Percussion Ensemble Concert

Title: Percussion Ensemble Concert
Location: Needham Chapel
Description: The Percussion Ensemble, Vanguard’s premier chamber ensemble, will be performing a variety of pieces on November 8th in Needham Chapel.  Recital Credit given.
Start Time: 7:00pm
Date: November 8, 2011

Donna Louden-White’s Senior Recital

Title: Donna Louden-White’s Senior Recital
Location: Needham Chapel
Description: Recital Credit given.
Start Time: 4:00 pm
Date: 2011-11-13

 Donna Louden-White singing #4 from I Hate Music by Leonard Bernstein.

Jazz Ensemble Big Band Evening

Title: Jazz Ensemble Big Band Evening
Location: Lew Webb Car Museum
Date: 2011-09-17
Time: 7:00pm

The Jazz Ensemble will be performing for a fundraiser for the Braille Institute at the Lew Webb Car Museum put on by Atria Senior Living Center. The event will kick-off at 7:00pm with the Jazz Ensemble and feature Vanguard’s own Alyssa Rossi.

This event is by invitation only so please plan to attend another on of the Jazz Combo’s concerts. You can find more about VU Music concerts on the events calendar.

Introducing the ’11-’12 Vanguard Singers & Band!

VSB 2011-2012

Congratulations to the student leaders and members of the 2011-2012 Vanguard Singers & Band!

These select group of singers and musicians have been chosen to represent Vanguard University at various churches, schools, and events in Southern California and around the world. Their commitment to the Vanguard Singers & Band showcases their leadership among the many Vanguard students. We are excited to invite these students into the legacy of the Vanguard Singers & Band and look forward to the ways that they will continue that legacy with their unique identity and voice. The director of this ensemble and Chair of the Department of Music, Dr. James L. Melton, is once again looking forward to empowering these leaders and helping them represent Vanguard University well among their communities and represent God among the nations.

To find out more about the Vanguard Singers & Band visit the ensemble website, ensemble recordings, calendar of events, VSB news feed, international tours page, view photos on facebook or contact the Music Events Office at


Eunice Angeles
May Angeles
Amy Dallenbach
Elizabeth Galdamez
Ana Griese
Elza Hofeld
Christian Lucas
Christopher Lucas
Joshua Merritt
Jayna Obusan
Clint Popineau
Daniel Riley
Isabelle Salazar
Rick Salsedo
Alex Snow


Amy Hwang (Piano/Keyboards)
Caleb Fuentes (Bass Guitar)
Noah McKeown (Drums)
Joey Molina (Guitar/Vocals)
Elizabeth Galdamez (Vocals/Guitar)
Eric McAnlis (Electric Guitar)
Sarah Faith Busk (Keyboard/Flute)
Patrick Malaret – Sound Engineer


The tour for 2011-2012 is still TBD. Please remember to pray for our friends in China, Korea, Germany, Portugal, France, and other countries that we have visited.

VSB Europe Trip – Final/Debrief

Hello Vanguard, Friends, and Family,

The Vanguard Singers and Band had the great opportunity to travel through historic Europe, spreading the love and Word of Christ through the art of music. As God blessed each member of the group specifically to fulfill a purpose and calling on this trip, the Lord worked miracles through us and in the members of the group. Putting into action the calling of the Great Commission, God allowed us to be His hands and His feet, a blessing in and of itself.

Traveling through the five European countries, it would have been easy to lose sight of the calling that was placed on our hearts to minister to such a spiritually dead continent. Despite the vast amounts of churches and cathedrals, the spiritual awakening is missing in much of Europe. It could have been easy to become distracted with all the history, architecture, and amazing sights of Europe around us everyday. But, staying faithful to the decision we made to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, we sang and fellowship of people from different nationalities and languages: German, French, and Portuguese to name a few. The concerts held showed a dramatic presence of God, and it was a great opportunity to build each other up in Christ, serving our God together despite language barriers.

This experience was a lesson for each student as much as it was about us ministering to the people of Europe. The spiritual growth we were given from the Catholic Church traditions is invaluable. We as Christians tried to understand their views which gave us a better opportunity to connect with our Catholic friends and build deeper relationships with them. There is something special about ministering and worshiping with other Christ followers around the world, that humbles any heart more emphatically than ministering and worshiping in your local church. It truly makes your heart aware of how powerful and enormous of God is, and how privileged we are to be called sons and daughters of Christ.

“It was an amazing experience that future Vanguard music students would not want to miss out on and it is necessary to go to as many places as possible to preach the gospel–especially through something so powerful as music,” graduating senior Jenny Payne said of her participation.

The relationships made with our new friends show how inspiring the connection in Christ can be, and as we pray for each other, and the hearts of all that heard the message of the Lord through our songs, we will remember what a great God we serve!

Thank you for your prayers and your support.

The Vanguard Singers and Band 2011

For more info about the international tours visit the website.

VSB Europe Trip – Days 12 – 14

Dear Friends,

Once again our church stay has had very limited access to internet and this is our first chance to email all of you. Last we spoke, we were leaving Paris to fly to Lisbon and then we bused down to Lagos. It was a long day of travel including an over 4 hour bus ride that got us to the church after 1 am Portugal time, 2 am in the rest of Europe where we had been.

Today, we met the mayor of Lagos and got a guided tour throughout the city, before we were able to hit the beach for a few hours before our concert. It was really beautiful and words cannot describe. Pictures will have to prove it.

Tonight’s concerts was truly God blessed. Many people who weren’t Christians, as well as many church groups came together as we worshiped the Lord and Dr. Melton/ Andre Abrantes gave an evangelical message about the need for God. It was great to speak with the people after the service and the people here are so welcoming.

The students keep saying the newest place is their favorite of the trip, which proves how great of a time they are all having, as well as how God truly went before us and called us according to His name and His purpose.  Tomorrow morning we will bus back to Lisbon (Lisboa in Portugese) where we will stay for the next two nights.

Adeus, (goodbye in Portugese)

The Vanguard Singers and Band 2011

For more info about the international tours visit the website.

Jared Slyter’s Senior Recital

Title: Jared Slyter’s Senior Recital
Location: Needham Chapel
Description: Recital Credit given.
Start Time: 7:00 pm
Date: 2012-03-08