minimum grade of “C” and is withdrawing from the course due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control (page 43 of the ’16-’17 Catalog).
  • course scheduleThank you for submitting your spring semester course schedule worksheets to us.  We are in the process of inputting the data and assigning rooms.  Proof copies of the Spring 2017 course schedule will be emailed to department chairs and assistants on approximately October 6th.  The finalized course schedule will be available online by October 17th.

News from the Library

Late night hours began after Labor Day.  Between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. approximately 25 students are usually in the library with two student assistants monitoring.  It is VU card access only during that time.  Weekend hours remain the same but the front door of the library will be VU card access only for VU students, faculty and staff as student assistants will be monitoring the library.  Currently, the Library is open 134.5 hours a week.  We could not sustain these hours if it wasn’t for our student assistants!

Library personnel have scheduled meetings with various academic departments throughout the Fall.  Religion, History, Political Science and English have been hosted thus far with an overview of what the library can offer.

Library instruction has been offered to 51 classes with each class individually tailored to the subject.  978 students have attended one or more classes.

RESERVES: The Library provides access to textbooks and suggested reading books by course for two hours, library use only.  We have processed materials for 10% of the courses offered in Fall, 2016.

Director of Library Services and Archivist, Pam Crenshaw, and David Vazquez, Director of External Relations, presented the history of Vanguard University with four sections of Cornerstone classes.  Additionally, Archives personnel have started to prepare for its Centennial Celebration by pulling documentation for the President and Marketing.

Cornerstone22 Freshman Cornerstone Library instruction classes were provided for an incoming freshman class of 408.  A review of the catalog, databases and the critical analysis of websites are discussed before assigning an annotated bibliography that includes searching for a book, magazine article, database article and a website with an overview and citation for each.  The Library uses this assignment for assessment according to the WSCUC Accreditation Standard 6: Information Literacy.

News from the Global Education and Outreach Office

Mark your calendars for GEO Week 2016: September 30th-October 7thGEO

    • September 30th: UNPACKED PARTY, 4pm, Needham Chapel.

Hear from students that traveled around the world this last year studying abroad and participating on outreach trip. Parents and families welcome!

      • October 1st: COFFEE & CULTURE, 12pm, Great Commission Hall

Mark Hausfeld, President of AGTS, will be giving an introductory talk on Islam and connecting with your Muslim neighbors.  In partnership with VHOP, we will be spending intentional time in prayer for Muslims around the world at 12:55pm

        • October 3rd-7th: OPEN PRAYER, 8am, Great Commission Hall (*10/6 is in the Price Room)

Join students as they set aside time each morning to pray for those around the world, missionaries and for His Kingdom to come.

          • October 4th-6th: CHAPEL, T/R 9:30am, W 10:00am, NMC

All week we will be hearing from Carrie Johnson, AGWM in Ethiopia working with unreached people groups.

We have many more events for this week – you can find the full schedule at

We welcome all of you to attend any of the events and encourage your students to come out as well!

News from Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Committee thanks those of you who provided input on this year’s faculty gathering. Click here to find a consolidation of the quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Some of you commented that the scavenger hunt was one of your favorite parts of the gathering.

This video recap of the scavenger hunt should help you relive the memories…

The 2016-2017 Faculty Development Committee welcomes any further input you have on the gathering, or any other ideas surrounding faculty development.

– Michael Hanna, Bonni Stachowiak, Sandie Morgan, Dale Campbell, Trish Fisher, Julie Wilson

News from Educational Technology

Bonni Stachowiak and John Sim continue to enjoy the opportunities to connect with resident and adjunct faculty through the Canvas training courses. They just kicked off another series of workshops on Monday nights from 5:15 – 6:15 pm and Thursdays from 12:00 – 1:00 pm.Ed Tech 2- James Woodrow

There is also a video series that walks people through the same content as what is covered in the training, as well as some self-paced guides and links to other resources. This information is temporarily being kept on a single web page (, until such time that we rollout the Institute for Faculty Development website in the coming weeks.

Watch for the forthcoming Show Us Your Course video series, which will allow you to take a peek into other faculty members’ Canvas courses and hear how they’re leveraging the tool in their courses.

Ed tech 1Thanks to Seon Chun-Burbank for kicking off the Show Us Your Course series (, as she shares about one of her Early Childhood Education courses.

News from the Academic Resource Center

We are so excited about all the great new changes happening in the Academic Resource Center, which now houses both the Tutorial and Writing Centers – the facilities (Scott 295), a new tutorial training program, and the implementation of our Supplemental Instruction (SI) program.

In the 2015/2016 school year, we received just over 400 total requests for tutors.  This fall semester, we received over 220 requests in the FIRST FOUR WEEKS of school; in other words, we received over 50% of the total amount of requests we had all last year!  If this trend continues at this rate, we will be serving nearly half of the student!

5On August 27th & 28th, eleven of our best and brightest students (pictured below) attended two days of intensive training to become Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders; this training was hosted by the University of Missouri at Kansas City’s International Center for Supplemental Instruction.  SI is not re-lecturing; it is not tutoring; it is reinforcing what has already been taught by facilitating student discussion around these topics and concepts. SI helps students learn to help themselves through the introduction of various study techniques and strategies.  Studies have shown that students who attend SI sessions raise their grades by at least one full letter grade.

We are excited to provide students with both Recitation SI (class credit assigned) and voluntary SI for the following classes:
Biol 220,
Chem 120R
Chem 121R
Chem 304R
Psci 130R
Psci 223R
Math 265C
Math 180
Math 181

News from Academic Writing and Research

Tara SirventWe are excited to announce an office Academic Writing and Research (AWRO)!  The purpose of AWRO is to institutionalize, celebrate, expect, and fund faculty research as well as faculty-student collaborative Undergraduate Research at VU. Research is defined as faculty-led student investigation, which includes research, creative work and scholarship. Dr. Sirvent is serving as the Director of the Office on a part-time basis. Also working in the office is Mr. Philip Newlin (’16 Psychology graduate). He works 25 hours a week as a Research Analyst to develop evaluation protocols, provide institutional data analytics, and assist in pre-award management. This office serves both faculty and students by providing access to internal and external resources to support their research and other scholarly activities.

