_mg_2788 Dr. James L. Melton jmelton@vanguard.edu Chair of the Department of Music, Professor of Music, and Director of Music Activities D.M.A., Arizona State University. M.M., Arizona State University
_mg_2766 Dr. Kenneth R. Foerch kfoerch@vanguard.edu, ext. 6415 Assistant Professor of Music D.M.A., University of Southern California. M.M., Eastman School of Music
_mg_2849 Gina Lord gina.lord@vanguard.edu, ext. 6418 Assistant Professor of Music M.M. Piano Pedagogy; M.M. Piano Performance, University of Oregon
_mg_0365 Michael Nigro Adjunct Professor of Music, Guitar Studies M.M. Guitar Performance. California State University, Fullerton
_mg_2876 Dr. Joni Y. Prado joni.prado@vanguard.edu, ext. 6417 Associate Professor of Music D.M.A., University of Southern CaliforniaM.M., California State University, Fullerton
_mg_0545 Dr. Susanne M. Reid sreid@vanguard.edu, ext. 6414 Professor of Music D.M.A., University of Oklahoma. M.M., California State University, Fullerton. M.A., California Graduate School of Theology.
_mg_0616 Mildred H. Yi mildred.yi@vanguard.edu, ext. 6419 Assistant Professor of Music M.M., San Francisco State University. B.A., University of California at Berkeley
_mg_2887 Sarah Scott sscott@vanguard.edu Adjunct Professor of Music, Music and Worship. D.W.S., Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies
_mg_2737 Robert Reno Adjunct Professor of Music & Composition. D.M., University of Indiana, Bloomington.
_mg_0578 Scarlet Wu, Department of Music Coordinator
_mg_2832 Clifton Lum, Coordinator of Music Operations.
_mg_2830  Seth Roybal, Coordinator of Music Operations
Bill Schlitt Adjunct Professor of Music, Percussion Ensemble and Percussion Techniques. Private Music Instructor, Percussion Studies. B.A., Cal Poly, Pomona.

Mary Opperman Adjunct Professor of Music, Flute M.M.  Manhattan School of Music

Dr. Jung-A Lee Adjunct Professor of Music, Organ and Accompanying D.M.A., Boston University

Julie Jung Adjunct Professor of Music, String Techniques. Private Music Instructor. M.M., New England Conservatory of Music, Boston. (Artist in Residence)

Private Music Instructors:

Rich Chasin Private Music Instructor, Trumpet Studies. B.M., University of Michigan.
Russel Dicey Private Music Instructor, French Horn Studies, B.F.A California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles Philharmonic Summer Institute.
Ellen Jung Private Music Instructor, Violin Studies. M.M., Yale University. (Artist in Residence)
Dr. Jennie Jung Private Music Instructor, Piano. D.M.A., The Julliard School. (Artist in Residence)
Izumi Kashiwagi Accompanist, Private Music Instructor, Piano. M.M., Keyboard Collaborative Arts from University of Southern California, Los Angeles.
Phil Keen Private Music Instructor, Trombone and Tuba Studies. M.M., University of Michigan.
Jane Kim Private Music Instructor, Voice Studies, M.M. California State University Fullerton.
Elliott Moreau Private Music Instructor, Bassoon Studies. M.M. University of Southern California.
Sorah Myung Private Music Instructor, Viola Studies. M.M. from Yale School of Music.
Heather Reithmeier Private Music Instructor, Voice Studies, M.M., California State University, Fullerton.
Ryan Reithmeier Private Music Instructor, Voice Studies, M.M., California State University, Fullerton.
Lisa Schroeder Private Music Instructor, Flute Studies. M.M., California State University, Long Beach. (On Sabbatical)
Martin Torres Private Music Instructor, Bass Studies. M.F.A., University of California, Irvine.