Music Major Core Requirements

60 units


Lower Division

25 units

Music Theory

17 units

MUSC 131 Music Theory I 3 units
MUSC 132 Aural Theory I 1 unit
MUSC 136 Music Theory II 3 units
MUSC 137 Aural Theory II 1 unit
MUSC 228 Introduction to Music Technology 1 unit
MUSC 231 Music Theory III 3 units
MUSC 232 Aural Theory III 1 unit
MUSC 236 Music Theory IV 3 units
MUSC 237 Aural Theory IV 1 unit
Ensemble MUSC 221, 240, 241, or 250 (1 unit each) 4 units
Applied Music Instrumental, Piano, Organ or Voice (1 unit each) 4 units
Recital Attendance MUSI 200 0 units
Students must show proficiency in Basic Musicianship II (MUSC 106) prior to enrolling in Music Theory I (MUSC 131). Students who need to enroll in MUSC 101 and/or MUSC 106 should be prepared to take up to five years to complete the Music Major.All music majors must select one performance medium for an applied area of specialty (piano, organ, voice, string, wind, brass, percussion, or guitar). Participation and earning credit in department recitals during the semester and performance before a jury at the end of the semester are required in each applied Music course. Music Composition, Music Education, and Music Ministry emphases require eight consecutive semesters of study in the same performance medium. Composition emphasis is subject to their state applied music requirements. Guitar emphasis majors must take MUSC 108, Beginning Guitar, and MUSC 208, Fretboard Techniques, or pass the Guitar Proficiency Exam.

Upper Division


35 units

MUSC 325 Music History and Literature I 3 units
MUSC 326 Music History and Literature II 3 units
MUSC 327 Music History and Literature III 3 units
MUSC 331A Conducting 3 units
MUSC 332 Advanced Conducting 2 units
MUSC 301 Counterpoint 3 units
MUSC 400 Form & Analysis 3 units
MUSC 402 Orchestration 3 units
MUSC 406C Music and Worship 3 units
Applied Music Instrumental, Piano, Organ or Voice (1 unit each) 4 units
Recital Attendance MUSI 400 0 units
(Note: Must be the same performance medium as lower division Applied Music. Composition emphasis have different Applied Music requirements.)
Senior Recital MUTC, MUPF, MUSC 491 1 unit
Ensemble MUSC 321, 340, 341 or 350 (1 unit each) 4 units
Piano Proficiency   0 units
* This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements, or contact the Department of Music. Information shown here reflects the 2010-2011 academic catalog.