Currently, the Title V HSI grant (Project Director: Dr. April Harris) is beginning Year 2 of 5 on October 1, 2016 with a budget of $524,259. The Southern California Edison Grant ($14,985) was completed August 2016 and the final report submitted September 8, 2016 (Project Director: Dr. Tara Sirvent). Two grant proposals have already been submitted this academic year. Drs. Sirvent and Sylvia Kane proposed a project focusing on implementing high-impact practices for retention of STEM transfer students was submitted to the Department of Education’s Title III part F program for $5.2M over 5 years in June. And an interdisciplinary proposal whose primary activities include a social media campaign and community forums to synergistically counter violent extremism was submitted for $281,082 over 2 years to the Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Violent Extremism Program by Drs. Jackie Parke, Stephanie D’Auria and Sandie Morgan. Two STEM-related projects are being developed in collaboration with Vanguard’s University Advancement Department to the Fletcher Jones Foundation and Southern California Edison. Several other collaborative projects are currently in the brainstorming phase.

ImageOur office also oversees the Summer Undergraduate Research Program or SURP. Originally started in 2007 by the Departments of Chemistry and Biology, this year’s research collaborations were expanded by leveraging Title V funds. Forty-six students applied and 19 were selected to participate as research fellows with 8 different faculty (Drs. Hopkins, Sirvent, Lorance, Fung, Park, Hanna, Terhorst, & Calleja-Macias) representing Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Sociology and Psychology. Students were on campus from May 23-July 22, 2016 culminating in a Poster presentation at a final Research Symposium attended by 56 students, STEM-Bridge participants, faculty, staff and parents. Three students presented their research to a Regional Conference hosted by UCI. Six other students plan to present their research at the West Coast Regional Conference in Biological Sciences and the Western Regional American Chemical Society Meeting in the Spring.

News from Global Center for Women and Justice

Priceless Luncheon
14355106_971534069549722_9142024252312471543_nOur annual Priceless Luncheon to End Human Trafficking was hosted on September 17 at the Island Hotel Newport Beach bringing together over 300 supporters and anti-human trafficking advocates for an inspiring program to honor victims and community members and educate attendees about the startling issue of human trafficking. The Raise the Paddle portion of the event, led by Deborah Anderson, president, Anderson Insurance and Investment Services, raised over gross amount of $234,035 to support the Global Center for Women and Justice (GCWJ). Funds will sustain the GCWJ’s global, national and local research, education and advocacy programs for victims of human trafficking.

The Keynote Speaker for this year’s Luncheon Gala was Ernie Allen, a world leader in the fight against child abduction, sexual exploitation, sexual violence and human trafficking. He was founder and Chairman of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in 1984, serving as President and CEO until 2012. Among the dignitaries in attendance included United States Congressman Ed Royce, California State Senator John Moorlach, Laguna Niguel Mayor Laurie Davies, and Newport Beach Mayor Diane Dixon among others.

Diamond Awards
14355621_971465529556576_2904011077950084512_nGCWJ annually bestows the Diamond Awards to recognize individuals, organizations, and youth whose activities and commitment promote justice and dignity for women and children in Orange County at the Priceless Luncheon. Honorable Maria D. Hernández, Presiding Juvenile Court of Orange County, was honored with the Outstanding Individual Diamond Award for being a driving force behind the efforts to make Orange County justice systems responsive to the needs of sexually exploited children. The Salvation Army Orange County Anti-Trafficking Services was presented with the Outstanding Organization Diamond Award for providing a safe place and rehabilitation for victims in Orange County. Alicia Zayas was presented with the Director’s Young Leader Diamond Award. Zayas built training programs that equipped law enforcement and Child Welfare Partners, which resulted in the rescue of 52 victims in Tulare County earlier this year. In addition, former KABC, KTLA and KOCE anchor Ed Arnold was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Diamond Award for his years of counsel and support to the GCWJ and their efforts to combat human trafficking.

RAAP Webinars
In partnership with the Religious Alliance Against Pornography, Dr. Sandie Morgan hosted a webinar on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 and on Thursday, September 22, 2016 where she took an in-depth look at the fantasies of pornography that drive purchasers & lure victims into sex trafficking. The purpose of the webinar was to empower faith communities to integrate strategic action plans to educate and protect children and families.

Anti-Pornography Forum
On September 16th, the GCWJ hosted an Anti-Pornography Forum with invited guests Honorable Maria D. Hernandez, Presiding Juvenile Court at Orange County Superior Court, Dwayne E. Angebrandt, Supervisory Special Agent with the Orange County Child Exploitation Task Force and Ernie Allen, founding Chairman, retired President and CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. This forum discussed how individuals can work to protect communities from the harms of pornography. When Utah passed the first legislation declaring Pornography as a Public Health Crisis this year, it raised momentum in this effort.



Provost Newsletter | September 1 2016

Thoughts from our University Pastor…

Similar to the legendary date of March 19th when the swallows descend on Capistrano, a new flock of students have recently descended to nest on the Vanguard campus.  Once again, life is abuzz as young adults migrate to be formed intellectually, spiritually and socially.  Now is a good time to be reminded of the calling that you’ve been given to serve at Vanguard.  Perhaps, the vocabulary of “calling” is not what comes to mind when you think of your place here.  That makes perfect sense considering the vocational realities that are accompanied by the tensions and challenges of university life.  However, I invite you to kindle the possibility that you are at Vanguard (whether you attribute it to God’s sovereignty or mere choice) with an opportunity to make a difference in the world that we live in.  Let’s just consider it a “calling” or “station” in life.

Paul’s prayer for the Colossians has often been a sobering check on how I spend my days, years and minutes: “And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way” (1:10).  I don’t know about you, but that bar appears to be a bit high considering my propensity to act poorly!

Tell me I lived a good lifeCharles Colson, in his book The Good Life (2005) used a poignant illustration of a scene from “Saving Private Ryan” to drive home this challenge of living life well.  Having been saved from the front lines by a group of soldiers in WWII at the cost of a number of lives, the dying captain (played by Tom Hanks) utters his final words to the private for whom he and his men died, “Earn this… earn it.”  Fast forward to the closing scene where now an aged Private Ryan visits the gravesite of his departed savior from the battle lines.  With children and grandchildren in the distance, he speaks to the ground, “Every day I think about what you said to me that day on the bridge. I tried to live my life the best that I could. I hope that was enough. I hope that, at least in your eyes, I’ve earned what all of you have done for me.”  Then broken and in tears he whispers to this wife, “Tell me I have led a good life.”

