A Word from the Provost! September 1, 2015

Welcome All Faculty to the 2015-16 school year!

May the Lord our God be with us, as He was with our fathers, May He not leave us nor forsake us, that He may incline our hearts to Himself, to walk in all His ways, and to keep His commandments and His statutes and His judgments, which He commanded our fathers…that all the peoples of the earth may know the Lord is God; there is no other. I Kings 9:57-58, 60

The passage above is the blessing Solomon prayed for the children of Israel and is my prayer for each of you.  May this year be filled with the recognition of his “Faithful Presence” with us, our students and with one another.   After completing the first week of classes it is my hope that each student was a reminder that you are raising the next generation of leaders who will influence the world.  Thank you all for the great work that occurs in your classrooms and around campus.

The O’Quinn family welcomes the opportunity to be a blessing to faculty departments in our home the third Saturday of each month.  Spouses are welcomed. We are not able to provide babysitting.  Bring your competitive hats and a big appetite as we experience fun, games and fellowship together.  Each month you will get a personal invitation.

The vision for this year is to complete our Reaffirmation visit report (May 2016) successfully in preparation for our Off-Site Review (July 2016) and Accreditation Visit (March, 2017). You have received information about our plans and your contribution will contribute to this success.

Blessings to you as you start this year strong and present!

Dr. Doretha O’Quinn, Vice President for Academic Affairs


Vision of the Academic House:

The vision of Academic Affairs will be consistent with and support the university vision as we pursue knowledge, cultivate character, deepen faith and equip each student for a Spirit-empowered life of Christ-centered leadership and service through academic preparedness and:

  • Spiritually vibrant student centered classrooms that engages the whole person in the learning experience with highly trained and qualified faculty who love their discipline, students and God
  • Advance, promote and maintain Accreditation, Scholarship, Research and Publication and to complete our reaffirmation visit successfully
  • Promote a Comprehensive Strategic Plan for Educational Technology/Online learning
  • Advance and strengthen the financial base and other revenue streams to sustain other goals for each Academic Unit
  • Expand Outreach both Local and Global Community Engagement and Partnerships through our Office of Global Education and Outreach
  • Expand Hiring of Diverse Faculty
  • Continue to build a Campus Climate of Trust through  a transparent Academic Budgeting Process to foster institutional financial health and inclusive academic planning
  • Academic excellence in each major and throughout the Core Curriculum
  • Academic leadership in research into Pentecostal history and theology and advancing Social Justice and Reconciliation
  • Love, care and commitment for educating each student
  • Increased academic support for Science learning experiences for under-prepared populations
  • Development of a Faculty Development Institute that engages faculty in  on-going growth and development in current research and pedagogy in their discipline
  • Undergraduate Research Center that enhances faculty-student collaborative research in all disciplines
  • Expand Faculty representation in Women and Ethnic communities to contribute to a holistic learning experience as well as role models for underrepresented student population
  • Provide Professional Studies programs that are the first choice for adults in Orange County
  • Promote our Graduate Studies that provide an advanced academic learning experience in a Spirit empowered and Christ-centered learning environment of specialized programs.


Time and Space for Prayer

PrayerWe are pleased to announce that Needham Chapel has been reserved on Wednesday mornings, 7:30-8:15, for faculty to have a quiet time and space to come and pray when desired.

There will not be a formal program of any kind.  This is just a place that is available for your use, either for a regular time of intercession, or just when you have a particular need, such as praying for your students or having a special burden to pray for the community, or even just needing to sit quietly in the Lord’s presence for refreshing.  Any Wednesday morning, for whatever reason, feel free to come in and find a place to pray.

This opportunity will continue to be available throughout the academic year.



News from the Center for Success  (Study Hall and Tutorial and Math Learning Centers)

Located in Scott 295, our center provides an environment where learning is fun and study needs are met. Study Hall is available Monday – Friday from 7 am – Chapel and the Tutorial and Math Learning Center is open M-TH from 11 am – 6 pm and Friday from 11 am – 4 pm. Both are available to all undergraduate students free of charge. Visit our academic success center to find out how your students can benefit from seeking academic support services. Questions? Please contact Amanda Lebrecht at or x6486  Website:


News from the Registrar

Personnel Changes:

As many of you know, in the last few weeks there have been personnel changes in the Registrar’s Office.  John Sim has stayed in the academic house, but has become an Instructional Design Coordinator.  He is working with the Religion Department faculty to develop both undergrad and graduate level online degree programs.  His office is now located on the second floor of the Heath building.  With the loss of John to another department we have done a little restructuring.  Stephen Moore will be performing many of the work assignments that John formerly did, and we have hired an Assistant Registrar to perform many of the duties that Stephen formerly did.  Chriss Erickson comes to us most recently from California Connections Academy where part of her job was handling academic records.  She has BA in Political Science from San Francisco State University, and is adjusting well to life in the Registrar’s Office at Vanguard.  We are pleased to have Chriss join our team!

