he Bachelor of Arts in Worship Studies is a multi-faceted program designed to equip pastoral musicians with broad and relevant experiences for leading worship in our contemporary culture. The program prepares students for various ministry roles in the local church with available emphases in Art, Cinema Arts, Communication, Theatre Arts and Worship Leadership.


Worship Studies Core Requirements                58-59 units

MUSC105A       Class Piano I                                                                    1 unit

MUSC105B       Class Piano II                                                                   1 unit

MUSC 145A      Class Piano III                                                                 1 unit            

MUSC 131       *Music Theory I                                                                  3 units

MUSC 132       *Aural Theory I                                                                   1 unit

MUSC 136       Music Theory II                                                                   3 units

MUSC 137       Aural Theory II                                                                    1 unit

MUSC145A        Class Piano III                                                                  1 unit

MUSC 228          Introduction to Music Technology                             1 unit

Choose 2-3 units:

MUSC 231          Music Theory III

MUJZ  236        Jazz Theory

Choose 3 units:

MUSC 325       Music History and Literature I                                     3 units

MUSC 326       Music History and Literature II                                   3 units

MUSC 327       Music History and Literature III                                  3 units

MUSC 309      Foundations of Worship                                                 3 units

MUSC 331A    Conducting                                                                         3 units

MUSC 408      Music Ministry Administration                                    3 units

MUSC 411       Creative Worship in the Contemporary Church       2 units

MUSC 450      Music Ministry Internship (1 unit each)                    2 units

MUSC498C      Final Presentation for Worship Studies                   2 units

MUSC499         Faith, Life and Worship Arts, with Seminar          2 units

Large Ensemble:                                                                                                    6 units

Lower Division   MUSC 221, 240, 241, 250

Upper Division   MUSC 321, 340, 341, 350

MUSC 200/400 Recital Attendance                                                      0 units

           (Required for each semester of Applied)

Applied Music:                        1 unit each semester                                         6 units

Voice                                                   MUSI  201/401

Piano2                                                MUSI  211/411

Guitar                                                 MUSI  221/421

Organ                                                 MUSI  231/431

Instrument                                         MUSI  291/491

2If the main Applied instrument is piano, 2 units of basic instruction in voice is required as substitution for Class Piano I,II,III.

Cross Disciplines Requirements                                                        12 units

BINT 270            Research Methods/Study of Scripture            3 units

CFST 101             Introduction to Formation/Discipleship      2 units

COMM 273         Visual Technology                                               3 units

PLST 310             Introduction to Christian Leadership            2 units

PLST 314             Introduction to Preaching and Teaching      2 units


  • In addition to the core curriculum above, students will select either the Art, Cinema Arts, Communication, Theatre Arts, or Worship Leadership emphasis.
  • Courses taken in the music major core do not meet emphasis requirements.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to meet prerequisites for each course.

Art Emphasis                                                                 10 units

ART 252C         History and Appreciation of Art                        3 units

COMM 222      Digital Photography                                             4 units

Choose:                                                                                                           3 units

ART 256           Drawing and Rendering (3 units)

ART 275           Drawing and Painting (3 units)

Cinema Arts Emphasis                                         10 units

Choose two:                                                                                                 6 units

COMM 220  Elements of Storytelling (3 units)

COMM 229  Digital Audio Principles (4 units)

COMM 258   Christianity in the Artistic Culture (3 units)

COMM 317  Creative Process (3 units)

COMM 333  Small Group Leadership (3 units)

Choose:                                                                                                       3-4 units

COMM 246   American Cinema History (3 units)

COMM 309  Graphic Design (4 units)

COMM 327    Directing for Film and Digital Media (3 units)

COMM 353   Cinematography (4 units)

COMM 361  Non-Linear Editing (4 units)

COMM 365   Sound Design (4 units)

Communication Emphasis                                        10 units

COMM 222      Digital Photography                                        4 units

COMM 333      Small Group Leadership                                 3 units

Choose:                                                                                                      3 units

ENGL/THEA 360  Dramatic Literature: Script Analysis (3 units)

COMM 220   Elements of Storytelling (3 units)

COMM 317   Creative Process (3 units)

Theatre Arts Emphasis                                                                10 units

THEA 102C       Introduction to Acting                                  3 units

THEA 132A       Theatrical Performance I                             1 unit

THEA 350          Stage Management                                       3 units

Choose:                                                                                                     1 unit

THEA 206     Crew (1 unit)

MUSC 347    Opera Scenes (1 unit)

Choose:                                                                                                    2 units

THEA 106    Beginning Set Construction (1 unit)

THEA 110    Beginning Costume Construction (1 unit)

THEA 323    Sound Design (2-3 units)

Worship Leadership Emphasis                               10 units

MUSC 145B     Class Piano IV                                                 1 unit

Or completion of Piano Proficiency

MUSC 332        Advanced Conducting                                   2 units

MUSC 451         Worship Leader Internship (1 unit)         2 units

                                       (This is in addition to MUSC450)

PLST 420         Disciplines of the Spiritual Life                  3 units

Choice:                                                                                   2 units

ICST 272          Theology of Church Mission (2 units)

ICST 285          Theo. and World. in a Multicult. Society (2 units)

PLST 312          Introduction To Pastoral Care  (2 units)

Theory Placement

  • Students must show theory proficiency by taking the Theory Placement exam prior to enrolling in Theory I (MUSC 131).
  • Basic Musicianship I (MUSC101) and/or Basic Musicianship II (MUSC106) may be required to prepare the student for Music Theory I (MUSC131).

Piano Proficiency

  • Basic piano proficiency skills are required of all music majors for graduation.
  • Each semester class piano has a final exam covering a specific section of the piano proficiency exam.  Students who do not pass the final exam will be required to repeat that course until that requirement is passed, preventing them from proceeding to the next piano course.
  • Students must pass the piano proficiency exam prior to applying for Final Presentation in Worship Studies (MUSC498C)

Applied Instruction – Primary Instrument

  • All Music Majors must select one primary instrument for an area of study.
  • Students are required to enroll in consecutive semesters of study in the same performance medium.
  • Beginning Guitar Class (MUSC 108) or Beginning Voice Class (MUSC 111) may satisfy the first semester of Applied Instruction, depending on placement.
  • Participation and earning credit in studio class, department recitals, and performance before a jury at the end of the semester are required in each applied music course.
  • If the main instrument is guitar, 1 semester of Worship Guitar Practicum (MUSC 460) is required.

Worship Leadership Emphasis

Declaring a concentration in Worship Leadership is the route of choice for those who desire to become worship leaders in a church setting.

Art Emphasis

Students who choose a concentration in Art should expect a curriculum focused on the visual arts and their relation to ministry.

Cinema Arts Emphasis

The Cinema Arts emphasis is geared towards students who desire to learn more about digital technology, specifically audio recording and filmmaking.

Communication Emphasis

The emphasis in Communication bears some similarities to the Cinema/Digital Media concentration, but is also geared toward students who want to develop their speaking, writing, and public relations skills.

Theatre Emphasis

An emphasis in Theatre is tailor-made for students who want to do ministry in a theatrical setting. Students with this concentration will also have multiple opportunities to work closely with Vanguard’s Theatre Department on actual stage productions.

*This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements, or contact the Department of Music. Information shown here reflects the 2012-2013 academic catalog.