VSB China Trip – Day 6

IMG_0612Today we got to sleep in until 8:30am. It was good to catch up on some sleep. We began the day by going to a local artisan mall. We found neat trinkets and took pictures with some of the art. Why is it always so fun to pose as the statues. It must be an international and multicultural way to show appreciation for the art! Or, it is just funny…

IMG_0613We went for the last day of shopping where we were some of us were handed coupons for a $30 RMB ($5) pedicure or manicure. We were so excited that we walked right into the store, sat down and took our shoes off. IMG_0615While we were waiting I began to look at the back of the coupon and noticed $100. Just then Jenny Chen, one of our students and Chinese, walked by. I called her in and asked her if this coupon was for $30 off if we spent $100? She said it was but we would end up spending $68 RMB ($11.30 US) . We thought it was too much and put on our shoes and left. Compared to the US price it was a steal but we had our hearts set on $5 US. We are looking forward to getting an hour massage for a good price.


VSB China Trip – Shopping, Concert, and Prayer

Today we toured the Temple of Heaven and went shopping again.  The students are getting into the bargaining aspect of shopping in China.  Many of the students come back with tells of the great deals they got by being willing to walk away. Other students try to stay with someone that is willing to deal because they feel so guilty to ask someone to take a lower price.

A couple of us decided to take the motorized double seated bike to get to lunch.

This evening we had a concert at one of the more modern church buildings.  Afterwards the congregation broke into prayer groups.  We had the opportunity to pray for people and the Spirit of the Lord moved our hearts.

Quick story – one of the students asked me if we ate dog the day we went to hot pot.  I said of course not why would you think that?  She said that Doc had told her that some of the meat was mutton.  lol

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VSB China Trip – First Concert

Today we headed for the Summer Palace, which is really a very large garden that the “Dragon Lady” an Empress had constructed.  Many of us wrote our names with water on the cement and had the locals write them in Chinese script. We walked the gardens and then took a boat ride back across the gardens.  The older locals meet once a week to sing and we were fortunate to catch them.

For lunch we were treated to Peking duck, now known as Beijing duck and then we packed up and headed for the first concert of the tour.  The building was packed out with the worship anointed.  Dr. Melton spoke on running the race and keeping our eyes fixed on the goal of Jesus.

We left the church around 9:30pm and ate at McDonald’s.

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VSB China Trip – Day 3

Great WallToday was another beautiful day in Beijing.  We headed for the Great Wall where some of us took the ski lift ride up and the majority walked to the top.  Brody moved so fast that he beat us that were riding up.  The wall runs the crest of the mountain so the view either direction is spectacular.  TebowingThe men decided that they needed to stop and thank God for His care and took the ‘Tebow’ pose to do so.

IMG_0560We tobogganed down from the Wall and headed to lunch at Subway that was at the base of the Great Wall.  We loaded back up on the bus and headed to the Olympic Stadium where we stood between the Bird’s Nest and the Bubble Swimming area. The students entertained the Chinese by singing in the Square and then jumping in the water show.

We went to the market and bartered for treasures and ended the day by eating at “hot pot” and singing Happy Birthday to May.

Birds NestIMG_0567 IMG_0573

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VSB China Tour – Getting to Know China

IMG_0531We got to start out the trip with some sightseeing and relaxing (well, actually, a whole lot of walking) so that we could let ourselves adjust to the time, weather and travel fatigue!  Which means, it is sure to be a fun day! The day began by meeting for a breakfast that looked more like dinner.  We were served scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon (ham), vegetables, pastries, steamed buns, gruel, fruit, or wonton soup.  Everyone walked away full and ready for a full day of walking.  We began our trip at the infamous Tiananmen Square.

IMG_0533We were able to join up with the China Education group from Vanguard University led by Dr. Mike Wilson while we were at Tiananmen Square. That was great because we were able to hear some of the history of the location and so many interesting facts about the event of 1989. From there we walked to the Forbidden City, which got its name because only the Emperor and his royal family and court could spend the night there.  The highest building was where the Emperor’s throne was. This is such an incredible place with years of interesting history. We wish we could know it all!

The following pictures were taken inside the Forbidden City.



