Important Links:
Recital Forms (see attachments below)
Recital Program Information Entry Form
Private Music Instruction Syllabi
Videos of Juries
Videos of General Recitals

Performance Classes

  • First semester Music/Worship Arts Majors are required to perform in one Performance Class and Juries, which will be held during the week of the University Finals.
  • All other Music/Worship Arts Majors are required to perform in one Performance Class and one General Recital scheduled on a Thursday morning chapel hour.
  • Minors are required to perform in each Performance Class.  The April 20th class will be Minor’s juries. Jury rubrics are golden colored and are located  in the Music Studios.
  • Performance Class cannot be rescheduled.  You MUST be there.
    • Plan ahead – Performance Classes are scheduled for Friday, March 2 and April 20.   Download the attachment to know when you will be performing.
  • Students enrolled and performing in Chamber Music, Opera Scenes, Guitar, or Percussion Recitals need to inform the Music Office to receive Recital Performance credit. These will count as one of your individual recitals.

General Recitals

  • Recital Information Sheets for Music/Worship Arts Majors must be filled out TWO weeks before the actual recital.  It is your responsibility to make sure all of the information is included.  If information is missing, we will email the document back to you for completion.
  • Forms are located as a fillable form at the top of this page.
  • Rehearsal times are the morning of the Recital.  Signing up for a time slot is located in the Music Studios.
  • Remember to dress appropriately.

Recital Attendance

  • Keep track of your Recital Attendance. Download the regularly updated Recital Attendance.
    Attendance Requirements per semester:
    Basic Lessons – 4 Recitals
    Applied Lessons – Minors – 7 Recitals
    Applied Lessons – Majors – 10 Recitals