Assessment Committee Members: 

Diana Avans, Professor of Kinesiology, Co-Director of Educational Effectiveness

Elena Nipper, Faculty Librarian

Kathleen Durel, Academic Coordinator, Psychology

Ludmila Praslova, Professor of Psychology, Chair

Mary Wickman, Professor of Nursing, Interim Dean of Graduate Programs, Co-Director of Educational Effectiveness

Mike Wilson, Professor of History and Political Science, Dean of College

Ted Lorance, Professor of Chemistry

Tom Carmody, Professor of Communication

Assessment Excellence Awards

The Assessment Excellence Awards is an annual opportunity to recognize and celebrate individuals or departments who have significantly contributed to departmental or institutional student learning and assessment work.

2013 Recipients:

Kenneth Killian, Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies, and the Liberal Studies Program. Your commitment to assessment is noted and appreciated!

Shari Farris, Assistant Professor and Chair, Early Childhood Education. Shari, thank you for all the hard work of ensuring quality of the Early Childhood Education program!

2012 Recipients:

Lia M. Hansen, M.F.T., Assistant Professor and Departmental Assessment Coordinator for Theatre. Lia, your work in redesign of departmental Student Learning Outcomes and assessment planning is much appreciated! Kudos to everyone in Theatre Department!

Karen Lee, Ph.D., Professor of English, Chair and Departmental Assessment Coordinator. We are thankful for Karen’s outstanding accomplishments in Departmental Assessment and Program Review work and her many contributions to institutional assessment, including development of Core Curriculum criteria for Diversity Student Learning Outcomes. Thank you Karen and the English Department!

Vanguard University Library. Library faculty and staff have been leaders in teaching and assessing information skills for many years, and we see the results of their work not only in their (very helpful!) assessment reports, but in student preparation to handle research assignments in our courses. Thank you!