Music Scholarships are available for qualified students who audition and participate in any of our Vanguard University performing ensembles.  Music scholarships are not offered until after January 1.  Students must be admitted into Vanguard to be awarded.  To be eligible to receive a music scholarship, you must do the following:

1) Begin the Admissions application process with the Admissions Office-you cannot audition until you have applied, and cannot receive a scholarship award until you have been accepted.

2) Submit the Audition Request Form. Once this form is submitted the Music Department will contact you to schedule an audition time.

3) Audition in person or by DVD/You Tube. Auditioning in person is required for students living within a 200-mile radius of Vanguard University. Please carefully read the Guidelines for Auditions. You will be contacted by the Music Department to schedule an audition.

Should you need further assistance, please contact the Department of Music by e-mail, or call 714.619.6410