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Rajeev Ranjan, Jarred Olson,  Poonam Singh,  Edward D. Lorance, Daniel A. Buttry,  and Ian R. Gould  in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2015) 6, 4943−4946. Reversible Electrochemical Trapping of Carbon Dioxide Using 4,4′-Bipyridine That Does Not Require Thermal Activation

Wosinska, Zofia M., Stump, Faye L., Ranjan, Rajeev, Lorance, Edward D., Finley, Genita N., Patel, Pryia P., Khawaja, Muzamil  A., Odom, Katie L., Kramer, Wolfgang H., Gould, Ian R. (2013). “N-Alkoxyheterocycles As Irreversible Photooxidants.” Photochemistry and Photobiology. Nicholas Turro Memorial Issue

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