Vanguard’s MSN takes you beyond the classroom into two dynamic practica. The knowledge you gain in your theory courses will be applied in real-world experiences under the guidance of mentors within the profession and master teachers.

What practicum experiences are required for the program?

Students complete two practica:

  1. EDUCATION (First) – You will partner with a master teacher or educator to plan and deliver a class to students or patients. After designing the program and implementing the coursework, you will evaluate it as well. This practicum may be completed in a nursing student classroom or in an agency with a patient or family group.
  2. MANAGEMENT (Second) – This practicum is intended to develop you as a nursing leader. You will work with a manager or an executive in nursing or other health care agency to complete projects identified by you and your preceptor that will meet course objectives.

Could you provide examples of what each practicum might look like?


  • Work with faculty at a local college to teach an undergraduate nursing class and/or practicum and assess the effectiveness of a new teaching-learning strategy.
  • In cooperation with a hospital educator, provide a class to elderly patients on common medication interactions that affect health.


  • With the help of your manager, assess the impact of a change in process for orienting new employees.
  • In working with a local agency, analyze the health impact of a change in public policy.


How much time needs to be committed to each practicum experience?

Fifty-five hours are required for each practicum. These are usually spread out over fifteen weeks.

May I complete practicum at my current worksite?

Yes, practicum can be completed at your workplace. However, clinical hours must be completed outside of your current department and work hours.

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