Course Add/Drop Deadlines:

  • August 31-September 4 – add/drops must be done in the Registrar’s Office with adds requiring the signature of the professor. Freshmen also need their academic advisor’s signature to add or drop.
  • September 4 – last day to drop without the course appearing on the student’s transcript.

Spring course schedule worksheets:

  • Please have your Spring 2016 course schedule worksheets (TUG and Grad Clinical Psychology, Education, and Religion) completed and returned no later than Thursday, September 17th.  We will enter the data, assign rooms, and then send out proof copies on approximately October 2nd.  We appreciate your timeliness!


News from the Global Center for Women and Justice

  • We have a State Department Fellow, Iris Aliaj, who is an attorney from Albania. She will be with the GCWJ until December working on a project on domestic violence.

Event: Priceless Luncheon to End Human Trafficking

September 19th

Location: Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach


For twelve years, the Global Center for Women and Justice at Vanguard University has provided training and resources to enable leaders to promote justice for women and girls.

The Global Center for Women and Justice (GCWJ) at Vanguard University, a faith based organization, seeks to create a just world where women and children are safe, respected and valued. The GCWJ carries out this mission through education, research, advocacy and collaboration, working with students, educators, law enforcement, and community leaders, to end human trafficking and the cyber-exploitation of women and children in Orange County and world-wide. Join the Priceless Committee at the annual gala luncheon in support of the Global Center

Event: Film Screening “Untouchable: Children of God”

Join the Global Center for Women & Justice at Vanguard University and Live2Free for a special viewing of the documentary film, Untouchable: Children of God.

Meet the brave survivors and heroes after the film! Untouchable: Children of God, explores the stories of some of the people most vulnerable to human trafficking, the “Untouchables” of society, specifically the Badi people of Nepal and the Dalits of India.

Date: Tuesday, September 22 7:30PM – 9:05PM

Location: Edwards Big Newport 6

Address: 300 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA, US, 92808

Tickets: $12.00 General



News from the Office of Global Education and Outreach

Thank you for your prayers and support of our summer missions and study abroad trips.  All of the trips went very well and for those of you who led either the mission or study abroad teams, thank you!  Here’s a few pictures from the groups.

VU picture

Last Call for Proposals!  If your department is planning a trip with student involvement that will be overnight, please send the information to as soon as possible.  All proposals will go before the Travel Risk Advisory Committee September 15th.

Have you recently had a book or article published? Are you presenting a paper? Will you be a guest speaker or panelist at an event?

Let us know! Complete our Professional Activities form so that we can share it on the Provost website and Vanguard University Social Media

Celina Camarillo & Dalila Toledo
Office of the Provost
(714) 966-5426 |


Dr. April Westbrook published “And He Will Take Your Daughters…” Woman Story and the Ethical Evaluation of Monarchy in the David Narrative

Professor of Old Testament, Dr. April Westbrook recently published the book: ‘And He Will Take Your Daughters. . .’ Woman Story and the Ethical Evaluation of Monarchy in the David Narrative (Bloomsbury T&T Clark 2015), as part of the Library of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament Studies series.

and_he_will_take_your_daughtersThe book synopsis: Stories displaying significant female presence are intentionally included within the David narrative in the books of Samuel. These woman stories are made prominent by the surprisingly high number of their occurrences within a narrative devoted to the origins of a patrilineal monarchy, as well as the sequentially progressive literary pattern in which they occur in the larger narrative. These dramatic and detailed accounts repeatedly challenge the reader to consider the experiences of women and their contribution to the purpose of the larger narrative by stirring the reader’s responses in ways which systematically call into question the nature of the monarchy itself as a power system—both its impact upon the nation and upon the kings who rule.

Although King David is often held up as a paragon of virtue, the experiences of the women in his life frequently reveal a different side of his character, and the reader must wrestle with the resultant ambiguities and ethical dilemmas. In the process, the reader must also think deeply about the inevitably negative aspects of hierarchical social structures and why this biblical text is apparently designed to press the reader toward unavoidable and uncomfortable personal confrontation with these realities concerning the use of power within community life.

More on Dr. April Westbrook click here. To purchase the book, click here.