Your life has been given to you at a high price.  Your Savior, unlike the captain, is not proposing that you earn back the price of your salvation.  However, too frequently we diminish the magnitude of the cost of the cross.  It is a genuine act of reciprocal love for you to live with purposeful intentionality.  Every day students fill in the classrooms and look toward you for direction in the course that they signed up for.  Yes, you will teach them toward the outcomes that are established in the syllabus, but there is a more profound telos that the Holy Spirit has in mind.  An outcome that you have the high honor to cultivate.  Don’t you want to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant?”  My prayer for you today is that God would fill you with the passion and capacity to make the most of your calling here at Vanguard.

Dean of Spiritual Formation & University Pastor

A Word from the Provost

Welcome Back to the 2016-17 school year:

I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.  And I pray that you; being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know that his love surpasses knowledge-that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.  Ephesians 3:16-19 NIV

This is one of the prayers of Paul for the church at Ephesus.  This prayer speaks the sentiments and desire of my heart for each of you.  I pray you are “strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being” (deep rooted strength by supernatural power).  I pray that you are “rooted and established in love” (agape as described in I Corinthians 13). I pray that you “grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ” (immeasurable and unconditional love that is a reality for you each day).  I pray that you “be filled to the measure of all God’s fullness” (you lack nothing because of our faithful father God).  May God bless our year with great abundance.

We are entering our Accreditation Reaffirmation year.  It began with the submission of our Institutional Report on July 19th.  We will have our Offsite Review via video conferencing on September 27th.  Following this conference, we will begin preparation for the Onsite Visit, February 28-March 2, 2017.  We will keep the community updated throughout the year.  I want to express sincere appreciation to all of you who have made contributions throughout this process and special acknowledgements to Dr. Ludmila Praslova, ALO.  If you desire to read the report it will be located in three locations, office of Dean, Provost and the President.  Please contact each of their assistants for a scheduled appointment.

It is exciting to welcome our new students and faculty to the Vanguard University community.  Each member of our new faculty brings gifts and strengths to the Vanguard learning community and I encourage you to reach out and get to know each new member.

New Fac

  • Julius Agbor, Ph.D.; Associate Professor Finance, Business Department
  • Deanna Brady, Ed.D.; Associate Professor of Education, Graduate Education Department
  • Vanda Eggington, B.A.; Instructor of Theater Arts, Theater Department
  • Jacqueline Gattis, Psy.D.; Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, Graduate Clinical Psychology Department
  • Roli dela Cruz, Ph.D.; Associate Professor of New Testament, Religion Department
  • Mun Kang, M.F.A.; Assistant Professor of Cinema Arts, Communication Department
  • Alex Lin, Ph.D.; Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies, Liberal Studies Department
  • Pete Menjares, Ph.D.; Sr. Director of the Institute for Faculty Development
  • Bridget O’Callaghan-Hay, Ph.D.; Assistant Professor of Physics, Chemistry Department
  • Robert Reno, D.M.A.; Professor of Music Theory and Composition, Music Department
  • Jennifer Russum, Ph.D.; Assistant Professor of English, English Department
  • Sarah Scott, D.W.S., Assistant Professor of Worship Studies, Music Department

If you are a faculty member with 5 years or more as a faculty member at Vanguard, and available to journey through the first year with a new faculty member, please contact Celina Camarillo in my office via email by Monday, September 5th.  This is an exciting service opportunity to invest in a Junior faculty member.

Professional Development: Please note the dates to apply for fall semester travel (October 1- January 31): Friday, September 16, 2016 (5:00pm). Notification of awards: Monday, September 26, 2016 (5:00pm). Forms can be found online on the Provost Website by clicking here.

DORETHA O’QUINN, Ph.DNotification of awards: Monday, February 6, 2017 (5:00 pm)

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Office of the Provost

Congratulations to Alwin Nocom winner of multiple medals from the 2016 International History Olympiad


Alwin is a national merit scholar who is beginning his sophomore year, Alwin Photomajoring in History/Poli Sci.  Vanguard was proud to support Alwin with  prayers and financial support of $250. Alvin wrote, “It was an honor to represent California in the 2016 International History Olympiad held in University of Hawaii at Manoa in July. I was blessed to win some medals in different competitions. The closing ceremony was held on board the battleship USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.” We congratulate Alwin for the following achievements:

1. World Champion/Gold Medalist – International History Bowl World Championship

2. Gold Medalist – Ancient History

3. Silver Medalist – Cold War History

4. Silver Medalist – Naval History

5. World Championship/Bronze Medalist – International History Bee World Championship

6. Bronze Medalist – Recent History

7. Bronze Medalist – Geography

News from the Registrar:

add drop deadlineStudent Add/Drop Deadlines

•             August 29-September 2 – add/drops must be done in the Registrar’s Office with adds requiring the signature of the professor. Freshmen also need their academic advisor’s signature to add or drop.

•             September 2 – last day to drop without the course appearing on the student’s transcript.  Following September 2nd students who drop a class will receive a “W”.

Course Schedule Deadline

•             Please have your Spring 2017 course schedule worksheets (TUG and Grad Clinical Psychology, Education, and Religion) completed and returned no later than Thursday, September 15th.  We will enter the data, assign rooms, and then send out proof copies on approximately October 6th.  We truly appreciate your timeliness!

FerpaSecondary Party Access:

•             FERPA reminder:  If a parent wants to speak with you about their student’s grades and/or attendance, please check with your department administrative assistant to see if the student has given permission for you to do so.  Last year we changed from tracking this information on an excel spreadsheet to entering it into the school’s database (Colleague) so your administrative assistant will need to access this information for you.

News from the Office of Institutional Research:

The Office of Institutional Research has moved! We are now located on the second floor of the library in room #205.

Also, Summer Course Evaluation Packets are due! If you have not yet turned them in to our office, you may either stop by to do so or contact us by e-mail so that we may pick them up from you. Our email is Feel free to contact us with any further questions regarding this matter.

News from the Library:

Library AppVUSC Library App has had 544 downloads since the rollout in early Spring.   We will be asking all Freshman to download the app for their Cornerstone classes.

New LibGuide:  (Find important and useful information about library services – more user-friendly than Library website)

On September 6th the Library will transition to late hours.

Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.

The online renewal of items will be introduced this fall.

The library will begin hosting departments in the Library in order to create a partnership for research.  Our first department will be Religion on September 13.

