The Office of Institutional Research, under the supervision of the Provost, serve Vanguard University by converting data into information that can be used in the decision making process as Vanguard strives to demonstrate God-honoring excellence.

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       WASC ARC 2016

          Empowering our Students – At-Risk Indicators

Effects of Student Debt and Alternative Models of Financing Education

      WASC ARC 2015    

Civility and governance in Higher Education Part 1

Civility and governance in Higher Education Part 2

Civility and governance in Higher Education Part 3

     WASC ARC 2014

Tracking and exploring retention for predictive modeling and program evaluation

Working with Industry, Employers and Alumni to Ensure Relevance of Curriculum to the Workplace

Self-review Under the Standards and WSCUC Rubrics: Facilitating Organizational Learning and Improvement

    WASC ARC 2013

Using Humor and Creativity in Communicating Important Messages: Animated Videos Made Easy

Working on the Puzzle of First-generation and Hispanic/Latino Student Retention and Success

Facilitating Student Involvement in Curriculum Development: Examples from the Core Curriculum and Psychology

    WASC ARC 2012

WASC as Educator: Using Empirical Research to Inform the Public and Policy

Retention and Student Learning: Collaboration Between Curricular and Co-Curricular Programs to Facilitate Student Success

    CAIR 2012

Triangulation of Data in Student Retention Research

    WASC ARC 2011

Addressing Challenges in Student Success and Retention with Focused Research and Team Effort

Teaching for and Assessing Faith Development: the Integration of Values and Learning in the General Education Curriculum