Dr. Foerch at Hollywood Bowl

Dr. Ken Foerch will be performing at Hollywood Bowl in the Kennedy Center production of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On with John Legend. You can get your tickets here!


The new Bachelor of Music degree

The Vanguard University Department of Music is delighted to announce the new Bachelor of Music degree.

The Bachelor of Music degree is tailored to the student desiring rigorous performance and academic training as part of their undergraduate experience.  The degree combines the core music curriculum with specialty courses within the student’s chosen field of concentration.  The Bachelor of Music degree is a professional degree that prepares and equips students to continue on in their performance field in graduate school.  Entrance into the Bachelor of Music degree is by audition only.

The Bachelor of Music degree is a professional degree preparing and equipping students to continue on in their performance field in graduate school.  Entrance into the Bachelor of Music degree is by audition only.


Performance is designed for the student desiring rigorous performance and academic training as part of their undergraduate experience by combining the core music curriculum with specialty courses within the student’s chosen field.

Music Education

Music Education is designed for the student intending to teach in the public or private schools.  The program coursework prepares the student for the subject matter requirements for a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Music. 


Composition aims to advance the technical, creative, and intuitive skills of young composers in support of the creation of unique, original works for a wide variety of musical settings: acoustic and technological.  Our program endeavors to ground young composers in an understanding of the historical, cultural, spiritual and conceptual basis for the creation of modern music.

Church Music

Church Music exists to prepare students as full-time church musicians and servant leaders who can creatively integrate excellence in music performance and the arts into the worship and mission of the evangelical church.

Jazz Studies

 Jazz Studies is designed for the student seeking a professional career in jazz and related arenas of contemporary music. The philosophical objective is to develop the talents of the creative jazz artist as well as the adaptable skills required of the successful, well-rounded musician.  Education in the history and traditions of the music with professional performance opportunities designed to integrate students in a jazz environment that uphold the standards of the tradition.

Information, class requirements, and sample four year plans can be found here:

Bachelor of Music Degree Information


Europe Tour 2014


Vanguard Singers & Band

Europe Tour 2014

The Vanguard Singers and Band traveled to Europe this past May and went through seven different countries in three weeks.Although this trip has much to do with Music, is has so much more to do with sharing God’s love with people who do not know Him. This team of 35 musicians shared God’s love by just spending time with the people who have never been loved in a way with such grace. Vanguards had two home stays, which is where they would sleep in somebody’s house that lived nearby the church that they were to perform at. The first home stay was in Biberach, Germany; they stayed with these families for three nights and really got to understand the home stays lifestyle and culture. Many of the students really enjoyed this part of the trip and developed real relationships so much so that the home stays said they are welcome in their home whenever they returned to Germany. The second home stay was in Lisbon, Portugal, where they stayed in homes for three nights, also some of the men stayed in local churches. The team traveled throughout Portugal and would set up in local areas like a farmers market, along with parks, and have worship music playing for the people walking around. They were sharing God’s word in a different language but with a common love of music. The music was expressed to the people of Portugal in a way of praising God and they enjoyed it! The trip was an amazing experience for the whole team!












“I went to China last year and had an amazing yet humbling experience of seeing people love God regardless of their circumstance. This trip was completely different because I got to see God’s beauty and see the transformation of people from the beginning of our concerts to the end. God moves in people lives, and for our team we were able to help with the simplicity of music” –Katy Martinez, Class of 2016


Music Camp 2014

Music Camp 2014 is almost here! If you have not registered yet, you can still register online. Music Camp is open to all current and incoming Vanguard University students. All students receiving a scholarship for music are required to attend.

Incoming Freshmen and Transfers

During Music Camp you will be given a placement test for music theory, piano, and vocalization. Please come prepared to take these placements. They are not graded tests. They are given in order to help place you in the most appropriate courses. You will also be fitted for your ensemble attire. Ensemble dresses are usually around $100 and the tuxes are around $225. Please come prepared to purchase your uniform.

Returning Students

You will be fitted for your ensemble attire on the first day of Music Camp. Ensemble dresses are usually around $100 and the tuxes are around $225. Please come prepared to purchase your uniform. Men, if you already have a tux you must bring it so we can assess whether it is still in the right condition for performances. The schedule for the first day is as follows:

Monday, August 18th

8:30 – 10:30 am RegistrationStep 1: Check-inFinancial registration must be complete prior to move-in Step 2: Pick up Room Keys Step 3: Pick up Packet Step 4: Mailroom for Mailbox Number Scott Courtyard
9:30 – 10:30 am New Student and Parent Welcome Heath 109
10:30 – 1:00 pm Move In Dorms
11:00 – 1:00 pm Lunch Café
1:00 – 3:00 pm Rehearsal 1 Newport Mesa
3:00 – 6:00 pm Piano, Aural Theory & Theory Placement Exam Freshmen and transfer students: Please take exams, sign up for vocalization time, and then be fitted for your outfit.  Vocalizations All vocalists please sign up for a time slot   Outfit Fittings Men – Tux Fittings Women – Dress Fittings Music StudiosHeath 009      Heath 109     Music Basement HTH 001 Practice Rooms
5:30 – 6:30 pm Dinner (Café opens at 4:30 pm) Café
6:30 – 9:00 pm Rehearsal 2 Choir | Heath 109Orchestra | Newport Mesa Jazz | Heath 001 Guitar | Heath 009 Newport Mesa
9:00-10:00 pm Dessert & Worship The Cove

Spring Classical Concert

Vanguard’s annual Spring Classical Concert continues to be a favorite among the local community because it combines the Vanguard University Concert Choir and Concert Orchestra with the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Sanctuary Choir. Each year the Spring Concert brings us a combination of prestigious classical pieces with the freshness of a Vanguard University music performance. Recent performances have included the works of Felix Mendelssohn, Franz Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, W. A. Mozart, G. F. Handel, and many other famous composers as well as some contemporary composers such as Dan Forrest.

