Business Professor’s Book on Communication Skills is Published

Dr. James Walz, Professor of  Business and Management and Chair of the Department, recently had a book published for leaders in organizations focusing on honing their communication skills. This book resulted from Dr. Walz’s desire to give leaders the tools they need to orient everyone on their teams toward a single, action-oriented goal. The book is titled: SPeak Perfomance: Using the Power of Metaphors to Communicate Vision, Motivate People, and Lead Your Organization to Success and promises to give leaders the tools they need to advance their leadership skills.

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Sociology Professor Presents on Learning Approaches and Their Impacts

Dr. Edward Clarke, Professor of Sociology at Vanguard University recently presented a paper entitled “3 Years Later: Outcomes and Reflections on Community-Based Active Learning” at the California Sociological Association in November of 2013. Using the Homlessness Project in Costa Mesa, CA that began in 2008 as the context to describe this learning approach and its outcomes, Clarke describes how students collaborate with faculty in community projects that seek real solutions to widespread problems, and in so doing gain disciplinary skills and insight into developing research. In his presentation, Clarke assessed the effectiveness of this learning approach, student research produced as a result of the approach, and the impact of community and university relations.

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