Concert Choir Spring Tour – Day One

Concert Choir Spring Tour – Day One

Day One began with checking in at the bus and waiting outside of the Caf for it to open. The Caf graciously opened their doors even though the food wasn’t ready and we still had fifteen minutes.  When given the okay, we ravenously swarmed around bagels, waffle mix, fruit, cereal, and pastries. However, the news of tater tots and bacon (mostly tater tots, let’s be real.) resulted in plates with mountains of greasy, potatoey goodness.

With full bellies we began our eight hour drive to Grass Valley, CA. My bus – because I can only speak for one bus – fell quiet as people unraveled blankets and surrendered to sleep, something many had been ill acquainted with the past week due to midterms.  Sleep, laughter, movies, and snacks.  Movies watched: Thumbelina and The Beauty and the Beast. A venture into childhood memories is only to be expected on a choir tour where Disney Classics are not only watched but sung along to.  (What ever happened to movies like this?) Somewhere in there we made a lunch stop with the options of In-n-Out, Quiznos, Taco Bell, and McDonalds. True to form the majority of these Southern Californian students satisfied their hankering for warm shores and reclining in the sun with In-n-Out.  If fries were a food group, we had our full serving.

The bus ride continued and soon enough we pulled into the church we were ministering at that evening. Most of us had just woken up as we pulled in. The scenery was wondrous – shadows at dusk of long full trees.  Though it felt as if we had just eaten (it feels like we are always eating on tour) we were served plates of homemade spaghetti, green beans, garlic bread, salads, and dessert, of course! A rushed set up was followed by a quick change and then the concert.  The small congregation lavished kindness on us and I was moved by their engagement with the music. They worshipped with us. They listened intently. They laughed at our jokes. Speaking to them after, they had the highest compliments to pay. Their sincerity was moving. Afterwards we went to our homestays, which are always guaranteed to be a blessing. This morning started early but we were sent off with hugs, prayers, full bellies and sack lunches from homestays who love to spoil college students.

Did I mention our call time was six am on day one? It may not be the ideal way to begin spring break.  And though tour might be exhausting it is inevitable that we will enjoy the sights, people, and each other.

on our way to Oregon!

- Concert Choir

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