Enrolling in your classes

Below you will find a .pdf document and a PowerPoint file that will walk you through how to enroll in your classes on Moodle. The Music Department will be using Moodle to communicate with you about each of your classes and performance ensembles. Therefore, you need to be enrolled in all music courses and familiar with how to access needed information and files from Moodle.

Remember: Moodle uses your Vanguard University e-mail address only and you are responsible to check it regularly and/or forward it to an address that your check regularly.

Support Tab

Also, once you are logged on to learn.vanguard.edu (Moodle) you can access your ‘Support’ tab on the top left side of the page.

This has a bunch of resources and tutorials to help make your learning experience great. If you have any other questions you can feel free to contact the Help Desk @ 714.556.3610 x4500 or helpdesk@vanguard.edu