Spring Classical Concert 2014:

Famous Gloria’s & Hallelujah’s- Featuring Vivaldi’s “Gloria”

Conducted by Dr. James L. Melton (Vanguard University/St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church). Featuring the Vanguard University Concert Choir and the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Sanctuary Choir, accompanied by professional orchestra, with members of the Vanguard University Orchestra.

Date & Time:
April 27th at 4:00pm

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
600 Saint Andrew’s Road
Newport Beach, CA 92663

$16 per ticket

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit our website at  or call the Vanguard University Music Office: (714) 619-6410

Contact or Booking

Vanguard University
Music Events Office
55 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Contact Music Events for other opportunities to attend or book a concert with Vanguard University’s Music Ensembles.



Orchestra Spring Concert

2013 Christmas Fantasia

Please join us on Monday, March 3 at 7:00 PM in Newport Mesa Church for the Orchestra Spring Concert, featuring the winner of the Vanguard Concerto Composition; Samuel Hines, and an original work by the winner of the VU Composition Commission; Briana Harley Adams. Admission is free.






VSB China Trip – Update

May 19 – We arrived in Harbin around 8:30 at night.  They were gracious and cancelled our concert since we were exhausted. They feed us pizza and the kids stayed with the students in their dorm rooms.

May 20 – We got to sleep in until 7:30, which was wonderful.  The students had two concerts.  The afternoon concert was at the Harbin school where their high school students performed for us.  They did the main theme from Lion King and one from Sister Act.  Both were  absolutely incredible and most of us were crying when they were finished.  They had tried out for the China music festival (a two year process and the festival only happens every three years) and took first place with their songs.  (I am sure your student will have a video of their performance).  After our performance they asked if they could sing a blessing over us.  They circled us extended their hands upward and sang.  When they were finished, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.  It was annointed and we were the ones that were blessed.

May 21 – We left early from Harbin 4:45am was the call time to get to the airport.  We flew into Xian where the Shannxi University bussed us to  our next stop 4 hours away.  We arrived ate quickly and went to the South campus to perform.

May 22 – Today we were blessed to visit a like minded Orphanage.  Students played with the children and held the babies.  These babies are special needs children with physical issues and some mental issues.  It was a heart wrenching time as we understood how we are commanded to love the widows, orphans, and aliens.  The Father’s heart has always been for the down-trodden and disadvantaged.  We rushed from there and went to the North campus to perform again.  We were served a wonderful dinner and then taken back to the South campus to have a time of Cultural Exchange with the students studying the Arts.  They performed and we sang a couple accapella songs.

We leave early tomorrow to head to Chengdu.  We will be there for 6 days.  We are hoping to have wifi so we can send pictures.  Until then, thank you for remembering us and touching the people of China through us.  Lives are being changed, and it isn’t just the Chinese.


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VSB China Trip – Day 6

IMG_0612Today we got to sleep in until 8:30am. It was good to catch up on some sleep. We began the day by going to a local artisan mall. We found neat trinkets and took pictures with some of the art. Why is it always so fun to pose as the statues. It must be an international and multicultural way to show appreciation for the art! Or, it is just funny…

IMG_0613We went for the last day of shopping where we were some of us were handed coupons for a $30 RMB ($5) pedicure or manicure. We were so excited that we walked right into the store, sat down and took our shoes off. IMG_0615While we were waiting I began to look at the back of the coupon and noticed $100. Just then Jenny Chen, one of our students and Chinese, walked by. I called her in and asked her if this coupon was for $30 off if we spent $100? She said it was but we would end up spending $68 RMB ($11.30 US) . We thought it was too much and put on our shoes and left. Compared to the US price it was a steal but we had our hearts set on $5 US. We are looking forward to getting an hour massage for a good price.


VSB China Trip – Shopping, Concert, and Prayer

Today we toured the Temple of Heaven and went shopping again.  The students are getting into the bargaining aspect of shopping in China.  Many of the students come back with tells of the great deals they got by being willing to walk away. Other students try to stay with someone that is willing to deal because they feel so guilty to ask someone to take a lower price.

A couple of us decided to take the motorized double seated bike to get to lunch.

This evening we had a concert at one of the more modern church buildings.  Afterwards the congregation broke into prayer groups.  We had the opportunity to pray for people and the Spirit of the Lord moved our hearts.

Quick story – one of the students asked me if we ate dog the day we went to hot pot.  I said of course not why would you think that?  She said that Doc had told her that some of the meat was mutton.  lol

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VSB China Trip – First Concert

Today we headed for the Summer Palace, which is really a very large garden that the “Dragon Lady” an Empress had constructed.  Many of us wrote our names with water on the cement and had the locals write them in Chinese script. We walked the gardens and then took a boat ride back across the gardens.  The older locals meet once a week to sing and we were fortunate to catch them.

For lunch we were treated to Peking duck, now known as Beijing duck and then we packed up and headed for the first concert of the tour.  The building was packed out with the worship anointed.  Dr. Melton spoke on running the race and keeping our eyes fixed on the goal of Jesus.

We left the church around 9:30pm and ate at McDonald’s.

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