The Vanguard Singers and Band is our longest running and most recognizable music performance group here at Vanguard University. Members of the Vanguard Singers & Band are selected through a rigorous audition and interview process, and each member is additionally a member of another of our major ensembles. These students are leaders of their peers and represent a wonderful cross-section of the academic majors offered at Vanguard University, both music and non-music majors. The Vanguard Singers & Band performs locally at churches, schools, and conferences, and takes an annual extended tour, both domestically and internationally.

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Dr. James L. Melton 2012The Vanguard Singers & Band is under the direction of Dr. James L. Melton, Chair of the Department of Music and Director of Choral Music at Vanguard University of Southern California. Dr. Melton earned the Doctor of Musical Arts degree (DMA) in Choral Music from Arizona State University (1987), as well as the Master of Music degree (MM) in Conducting, and received his Bachelor of Music Education degree (emphasis in piano and voice, BME) from Oklahoma Baptist University. Dr. Melton has teaching experience in schools from high school through the college/seminary level, as well as over 25 years of experience leading music in churches of various denominations and sizes.


The Vanguard Singers & Band tours yearly, outside of local, monthly bookings. Most notable are the group’s international tours. In 2010, they were invited to tour China and in the summer of 2011 they have been invited to a number of venues in Europe.  Spring of 2005 found the Vanguard Singers & Band in a month-long tour of South Korea and The People’s Republic of China. While visiting these countries, many doors were opened in which the group members could share the Gospel and the love of Christ with those who might otherwise not have known. These tours are a growing opportunity for the student leaders as they are not only able to represent the University and God’s Kingdom, but they are able to gain perspective of life outside the bounds of the United States.


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The Vanguard Singers & Band music can be found on the following CD Recordings: All the Earth (2007), Simply A Cappella (2004), Everlasting (2002), Emmanuel (2002), I Could Sing of Your Love Forever (2001), Draw Me Close* (2000), Psalms of Praise* (1999), and Vanguards* (1994), featuring the female voices of the Vanguard Singers. Click here to view all music department CD and ordering information.

* denotes that CD is out of print.


The Vanguard Singers & Band performs more frequently than any other large ensemble of the Department of Music at Vanguard University. The Vanguard Singers & Band is available for booking October through April, often taking longer regional or international tours in March and/or May.  Please fill out a Concert Request Form or contact the Music Events office at 714.619-6409 or concerts@vanguard.edu to request the group for your specific event, church, or school.