Dr. Gary Tyra Authored “Pursuing Moral Faithfulness: Ethics and Christian Discipleship”

Professor of Biblical and Practical Theology, Gary Tyra has recently presented the paper, “Pneumatologiccal Realism: The Importance of Phenomenal/Responsive Relationship with Christ’s Spirit to a Spiritual, Moral and Missional Faithfulness” with the Tyndale Fellowship: Christian Doctrine Study Group (Cambridge, UK).

51s377TsaTL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_He also published a book called, “Pursuing Moral Faithfulness: Ethics and Christian Discipleship” (IVP Academic, 2015). The book synopsis: Christianity is in a state of moral crisis. Even though people make moral decisions every day, many Christians lack both the ability to evaluate these decisions and a community of discipleship to help inspire a morally faithful life. Compared to the people around them, there is often no discernible difference in how Christians go about making moral choices. As a biblical and practical theologian with three decades of pastoral experience, who has also spent years teaching ethics to undergraduates, Gary Tyra approaches the topic with the practical goal of facilitating moral formation and encouraging an “everyday” moral faithfulness. Tyra argues that Christians can have confidence in their Christ-centered, Spirit-enabled ability to discern and do the will of God in any moral situation. Moral faithfulness follows from a life of Christian discipleship. In an age of moral apathy and theological confusion, Pursuing Moral Faithfulness is a breath of fresh air and a sign of hope for the future.
Click here to purchase. More read more about Dr. Gary Tyra, click here.


The Essential Classical Guitar Scale Book

Assistant Professor of Music and classical guitarist, Michael Nigro, has recently co-authored and published a book called “The Essential Classical Guitar Scale Book”. “The Essential Classical Guitar Scale Book” can be used by all guitarists no matter where they are on their path to mastering the instrument. For the teacher and student, this book is essential because it is a complete and codified scale system that can be used to learn proper finger placement, coordination, music theory, and a general knowledge of the guitar fretboard.”



Dr. Stenhouse: Featured Speaker for Newport and Costa Mesa Chambers of Commerce

On Wednesday, January 21st, 2015, Dr. Andrew Stenhouse will be presenting on Employee Engagement: 7 Steps Towards Total Performance, at the Newport and Costa Mesa Chambers of Commerce Networking Luncheon. Dr. Stenhouse has over 30 years of experience in developing leaders for profit and non-profit organizations, making him an excellent resource for any organization. To find out more details about this event, please click here.


Macchia Nominated for Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Frank Macchia, Professor of Theology, has been selected for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the upcoming Society for Pentecostal Studies meeting in March at Southeastern University.  The Society for Pentecostal Studies is is an organization of scholars dedicated to providing a forum of discussion for all academic disciplines as a spiritual service to the kingdom of God (SPS Website).

Dr. Macchia has had several notable scholarly achievements in the past year, which are reflective of his nomination for the lifetime achievement award.  He presented a paper on the Anchor Bible Commentary on Revelation at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) in San Diego this past November.

Dr. Macchia has also recently contributed to chapters in two books:

  • “Baptized in the Spirit: A Pentecostal Reflection on the Filioque,” in Myk Habets, ed. Ecumenical Perspectives on the Filioque for the 21st Century (T & T Clark, 2014).
  • “God Says What the Text Says: Another Look at Karl Barth’s View of Scripture,” in Christian T. Collins Winn and John L. Drury, eds. Karl Barth and the Future of Evangelical Theology (Cascade Books, 2014).

Dr. Macchia also had this article published:

  • “Koinonia in the Spirit: A Pentecostal Engagement with ‘The Church: Towards a Common Vision,’” Ecumenical Trends 43:10 (Nov. 2014).


For more information on Dr. Macchia and the Vanguard University Religion programs, please visit the department website here.


Religion Professor Presents in Ecuador

Dr. Doug Petersen presented on the topic “Pentecostalism in Costa Rica and Nicaragua: Historical and Theological Perspectives” at the Empowered 21 Global Scholars Consultation on November 3-6th at SemiSud College of the Church of God in Quito, Ecuador. This presentation will be published as a chapter in the volume, Latin American Pentecostalism, a publication forthcoming in 2015 from Wipf and Stock Publishers in Eugene, OR.

For more information on Dr. Petersen and the Vanguard University Religion programs, please visit the department website here.


Nursing Professor Presents for Hoag’s Nursing Grand Rounds

Dr. Julia Wilson, Associate Professor of Nursing, recently presented her doctoral research on “Factors Influencing Mental Health in a Cardiac Population”, at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA on August 14, 2014.  Her presentation was part of Hoag’s Nursing Grand Rounds and was video conferenced to the Hoag location in Irvine as well.

For more information on Dr. Wilson and the Vanguard University RN to BSN and MSN programs, please visit the department website here.