It is fairly unusual to have such a beautiful sunny day in a city of over 18 million people.  The air quality was one of the better days.  Some of the students wanted to experience what the locals feel and so they wore face masks (which wouldn’t filter any pollutants but it feels like it is doing something). We had our first large Chinese lunch where the food just kept coming. IMG_0542

Later we were treated to the “Theatre” with the Chinese Acrobats where a definite highlight was the 8 motorcyclists who rode together in a sphere, nearly hitting each other the whole time!  They really did have “Bicycle Skill.”

Thanks for your prayers and we’ll keep you posted as we prepare for our first concert!

- VSB China Team

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VSB China Trip 2013 – En Route

After dozens of rehearsals, recording projects, photo shoots, late night packing sessions, fundraising and months of preparation the 2013 Vanguard Singers and Band are finally en route to China! They packed up all day Saturday and headed out early Sunday morning to LAX to start their 20+ hour journey.

Here are a few photos from them at their airport transfer in South Korea:
IMG_4903 IMG_7960

Please pray for them throughout this trip and stay in touch with everything that is happening through the music facebook page.

Local Piano Concert with Dr. Tanya

TANYA'S PICConcert Details

The Music Department would like to invite you to Dr. Tanya Karyagina’s piano concert that she will be performing at the Fellowship Hall of Regents Point retirement community in Irvine. This will be a concert you don’t want to miss. We so proud of all of the accomplished faculty within our music department and are continually challenged by their personal musical endeavors.

Recital attendance credit will be given to VU students who submit the program to Teresa by Thursday, May 9th. AND there will be ice cream sundaes afterwards!

For more information or to RSVP visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/505538729511458/


Regents Point
19191 Harvard Ave.,
Irvine, California 96212


May 8th, 2013


Beethoven. Sonata in F minor, Op. 57 “Appssionata”
Chopin. Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise Brillante, Op. 22
Bach/Busoni. Chaconne in D minor, BWV 1004


Admission is free

Immediate Job Opportunity !




Production Coordinator (Irvine, CA)

Looking for a production coordinator for a youth concert on June 8th, 2013 at OCSA in Santa Ana, CA.  Needed ASAP until June 10th. Person will be in charge of coordinating TICKET SALES, ACTS, SPONSORSHIP DETAILS, CLIENT RELATIONS, PRESS AND VIP GUESTS.  Please only apply if you have experience working with youth, business, coordinating events and must have drive, energy and follow-through!!  Salary is negotiable.


Contact:  Michelle

                 Music Development, Inc.

                 Email:      mishrapp@mac.com

                 Web:        melodymakersoc.com

                  (949) 838-5355


Melody Makers, Inc. is an entertainment company that specializes in artist development/music production/music publishing. Our company produces and publishes popular music. We also offer exclusive member-based sessions that focus on artist development in voice, choreography and more. We give personal, one-on-one training which is unique to every member. We also offer In-home classes for beginners to professionals in singing/dance and music lessons.  Our Irvine location has a state-of-the-art digital recording studio where our new projects are developed and produced!

CD Release Concert – Guitar Ensemble



The Vanguard University Guitar Ensemble will be releasing their first full length album at their concert on Thursday Night, April 18th at 7:00pm in Needham Chapel on campus. The title of their album is “Soundscapes” and features some incredible instrumental arrangements such as “Pacific Coast Highway” by Andrew York and “Cuban Landscapes With Rain” by Leo Brouwer. This album also includes Vanguard favorites such as Dr. Greg Glancey’s arrangements entitled “Drum, Strummer Boy, Drum”, “Jam Ye Merry Gents”, and the “Hyfrydol Hymn.”

Make sure to mark your calendars and be at this CD release concert, you won’t want to miss it. This event is featured in Vanguard University’s Celebration of the Arts. To find out more about the guitar ensemble visit their webpage. Also, make sure to look into our Bachelor of Music programs with

Percussion Ensemble Concert



Join the Department of Music for the Percussion Ensemble concert on Tuesday, April 16th at 7:00pm in Needham Chapel. You don’t want to miss this concert! It is always a great night of music and rhythm. This event is featured in Vanguard University’s Celebration of the Arts. To find out more about the percussion ensemble visit the ensembles page.