We are hosting Dr. John Kim, Institutional Research, in two study rooms on the second floor.

Students are enjoying the new computer hex tables and the Circulation/Reserves location at the front door of the library.

As of this date we have 44 classes scheduled for library instruction with a library personnel.

News from Educational Technology:

Bonni Stachowiak and John Sim have now trained 100+ resident and adjunct faculty on how to use Canvas. It has been wonderful getting to know more of the parts of the community that we might otherwise not ever have crossed paths with…

The Canvas training we offered provided the flexibility of taking four hour, in-person workshops; four, 1-hr online/scheduled sessions; or watching the video series. All the training was kept consistent by mirroring self-paced documentation that laid out our topics and skills for us.

Camp Canvas

A highlight for Bonni was getting to welcome faculty into her home for Camp Canvas.

Faculty Ed Tech Training

All the kids who attended got certified on Canvas, which should be good as we look to ramp our collective knowledge up even further than it is, currently.Kids Ed Tech Training

New Institute for Faculty Development (IFD) Website is on the Way

Bonni is working on the initial content for the forthcoming Institute for Faculty Development website. In the meantime, you can access the Canvas resources at our temporary home over on an Evernote note.

We hope for this home to be short-lived and are looking forward to launching the gorgeous IFD site, artfully designed and built by Naomi Kasa.


Thanks to the 2015-2016 faculty development committee for your work on the Faculty Gathering.AndrewStenhouse

  • Sandie Morgan
  • Laurie Hatch
  • Liz Powell
  • Dale Campbell
  • Michael Hanna
  • Bonni Stachowiak

We also appreciate all of this year’s speakers. The work that goes in to putting on a session like you did often goes unnoticed, but we value the behind-the-scenes steps you took to make this year’s event a success.

We’ll be putting something together with all the great photos and videos you took, as a part of the scavenger hunt. For now, here is one of Bonni’s favorite shots.


News from the Global Center for Women and Justice:

Website sliderPriceless Luncheon: Our annual Priceless Luncheon to End Human Trafficking is in a few weeks! This event is crucial to empowering GCWJ to continue the fight against human trafficking in our community and around the world. Tables sponsorships and individual tickets are still available: The Keynote Speaker for this year’s Luncheon Gala is Ernie Allen, a world leader in the fight against child abduction, sexual exploitation, sexual violence and human trafficking. He was founder and Chairman of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in 1984, serving as President and CEO until 2012.

WHEN: September 17, 2016
WHERE: Island Hotel Newport Beach

2Diamond Awards: GCWJ annually bestows the Diamond Awards to recognize individuals, organizations, and youth whose activities and commitment promote justice and dignity for women and children in Orange County. Winners will be announced during the Priceless Luncheon Gala on September 17.

Life Without Parole: Dr. Elizabeth Leonard was the beloved co-founder of the GCWJ. In her honor, Warren Doody, Vanguard University Department Chair of English, transformed Dr. Leonard’s research into the stage play “Life Without Parole,” which takes the audience on a journey through the tragic underworld of domestic violence.

Weekend Showings

October 21 & 22 || 8pm
October 28 & 29 || 8pm
November 4 & 5 || 8pm

Edgemar Center for Arts
2437 Main St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

DSC_0497The Global Center for Women and Justice hosted 4 academic professionals and the Minister of Higher Education from Iraq for two weeks in July. The goal of this project – made possible by Washington, D.C.-based IREX and funded by a $50,000 grant from the U.S. State Department – was to establish a working group of Iraqi female academic leaders in the Ministry of Higher Education. Beginning in January, Vanguard University hosted training webinars for a Ministry of Higher Education working group and in July four women academics and the Deputy Minister of Higher Education from Iraq traveled to Vanguard University to complete in-person seminars and the create of next step strategies for supporting women in higher education.

Daily Pilot Featured Story: Vanguard University aids effort to help women become university leaders in Iraq

The OC Register Featured Story: Iraqi leadership group in Costa Mesa to promote higher education for women

Khot PhotoThe Global Center for Women and Justice will be hosting a Fellow from South Sudan, Khot Daniel Deng. He is part of the Community Solutions Program funded by the United States Department of State and implemented by IREX based from Washington DC. He holds a BA in Sociology from Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya and a MA in Governance from the Pan African University, Cameroon, Yaounde. His expertise is on gender equality, child protection, and community mobilization. During his fellowship, he hopes to learn about the mechanisms to protect children and preserve children’s rights, gender promotion especially among women in fragmented societies. Khot plans to work on increasing awareness on gender equity among different ethnic groups once her returns to South Sudan by implementing gender awareness education seminars and workshops.


Say hello to the new MSOP Cohort! Don’t they look good?



News from the Office of Global Education and Outreach:

This summer, VU students participated in a wide variety of outreach and study abroad opportunities:

Arkansas:  Our students partnered with AG’s COMPACT Family Services that provides safe housing and holistic support to kids in the foster care system.  With several Communications Majors, our students were able to make several short videos needed for promotion throughout this next year, assist with social media scheduling for a year, and host various activities with the youth and house parents.

Thailand:  Our team worked with AGWM Lauren Becker in Lampang, Thailand, focusing on relationships with local college students.  Playing card games, sports, and talking over coffee continued not only their English education, but allowed them to have honest conversations and minister where they are at.

Summer of Service:  We had two students, Daniel Avila and Troy DeLuca, spend two months serving in Thailand with AGWM Lauren Becker.  They were able to assist with the ins and outs of short term teams, build relationships with the local missionaries and nationals, and dive into what life on the field looks like at a practical level.  But, they also were able to ride elephants!

Uganda:  Our students partnered with Children of the Nations, working with kids who have been displaced from their homes due to a variety of reasons.  They were able to spend intentional time with the children, but also assisted the staff with updating their profiles, translating support letters, and beautification projects around campus.

Kenya:  Our Psychology Department, led by Dr. Powell and Dr. Hanna, took 18 students to study abroad in Kitale, Kenya.  While there, VU partnered with Africa Theological Seminary in providing combined classes of VU and ATS students.  Needless to say, worldviews were expanded on both sides.  Students also completed their practicum, being placed in local schools, hospitals and orphanages where they were able to lead group, play therapy and exchange best practices with the nationals.

Romania:  The GCWJ, led by Dr. Morgan, took a group of students to Romania for a study intensive.  While there, VU partnered with AGWM Raegan Glugosh, and were able to train local law enforcement and others with Live2Free material.

