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“I was truly amazed by the program and how much the professors cared about us. There is nowhere else in the world you could possibly find such mentors like the Vanguard faculty and staff […] I was able to develop many incredible relationships with the professors from the music department over the past four years, and I know they would always support me and wish me the very best in my career. ”

Xiaoying (Jenny) Chen, Class of 2015

I want to thank you for all of the opportunities that you have given me while at Vanguard.  Three years ago I could have never imagined what I have been able to accomplish in my time being a part of the Department of Music.  I came in not knowing the difference between a vocal monitor and a computer monitor!  I can now say I am confident in what I know, and in the general direction God has called me….I knew that I wasn’t at Vanguard purely for that piece of paper called a degree, but it was for the invaluable experience and relationships that I would attain from a great school with a great Music Department with a great purpose. Thank you again, I can’t express all that you have done for me and the impact you have made.”

Josh Avne, Class of 2011

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