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“As a music ministry group from Vanguard University, we WORSHIP, PROCLAIM, and SERVE our living God who is our LIFEsong, and seek to share His love through music to the community around us.”

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This student lead ensemble features 8 voices dedicated to touching lives through excellent music and worship ministry.  Join us for a harmonious experience of praise and fellowship!

The vision for this ensemble format is that Vanguard will eventually have multiple small groups – all student led, with 6-8 singers and a pianist pulled from the larger department ensembles.  The format is streamlined, efficient and will help develop and empower student leaders.  We see this vision growing into a great outreach tool for Vanguard and see it as a “win-win” opportunity.  Building leaders in the small group setting will further equip and enhance our larger ensembles, which also continue to make a significant impact in our local churches and schools.

Here’s what a few of the ensemble members have to say:

“I enjoy being stretched musically in LIFEsong and the smaller size of the group allows for a more intimate atmosphere between the members, which in turn enables us to connect more personally with the congregation.” – Annabella Cervero

“I am so blessed to be a part of this new ensemble! I never would have imagined that I would be able to be a part of a smaller ensemble like this glorifying God through song. Every one of the songs that we sing speaks to me and meets me wherever I’m at.  I’m beyond excited to share this with others, and hope that they will be touched by these songs on a deeper level as well!” – Stephanie Richardson

“Through LIFEsong, we have come to grow not only as musicians, but as brothers and sisters in Christ.  In our ministry, we take pride that each performance isn’t just a concert but is a worship experience that engages both the singers and the congregation.” – Ryan Yoder


Book us for a concert, worship service, school chapel or other event!  Simply fill out a Concert Request Form or contact the Music Events office at 714.619-6409 or


Promo Video

Debut Concert – Part 1

Debut Concert – Part 2

Debut Concert – Clip #1

Debut Concert – Clip #2

Debut Concert – Clip #3