Israel:  Our students, in partnership with AGTS, spent five weeks in Israel on the Holy Land Studies Tour.  During their time, their lectures and teaching were in the literal places that they were discussing, allowing the students to see first hand where Jesus walked, lived, and ministered.

2016-17 TRIPS:  The deadline for submitting a proposal for a 2016-17 outreach or study abroad trip is AUGUST 31st.  You can find the proposal here:

SAVE THE DATE:  Mark you calendars!!  October 3rd-7th is GEO Week!



Dr. Praslova Served as Member of the Guidelines Preparation Committee for SIOP

SIOPIn April 2016, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) published the new 2016 edition of Guidelines for Education and Training in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (replacing earlier versions published in 1985 and 1999). Congratulations to Vanguard professor Dr. Ludmila Praslova who served as the member of the guidelines preparation committee.


For more information on the purpose of the guidelines, click here.

For more information on Dr. Praslova, click here.


LABI College Dedicates & Names Study Center in the Gil’s Honor

FullSizeRenderOn May 11th 2016, Drs. Mikki and Vince Gil were honored by LABI College (La Puente, CA) for their leadership on behalf of Hispanic students, and for their life-long work in higher education. LABI College dedicated a Study Center to the Gils, naming it in their honor.

Dr. Mikki Gil’s history with LABI and Hispanic students reaches back to her roots in New York City and her work with Teen Challenge. She was also the creator of Vanguard’s first Diversity Framework, which coalesced eventually into the guiding force for multicultural development, and propelling VU forward in its becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution.

Likewise, Dr. Vince Gil began his career at Vanguard developing a Title III grant for developing institutions which stressed inclusion of Hispanics in VU’s service area, and the development of a bridge to transfer LABI students to VU. He has since served as multicultural affairs liaison to the Dean, chair of the faculty multicultural affairs committee, and worked on behalf of Hispanic students at VU for decades.

Both Gils stress that “were it not for the hand of the Lord” none of their work could have been accomplished.  Vanguard extends its congratulations to Drs. Mikki and Vince Gil, whose collaborative work in higher education now spans sixty years of service.

Hello May

Provost Newsletter | May 1st

A Word from the Provost

The teaching of Christ is more excellent than all the advise of the saints, and he who has Christ’s spirit within will find in it a hidden strength.  Thomas a Kempis

A friend shared a devotional book called “A Pathway to God’s Presence.”  Here is a brief excerpt of one of  the devotionals called “ What Is God Saying to You?  As you reflect on this school year with so many diverse experiences that may have caused sorrow, joys, disappointments, questions, praise, etc. I want to challenge you to take time in solitude and what is God saying to me?  What are the lessons to learn?

Reflection: Hear the word of the Lord…listen to the instruction of our God you people…(Isa. 1:10 NIV)

When strange things happen to us, we sometimes say, “Somewhere in this there must be a lesson for me.”  Indeed, the wise find that life teaches them lessons throughout their lives.  Whether they take notice of this or learn from it is quite a different matter…God’s Son, Jesus Christ, was often referred to as Rabbi or Teacher.  His ministry on earth was teaching people about the Kingdom of God.  Jesus” teachings, many of them in the form of stories and parables, are some of the most unforgettable things we will ever hear or learn.  What is God’s message for you?  You should make it a lifelong task to learn more and more about God.

Ask yourself: What is God doing through me by means of this incident?  What does the Bible say about this?  How is he using these circumstances to show me a better way?  You will discover so many interesting life-changing things that will magnify and deepen your faith and wisdom.  Don’t ever stop learning from the Great Teacher.  Allow the teacher of life to teach you more and more every day.

How has God used this school year for new lessons to learn and experience growth?

I want to express my appreciation to our faculty and staff for your hard work, passion for the work you and willingness to extend grace during the 15-16 school-year.  As my second year at Vanguard comes to a close I want to say that I am grateful to serve with each of you each day.  We will enter our 16-17 year with anticipation of an Accreditation visit from WSCUC in September and on campus in March, 2017.  I ask that our faculty and staff be prayerful for a successful accreditation year.  We are all in this work together.

There are key dates ahead to make note for participation:

  • Nurse Pinning Ceremony- Thursday, May 5th
  • Baccalaureate- Thursday, May 5th
  • Commencement- Friday May 6th
  • End of the Year Faculty Gathering- Thursday, May 12th
  • Staff Picnic- Wednesday, May 18th
  • TUG Strat Op- Monday, May 23rd-Wednesday May 25th
  • Board of Trustees- June 8th & 9th
  • Graduate Strat Op- Monday, June 13th- 15th
  • Professional Studies Strat Op- June 27th- 29th

Commendations are in order for the Graduate Education Program.  On Friday, the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing officially awarded at its commission meeting a full 7 years of accreditation for our Credential and Graduate education program.  We appreciate the work of all our faculty and staff who worked on this process.

We have several TUG and Grad programs with special accreditors and I want to say to all our faculty and staff who work so hard to maintain the accreditation status demonstrating educational effectiveness and excellence based on best practices and high standards.


Dr. Karen Lee joined the faculty of Vanguard University 15 years ago and has worked at Vanguard in every role demonstrating diligence, commitment, thoroughness, Christ-centered focus and conviction in each task.  While we are sad to say farewell but we are grateful that God will use these qualities at Point Loma Nazarene University as their new Vice Provost for Educational Effectiveness.  You will be sincerely missed!  May God bless you abundantly.

Dr. Jerry Tiernes will be stepping down as Director of Graduate Education Programs. We appreciate the leadership and guidance provided during his time in the Graduate program.  He is very instrumental in leading the successful CTC accreditation process.  He will be missed as the Director but will be transitioning to half time in Liberal Studies.

Special Thanks:

I would also like to extend sincere appreciation to Dr. April Westbrook who led us throughout the year in our Wednesday morning early prayer.  Without prayer we can do nothing and I appreciate all who faithfully participated when your schedule allowed.

