About the Process

NOTE: Grades will be impacted for not turning in appropriate forms and programs accurately and in a timely fashion.

1. Download and print the checklists attached below to prepare for your Recital. These are necessary to complete this process and are meant to help guide you through this process easily. Please be familiar with the checklists and your “next step” all along the way.

2. One semester before Performance Recital: Sign up with the Music Office for a date for your performance. Please note that students must pass their piano proficiency one semester PRIOR to giving their senior recital.

3. Download the Recital Dates form to know when you are scheduled for your Pre-recital Hearing, Dress-Rehearsal, and your Recital.

4. You will need to make the program for your recitals. During the last few weeks, download the attached document and use it as a template for formatting and style. If your computer is not compatible with this file type please use the computers in the library.

5. Have a lot of fun!

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