Campus Update December 2012

The Vanguard community is at work in so many critical issues at home in southern California and abroad!  My heart swells when I think of all the ways God is using Vanguard to work with Him in the world!

Vanguard’s women’s soccer program won their first-ever Golden State Athletic Conference (GSAC) championship title by going undefeated in conference play!  They also won the GSAC tournament championship and earning their highest NAIA ranking ever at #2 in the nation.  To read more about these incredible young women on their journey to the elite eight, visit the Athletic Department.         GO, LIONS!

Merry and bright are the words to describe our Fantasia concerts this year!  What a warm way to invite our community into the true joy of the season: God makes peace with men through his gift to the world, Jesus!

This year, the Veterans Club is taking the initiative to join with Max’s Love Project and the Walter Reed Military Hospital to provide toys for military families and child cancer patients.  The level of passionate and devoted servant leadership in this student-led club is a beacon on campus and in the community.  To learn more about this and other services of and to veterans, visit our Veterans Resource Center.

Our Global Center for Women and Justice held a Solidarity Sleep Out to raise awareness about resources for homeless young people.  Homeless youth are the “low hanging fruit” for human traffickers. A trafficker will approach one out of every three kids within 48 hours of running away from home.  Vanguard was privileged to partner once again with Solidarity Sleep Out and Live2free to better communicate to these loved children of God how precious they are to the Father.  Vanguard students and others in the community slept on Heath Lawn November 18th.   To learn more about this and the upcoming annual Ensure Justice Conference, visit the Global Center for Women and Justice website.

Fall is the time of year when students are invited to consider going on a Summer Missions Trip.  Approximately one hundred students will travel with our various mission teams this summer.  We hope to send Vanguard students as the heart, hands, and feet of Christ to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Ethiopia, Fiji, Honduras, Ireland, the Middle East, Mozambique, Northern Asia, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Senegal, and Tanzania.  See our Summer 2013 Missions Trips and the missions we will partner with here.  Undoubtedly, every student will be forever impacted by this experience that so deeply fits Vanguard’s mission to equip students for Spirit-empowered lives of Christ-centered leadership and service.  I anticipate with joy the ways God will use this summer to inspire, clarify, and in some cases, radically change the direction of the lives of our students forever!

As I look at all Vanguard University is currently doing in the community and in the world, I am reminded of the great power that exists in the body of Christ when we are unified under Christ’s leadership.  He came to save us and the world.  What a gift it is to be with Him and you in this work!

God bless you and God bless Vanguard,

Dr. Carol Taylor

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