I am deeply appreciative to Dr. Ludmila Praslova, Dr. Karen Lee, Dr. Mary Wickman, Dr. Diana Avans, Dr. Mike Wilson (core team).  I want to thank Dr. Ed WestbrookJeremy Moser, and Amanda Lebrecht  for special support and all the faculty (so many) and staff who contributed to developing the draft of our Reaffirmation visit report. The final report will be prepared for meeting our July deadline following graduation.  We are also very proud of our faculty who presented at the ARC Conference. ARC Presentation

We welcome Dejon Davis who served as Interim Director and Consultant as the new full time Senior Director of SGPS.  Join me in welcoming Dejon to Vanguard University.

Awards.PresentOn Thursday, April 21st our brightest and best students in each of their respective departments were awarded for their accomplishments. A big Thank You to Cynthia Antonuccio for her excellent organization of the Awards Chapel.

Baccalaureate and Commencement are right around the corner! Please visit the website for upcoming Commencement and Baccalaureate information (times, location, etc.) and instructions.

Provost Lunch with PSThe offices of Professional Studies, Deans Office and Provost Office enjoyed an afternoon of lunch, fellowship and fun at the Provost home.

Faculty MeetingThanks to all of you who have worked so diligently this year. We are gearing up for program-specific Strat-Op meetings. If you have been extended an invitation, we hope you will make every effort to help shape the academic strategic plans!


We are pleased that The Provost, Dr. Doretha O’Quinn, Professor of Nursing, Dr. Mary Wickman and GCWJ Director, Dr. Sandra Morgan are three of five  nominees for the Women in Business award Luncheon held on May 4thOCBJ_women_nominees16v3

News from the Registrar

due datesHappy end-of-the-year from the Registrar’s Office!  We thank you in advance for getting your grades in no later than Friday, May 13th at noon.  Students will be able to view their grades on myVU at 12am Wednesday, May 18th.  Many people, not the least of which are the students, appreciate your timeliness!



News from Professional Studies

On Thursday April 21st, Professional Studies hosted their annual Graduation Celebration to honor their 2016 graduating students.  The event featured a reception with live music from the VU Jazz Band, a visit from VU’s mascot, and opportunities for students to reflect on their journeys at Vanguard.  Students and their families had the opportunity to hear from esteemed members of Vanguard’s faculty and administration as well as a student speaker from the Nursing Program.   There will be 143 students graduating from Professional Studies this Spring.

PS Celebration

News from the Office of Global Education and Outreach

As we head into the summer, we have several student groups traveling around the world for study and outreach.  We would appreciate your prayers as these teams are

Kenya – Our Psychology Department, led by Dr. Powell and Dr. Hanna will be taking a group of 18 students for a one-month study abroad program in partnership with Africa Theological Seminary.  Students will be taking 9 units while abroad, including their internship.

Israel – We have a handful of students partnering with the Center for Holy Land Studies, where they will be taking a 3 unit course in Jerusalem, literally following the footsteps of Jesus.

Romania – Led by Dr. Morgan in the Global Center for Women and Justice, this class 3 unit course will be a 10-day intensive over the summer, partnering with an AGWM missionary.  Not only will they be studying, but they will be able to minister in several different contexts during their time.

Thailand – Our student team led by Katie Heemstra in the GEO Office will be partnering with an AGWM missionary for this 2-week outreach trip.  While there, our students will be participating in youth ministry, educational efforts, street ministry and park ministry.  In addition, we have two students participating in Summer of Service (SOS) at the same location, spending just over two months as summer interns.

Uganda – This outreach team led by Ellie Kaiser will be partnering with Children of the Nations to provide ongoing support to orphaned children.

Arkansas – Our student team led by Kayli Hillebrand will be spending a week in partnership with AG’s Compact Family Services, where they will be primarily ministering to children and youth in the foster care system.

You can find ongoing updates at our facebook page: or on Instagram at @vugeo

News from the Library

Library AppThe VU Library introduced their new library app created through Boopsie during National Library Week.  We have already seen an increase in downloads even though the semester is almost over.

Starting May 9th the library will be experiencing some refurbishments with circulation moving to the entrance of the library where the Archives has previously been housed.  Additionally, new computer tables have been purchased and will be placed in the area of the current circulation area.  Archives will be moved to space in the back allowing for continued growth.

The library will be open extended hours for pre-finals and finals week.

April 25-28, Monday – Thursday, 7:30-3 a.m.

April 29, Friday, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

April 30, Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

May 1- May 4, Sunday – Wednesday 7:30-3 a.m.

May 5, Thursday, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

May 6-8, Friday – Sunday, CLOSED

News from the Office of Student Success and Academic Resources

The Tutorial Center

At 9pm, on Thursday, April 21, we held our End of the Year Tutorial party/meeting. It may seem like an odd time for a meeting, but when you’re trying to mesh the schedules of over 40 tutors, you have to take what you can get!

We handed out the framed Tutorial Certificates to the tutors who attended our 8-hour National Tutor Association Training Session back in January.  They are officially NTA-certified tutors for the next two years!

tutorsWe shared the framework of the Tutorial Training PowerPoint that we are in the process of developing for the future tutors of Vanguard University.  It is based on material from the NTA training sessions, input from our current tutors, and research done by our Academic Resource Center staff.  (A special shout-out goes to tutor Marlisse Holbrooke for developing the PowerPoint!) This will be an intensive hour long training session to prepare our tutors with the knowledge they need to be the best tutors they can be for our VU students.  It will include information on how to create and conduct a tutorial session from start to finish, cultural sensitivity awareness, working with students with learning disabilities, and other topics relevant to building a professional and educationally sound tutorial session.  Tutoring is so much more than just helping a student with his or her homework!

We also shared some of the exciting new physical changes that will be taking place in our Tutorial Center.  This summer, the ceiling of the Center will be getting a slight “facelift” – it will be scraped and the lights replaced with recessed lighting.  We are going for a “Modern with Comfort” look to our Center, one that will attract students who want a nice, comfortable place to study and to learn!

We are looking forward to an exciting new semester in the Fall for the Tutorial Center!

 writing centerThe Writing Center

Our face-to-face Writing Center is open during Finals Week from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm on Monday through Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm! Please visit us in Heath 214 or call 1.966.6359 to make an appointment. For Graduate and Professional Studies students, our on-line service is still available via <>. During the summer months, all students are welcome to use the services provided by the Grad-PS on-line Writing Center.

