Pentecostal Experience and the Liberal Arts

How should Vanguard articulate and develop an educational philosophy and practice that integrates the liberal arts, professional preparation, and Pentecostal experience?

Workgroup Chair:  Darren Guerra, Associate Professor of Political Science

Workgroup Members:  Trish Fisher, Associate Professor of Marketing
Doug Green, Senior Pastor of North Hills Assembly of God and Vanguard Board Member
Ted Lorance, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Frank Macchia, Professor of Systematic Theology
Mark McAnlis, Director of Gift Planning
Chris Ortega, Financial Aid Counselor (alumnus)
Derrick Rosenior, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

How can Vanguard build on its strengths and extend its leadership in teaching, learning, research, and scholarship in the next five years?

Workgroup Chair:  Doug Grove, Associate Professor of Education

Workgroup Members:  Hassan Archer, Director of Career Development
Beth Lorance, Counseling Center Director
Sheri McDonald, Academic Affairs Director, Mariners Christian School
David Pecoraro, Professor of Theatre Arts
Mike Shurance, Director of Online Learning (alumnus)
Tara Sirvent, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Bonni Stachowiak, Associate Professor of Business and Management

International Engagement

How should Vanguard carry out its mission of global outreach and evangelism integrated with global learning?

Workgroup Chair:  Mike Wilson, Associate Provost and Dean of the College, Professor of History

Workgroup Members:  David Alford, Director of Saddleback Leadership Academy
Jamie Brownlee, Director of the School for Professional Studies and Assistant Professor
Coba Canales, Director of Diversity Programs
Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Missionary in Residence
James Melton, Professor of Music
Doug Petersen, Professor of World Missions
Kim Ulm, Global and Community Outreach Coordinator
James Woodrow, Professor of Management

Healing, Compassion, Justice, and Reconciliation

What role should Vanguard play in God’s mission of healing, compassion, justice, and reconciliation?

Workgroup Co-Chairs:  Sandie Morgan, Director of the Global Center for Women and Justice; and Mary Wickman, Professor of Nursing

Workgroup Members:  Stephanie D’Auria, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Peter DeSoto, Director of ENLACE
Jamie Huff, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Rachael Lund, Resident Director
Elena Nipper, Assistant Professor/Librarian
John Mark Robeck, Manager of Application Systems

Next Generation Church Leaders

How can Vanguard effectively form the next generation of vocational ministers and church leaders for the 21st century?

Workgroup Chair:  Rich Israel, Professor of Religion

Workgroup Members:  James Bradford, General Secretary of the Assemblies of God
Tony Cervero, Assistant Superintendent of the Southern California District of the Assemblies of God
Bill Dogterom, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Formation
Adelita Garza, Senior Pastor, Puente de Vida Church
Rich Guerra, Superintendent of the Southern California District of the Assemblies of God and Vanguard Board Member
John Martin, Senior Pastor, Victorville First Assembly of God and Vanguard Board Member
Lance Pitluck, Senior Pastor, Anaheim Vineyard and Vanguard Board Member
Gary Tyra, Associate Professor of Biblical and Practical Theology

The Arts

How should Vanguard build on its special gifts in the arts, participating in the beauty and worship of God through music, theater, digital media, literature, and other artistic expressions?

Workgroup Co-Chairs:  Sue Berkompas, Professor of Theatre Arts; and Susanne Reid, Professor of Music

Workgroup Members:  Warren Doody, Professor of English
Teresa Dovel, Coordinator/Senior Administrative Assistant, Music Department
Alison English, Professor/Head Librarian
Sarah Grandpre, Alumna
Olivia Klaus, Alumna
Ed Arnold, Co-Anchor, KOCE “Real Orange”


How can Vanguard continue to cultivate a sense of community that is inviting, hospitable, diverse, and dynamic, both on campus and beyond, building on its many strengths in co-curricular areas?

Workgroup Chair:  Dixie Arnold, Associate Professor of Liberal Studies

Workgroup Members:  Claudia Degelman, Associate Professor of Psychology
Joel Gackle, Director of Alumni Relations
Lia Hansen, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
Amanda Lebrecht, Director of Student Success and Retention
Joni Prado, Assistant Professor of Music
Michelle Romo, Coordinator of Graduate Education
Fernando Tamara, Director and Research Assistant, The Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership
David Vazquez, Student Government Association President
Bob Wilson, Athletic Director

Spiritual Formation for the Spirit-empowered Life

What distinctive model(s) of spiritual formation will enable Vanguard to carry out its mission to “equip each student for a Spirit-empowered life”?

Workgroup Chair:  Bill Dogterom, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Formation

Workgroup Members:  Mike Beals, Senior Pastor, Mission Hills Community Church
Vince Beresford, Campus Pastor
Doug Degelman, Professor of Psychology
Lexy Benoit Gioelli, Director of Leadership Development and Activities
Todd Hunter, Pastor, Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Ali Malaekeh, Assistant Soccer Coach and Athletic Department Chaplain
Elizabeth Powell, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Nolan Steputis, Administrative Associate Athletic Director
Tim Young, Director of Residence Life