Teen Challenge and Christmas Fantasia

On Friday, December 3, I had the privilege of visiting Teen Challenge Ministry Institute (TCMI) in South Gate to share some reflections in chapel with 80 students who have completed a year of rehabilitation and discipleship and are now receiving instruction and participating in ministry in churches and communities throughout Los Angeles County and beyond. Teen Challenge was launched more than 50 years ago in New York City by David Wilkerson. Hundreds of centers are now operating in the United States and many other nations, bringing the transforming love of Christ to people who are being delivered from the grip of drug addiction.

Ron Brown, Southern California Director of Teen Challenge, his wife, and fifty members of the Teen Challenge choir were our guests at the November 30 performance of Fantasia at the Orange County Performance Arts Center. They were elated to be part of this extraordinary evening of music and worship. We were blessed to have them join us. Vanguard is at its best when we are partnering with people who are on the front lines of service for the kingdom of God. This is the message of Christmas: For God so loved the world…

Vanguard faculty members, too, are on the front lines of service for the kingdom of God, every day opening worlds to students and equipping them to be Christ-followers in every dimension of their lives.

Merry Christmas!