News from the Global Center for Women and Justice

  • Our partnership with local churches is growing as Dr. Morgan was interviewed and featured in video at the Mariners Church Outreach weekend. We are gaining more traction and awareness in the community and will continue to collaborate with Mariners Church and support their human trafficking prevention efforts at their Lighthouse Community Centers in Santa Ana. Watch the video at
  • We have launched our 4 course Anti-Human Trafficking Online Certificate program and have 8 applications for that being processed through the Professional Studies Department. It is exciting to be able to offer Student-at-Large learning opportunity to our community and beyond!
  • Three webinar trainings on Women’s Leadership have been completed for the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). Dr. Morgan will continue to lead the webinar trainings up until the scheduled visit of the trainees from Iraq to Vanguard University in July.


  • April 20: Dr. Morgan spoke at the Newport Center United Methodist Church for their education night on the biblical framework of ending human trafficking and how the local church is the best solution.
  • April 22: GCWJ partnered with the Lewis Wilson Institute for the guest lecture from Dr. Marcia Clarke. She spoke on the Black British Pentecostal Experience.
  • April 25: GCWJ Coordinator, Nadia Hernandez has returned from her maternity leave and is happy to share that baby Isabelle is doing very well. Isabelle Penelope was born on January 28, 2016.
  • The Live2free, anti-trafficking student mobilization club ended a successful semester of educating over 1,300 young people! We are very proud of these courageous students.
  • On May 5th, Dr. Morgan will be the Keynote Speaker for the Westminster Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast!



Hello April

Provost Newsletter | April 1st

Thoughts from Professor Heuser

In four years we will be celebrating Vanguard University’s first 100 years! Some of America’s most prestigious universities share a similar historical identity with Vanguard in its original, single mission of training ministers, missionaries, and lay leadership for Christian ministry. Broadening our mission to embrace the liberal arts several decades ago is now challenged by those in society who question the value of a liberal arts education if it doesn’t translate into a vocation with an adequate salary to pay off student loans, and to provide the means to make a decent living.

The continuing challenge for us as a Vanguard community is to persistently and thoughtfully deepen our commitment to Christian identity and academic excellence without compromising either.

Christian universities – especially those that are evangelical – will likely continue to take a hit in the media and perhaps from specific policies outside of our control. I’ve been thinking about Vanguard’s mission statement, “to pursue knowledge, cultivate character, deepen faith, and equip each student for a Spirit-empowered life of Christ-centered leadership and service.”

spirit picIn a culture that continues to stereotype Evangelical/Pentecostal labels, it seems important for us as a community to be proactive in clarifying how the interplay of knowledge, character, and faith connects with a liberal arts and professional studies mission of higher education, and why a “Spirit-empowered life” and “Christ-centered leadership” can help to distinguish Vanguard from other Christian university choices. I asked an upper division class how they would unpack “Christ-centered” and “Spirit-empowered” and the discussion was pretty sparse. What follows, perhaps to get a discussion going, are a few of my thoughts.

The inaugural mission of Jesus’s leadership announced good news to humanity’s poor – claiming release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, freedom of those who are oppressed, and proclamation of the Lord’s favor (Luke 4:18-19). The radical nature of what Jesus claimed as kingdom values – loving our neighbors as ourselves (Jesus had a specific parable to define neighbor), forgiving when it seems humanly impossible, loving enemies, redefining personal growth and religious piety – need not take away from our convictions of strengthening the academic quality of our programs. On the contrary, these values demonstrate the full meaning of what it means to be truly human in a world that is often dehumanizing and stuck in patterns of recycling blame, judgments, name-calling, and irresponsibility.

The fresh wind of Spirit’s empowerment inaugurated at the Pentecost event in Acts 2 breaks into our creative capacities to speak forth about God’s many deeds of power, and shakes loose the natural bent toward status quo divisions and hierarchies of gender, race, ethnicity, and age. Instead, we walk in the Spirit’s indwelling presence with “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control” (Gal 5:22-23).

Beyond the academy and one’s vocation is a life lived to its fullest – one that a Christian liberal arts foundation offers to those who will partner with God’s reconciling purpose for the world God loves so much.

Roger Heuser, Ph.D.
Professor of Leadership Studies
Department of Religion

A Word from the Provost

We extend congratulations to Vince and Mikki Gil for the outstanding accomplishment of their daughter. Rachel Gil (class of ’03) of Villa Fundamental Intermediate School was selected SAUSD Educator of the Year for the Intermediate division. Rachel learned that she had been selected through a surprise visit from Superintendent Rick Miller, and members of his Cabinet during one of her English classes on Friday, March 25th.  She will represent SAUSD in the Orange County Teacher of the Year program (SAUSD is the largest school district in OC). She will be recognized with all of the Educators of the Year from each school during a recognition reception and ceremony on Tuesday, May 3, 2016, at Santa Ana High School.

Rachel Gil

Congratulations to Dr. Kristen Lashua’s History of Human Rights class (Fall, 2015)!  At its upcoming national conference, Amnesty International will be presenting a Write for Rights Letter Writing Award to the students in Kristen’s class for their participation in a campaign designed to generate attention to the case of Teodora del Carmen Vasquez, who is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence in El Salvador for aggravated homicide, after she suffered a still-birth.  Teodora, who could not afford adequate legal representation, was presumed guilty of having an abortion.IMG_1797


We extend congratulations to Julia Wilson for the outstanding accomplishment of her daughter. Lynnea Wilson Morm (class of ’10) has one more week of med school rotations, then she is finished with med school.  She officially graduates May 20th from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine in Pomona.  Lynnea recently found out that she was matched into residency at Harbor UCLA in family medicine.  In addition, she was one of only 100 med students nationwide to be granted a $120,000 scholarship through the National Health Service Corp that will be applied towards her tuition.  After residency, she will work for 3 years in a federally funded clinic that cares for the under-served population.  We are very thrilled for her success and grateful to Vanguard for the wonderful education she received!

Baccalaureate and Commencement are right around the corner! Please visit the website for upcoming Commencement and Baccalaureate information (times, location, etc.) and instructions.

The team who worked with the Substantive Change for Online Religion programs met with WSCUC Substantive Change committee on Monday, March 28th.  The team has worked hard developing the changes and preparing curriculum.  Thank you all for your hard work.

The Reaffirmation Report for our WSCUC offsite and on campus visit is in progress.  Thank you to Dr. Ludmila Praslova, ALO who led the religion team through the substantive change process along with the working teams for the Reaffirmation Report. We have multiple upcoming presentations by Vanguard faculty at WSCUC ARC academic resources conference.

