Bachelor of Arts in General Music

The General Music degree offers a student competency in basic musicianship that will serve them in a variety of liberal arts pursuits. This degree allows the student to choose 20 interdisciplinary electives or choose an elective emphasis (music ministry or applied music).

The two emphases, music ministry or applied music, are explained below:

Applied Music Emphasis

The Applied Music Emphasis caters to students who desire to become professional, classically-trained performers. Students may apply for admission to the Applied Music Emphasis during their second semester of applied music instruction. In this emphasis, eight consecutive semesters of study in one performance medium are required. (Two consecutive semesters at 30-minute and six semesters at 60-minute lessons.)

Music Ministry Emphasis

A Music Ministry emphasis is for those that feel called to use their talents in a church setting. Students who plan to apply for ministerial credentials should consult with the chair of the Department of Church Ministries for pertinent information and the necessary application forms.

*This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements, or contact the Department of Music. Information shown here reflects the 2014-2015 academic catalog.