The Bachelor of Arts in Worship Studies is a multi-faceted program designed to equip pastoral musicians with broad and relevant experiences for leading worship in our contemporary culture. The program prepares students for various ministry roles in the local church with available emphases in Art, Cinema Arts, Communication, Theatre Arts and Worship Leadership.





Theory Placement

  • Students must show theory proficiency by taking the Theory Placement exam prior to enrolling in Theory I (MUSC 131).
  • Basic Musicianship I (MUSC101) and/or Basic Musicianship II (MUSC106) may be required to prepare the student for Music Theory I (MUSC131).

Piano Proficiency

  • Basic piano proficiency skills are required of all music majors for graduation.
  • Each semester class piano has a final exam covering a specific section of the piano proficiency exam.  Students who do not pass the final exam will be required to repeat that course until that requirement is passed, preventing them from proceeding to the next piano course.
  • Students must pass the piano proficiency exam prior to applying for Final Presentation in Worship Studies (MUSC498C)

Applied Instruction – Primary Instrument

  • All Music Majors must select one primary instrument for an area of study.
  • Students are required to enroll in consecutive semesters of study in the same performance medium.
  • Beginning Guitar Class (MUSC 108) or Beginning Voice Class (MUSC 111) may satisfy the first semester of Applied Instruction, depending on placement.
  • Participation and earning credit in studio class, department recitals, and performance before a jury at the end of the semester are required in each applied music course.
  • If the main instrument is guitar, 1 semester of Worship Guitar Practicum (MUSC 460) is required.

Worship Leadership Emphasis

Declaring a concentration in Worship Leadership is the route of choice for those who desire to become worship leaders in a church setting.

Art Emphasis

Students who choose a concentration in Art should expect a curriculum focused on the visual arts and their relation to ministry.

Cinema Arts Emphasis

The Cinema Arts emphasis is geared towards students who desire to learn more about digital technology, specifically audio recording and filmmaking.

Communication Emphasis

The emphasis in Communication bears some similarities to the Cinema/Digital Media concentration, but is also geared toward students who want to develop their speaking, writing, and public relations skills.

Theatre Emphasis

An emphasis in Theatre is tailor-made for students who want to do ministry in a theatrical setting. Students with this concentration will also have multiple opportunities to work closely with Vanguard’s Theatre Department on actual stage productions.

*This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements, or contact the Department of Music. Information shown here reflects the 2014-2015 academic catalog.