Here are the links:

Topic: Diversity, Culture, and Student Success

Topic: Approaches to MQID

Topic: Learning & Assessment in Graduate Programs

Effects of Student Debt and Alternative Models of Financing Education

Special Prayer:

  • AB1888 failure to pass in California
  • Sheri Benvenuti and Roger Heuser healing
  • Children of Faculty, Staff and Administration
  • Students experiencing major challenges

News from the Library

Pam Crenshaw, Michelle Schonken and Steve Valdez will be attending the CARL (College and Research Libraries) conference on Friday, April 2, 2016 at the Westin South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa.

Dr. Adam Ayers participated in Urban Storytellers in February.

Selah Cosentino, ’14 also presented in February for Coffee, Tea and conversation.  She asked a panel of guests to come and help with her presentation of Transitioning from college to career.

Library ALL

The library will be open extended hours for pre-finals and finals week.

  • April 25-28, Monday – Thursday, 7:30-3 a.m.
  • April 29, Friday, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • April 30, Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • May 1- May 4, Sunday – Wednesday 7:30-3 a.m.
  • May 5, Thursday, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • May 6-8, Friday – Sunday, CLOSED

The library is introducing its new LIBRARY APP available through the Apple store and Google Play for download.   The official unveiling will be during National Library Week, April 11-15.  The application allows patrons to access the catalog and popular databases on their smart phones.

Research help is being offered April 12, 3-3:45 p.m. in the library computer lab.  If you have students who need help this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

News from Global Center for Education and Outreach


Students spent another spring break serving in Ensenada, Mexico and San Francisco.  Both teams had an incredible time and were deeply impacted by what they were able to experience.

Both Women’s Chorus and Orchestra toured over spring break, visiting several churches in states throughout the Western US.

In addition, our Science Department had another successful spring break course through Joshua Tree, Anza Borrego and Death Valley.

GEO Mexico

News from the Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research has collected and analyzed data from Vanguard’s fall 2015 entering class. Being a Christian-based university, the results Vanguard University received vary compared to this year’s national freshman entering class. Here are the results:

Vanguard’s fall 2015 entering freshman class showed similar level of commitment to political engagement and community issues as their national counterpart.

However, Vanguard Freshman have significantly different opinions on the key social policy issues such as endorsement of the marriage of same-sex couples and legal status of abortion, as expected. 81% of 2015 freshmen in the nation endorse the right of same-sex couples to marry while 38% of Vanguard freshmen do. 64% of 2015 freshmen in the nation support the legal status of abortion while 38% of Vanguard freshmen do.

Also, it appears that the higher proportion of Vanguard students use a variety of sources to fund their first year of college than the national freshmen. 27% of national freshmen rely on Pell grants while 46% of Vanguard freshmen do. 52% of national freshmen utilize merit-based grants or scholarships while 83% of Vanguard freshmen do. 65% of national freshmen express concerns about financing their education while 82% of Vanguard freshmen do. Click here for more information.

Also, course evaluations results of 2015 fall will be sent out in the first week of April or sooner.

IR Freshmen

News from Global Center for Women and Justice

The Frontline Summit included participants from Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare, Victim Advocates and Educators from Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, and Las Vegas, NV returned to consider emerging protocols for county services to Commercially Sexually Exploited children (CSEC) which is mandated by new California laws.  A highlight of the Summit was a Technology and Decision Making presentation by a local App Developer.  As a result of his engagement and information gathering, his company is developing a communication app that will link county service providers immediately. Here’s a first look at this.

Walk for JusticeWe had organized our first ever 5K Walk for Justice to kick off the beginning of Ensure Justice Conference. Participants came to Crowne Plaza for the start and walked to Vanguard where Chick-Fil-A was provided. It was a fun way to get the community together to bridge the gap between the government officials that participated at the Frontline Summit, and the students and community attendees of Ensure Justice. Judge Maria Hernandez led the pack, representing the OC Court System.

The Ensure Justice Conference theme was A Marathon to End Human Trafficking with the idea of Train, Sustain, and Focus. We had many expert speakers join us to lead the plenaries and participate on panels, answering the questions from the audience. Some of our plenary speakers this year were Deborah Augustine from DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), Frank Massolini, Jason Pope, and Priscilla Santos all from The Salvation Army, David and Beth Grant from Project Rescue and many others including local and global organization representation. Here is the link of the plenary sessions:

Compassion NightThe second annual Compassion Night was held the first night of the Conference and it was a very impactful in which many Vanguard Students came out to participate in. Chris McCall from Grace Fellowship Church led worship with his team including 3 junior high students. President Beals hosted and Dr. Beth Grant led this powerful evening in which the call was to be filled with Courageous Compassion following the example of Jesus.

Kenosha TripThe Live2free team went to Kenosha, Wisconsin to participate in the Annual Hope Run Forum at Journey Church.  While Dr. Morgan presented to two sessions of healthcare providers at Aurora Medical Center (total of 100 physicians and nurses), Live2free presented at one TOT (15 leaders) and 3 school assemblies. On Friday it was all hands on deck for a one day Community Forum with over 250 participants with law enforcement, victim services, community engagement and awareness leaders. Dr. Morgan facilitated the panels and offered a session on a Public Health Model to the exploitation of vulnerable women and children.

Brittany SkilesBrittany Skiles, recent alum of Vanguard has been added to the GCWJ staff as Administrative Assistant for the Center. She has already been working as a temporary Coordinator while Nadia Hernandez has been on maternity leave and taking care of baby Isabelle. Nadia will return in April.

Approval of Human Trafficking Certificate is in the final step in the approval process, the WMST 12 unit Anti-Human Trafficking Certificate was approved by the Faculty Senate, February 26, 2016.

News from the Registrar

    Traditional undergraduate priority academic registration is April 11-15, and graduate student priority registration is April 18-22.  Remember that if your class closes during registration and students add themselves to the waitlist you can give priority to individual students by contacting your administrative assistant. They know how to make that happen.  Please do not sign an add/drop form to allow them entry to the class as this procedure is now handled by each department through the waitlist process. More detailed information will be sent via e-mail closer to Registration.
    FERPA reminder:  If a parent wants to speak with you about their student’s grades and/or attendance, please check with your department administrative assistant to see if the student has given permission for you to do so.  We recently changed from tracking this information on an excel spreadsheet to entering it into the school’s database (Colleague) so your administrative assistant will need to access this information for you.

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