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 Student Learning Outcomes at Vanguard

Comparison of Psychology students’ performance in Traditional and Professional Studies formats

Institutional/CORE Student Learning Outcomes

Program Review Guidelines, approved 2012-2013

Vanguard University CORE Curriculum Rubrics, approved 2012-13

Faculty Assessment and Program Review Resources

Assessment Procedures and Closing the Loop in a Nutshell

Annual Assessment Report Templates

Annual Assessment Report Evaluation Rubric

Making Student Learning Outcomes known

Meaning, Quality, and Integrity of the Degree training w. Dr. Maria Zack, 12.09.2013

Program Review Templates

Program Review Materials Evaluation Rubric 

Program Review Training Slides, Linda Buckely, Ph.D., 01.25.2013

Slides from faculty retreat session “Using Rubrics to Save Time, Help Your Students, and Make Your Department Shine”, Ludmila Praslova, Ph.D., 08.21.2013

 Recommended Assessment Resources

Vanguard faculty and staff: please note that in addition to information available on this public website you can find many educational effectiveness and institutional research reports and resources on the shared drive (Community: IR).