Recent Publications

Wickman M., Koniak-Griffin, D. (2013). Invincibility Fable: Tool Development to Measure Invinciblity. Journal of Pediatric Nursing. DOI: 10.1016/j.pedn.2012.05.007

Wickman, M., Drake, D., Heilmann, H., Rojas, R., Jarvis, C. (2013). Nursings “Evolving Responsiblity”. Nursing Management. DOI: 10.1097/01. NUMA.0000430404.42712.2f

Rutledge, D., Wickman, M., Winokur, E. J., Loucks, J., Drake, D. (2013) “The Hospital Staff Nurse Perceptions of Competency to Care for Patients with Psychiatric or Behavioral Health Concerns.” Journal for Nurses in Professional Development.

Rutledge, D., Wickman, M., Drake, D., Winokur, B., Loucks, J. (2012).  Instrument Validation: Hospital Nurse Perceptions of their Behavioral Health Care Competency.  Journal of Advanced Nursing.  DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2012.06025.x

Recent Presentations

Wickman, M. (May 12, 2012).  Behavioral Health Issue Study Background.  Behavioral Health Patients in the Acute Care Setting: are you prepared?  St. Jude Medical Center, Fullerton, CA.  Podium presentation.

Wickman, M.  (March 3, 2012). The Adolescent Perception of Invincibility and its Meaning for Teen Exploitation.  Ensure Justice 2012: Standing together to end exploitation of girls.  Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, CA.  Podium presentation.

Gideon, T., Wickman, M., & Cacciata, M. (February 14-17, 2012).  Electronic CRRT Flow Sheet: Decreasing errors and increasing nurse recruitment.  International Conference on Renal Replacement Therapies. San Diego, CA. Poster presentation. peer-reviewed.

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