The Bachelor of Music degree is a professional degree preparing and equipping students to continue on in their performance field in graduate school.  Entrance into the Bachelor of Music degree is by audition only. Students will be required to declare a concentration at the time of application into the Bachelor of Music. The Bachelor of Music degree offers five concentrations. Information, class requirements, and sample four year plans are listed below. Core course requirements are available here.

Bachelor of Music (Pre-Teacher Certification)

The Bachelor of Music (Pre-Teacher Certification) equips the student with the necessary skills, understanding and methodology to teach vocal, instrumental, and general music in the elementary/secondary school system. Students interested in obtaining a teaching credential after completing this four-year degree program will need to apply for entrance into a credential program.

The Vanguard University Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in Music has been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  Thus students are exempt from taking the three CSET: Music subtests.

The program coursework prepares the student for the subject matter requirements for a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Music.

Bachelor of Music: Performance

Performance is designed for the student desiring rigorous performance and academic training as part of their undergraduate experience by combining the core music curriculum with specialty courses within the student’s chosen field .

Bachelor of Music: Composition

Composition aims to advance the technical, creative, and intuitive skills of young composers in support of the creation of unique, original works for a wide variety of musical settings: acoustic and technological.  Our program endeavors to ground young composers in an understanding of the historical, cultural, spiritual and conceptual basis for the creation of modern music.

Bachelor of Music: Church Music

Church Music exists to prepare students as full-time church musicians and servant leaders who can creatively integrate excellence in music performance and the arts into the worship and mission of the evangelical church.

Bachelor of Music: Jazz Studies

Jazz Studies is designed for the student seeking a professional career in jazz and related arenas of contemporary music. The philosophical objective is to develop the talents of the creative jazz artist as well as the adaptable skills required of the successful, well-rounded musician.  Education in the history and traditions of the music with professional performance opportunities designed to integrate students in a jazz environment that uphold the standards of the tradition.

*This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements, or contact the Department of Music. Information shown here reflects the 2014-2015 academic catalog.