All incoming VUSC students who are interested in the music program and/or participating in a music ensemble are required to perform an entrance audition in their primary performing medium. Students living within 100 miles of the University are encouraged to audition in person. Audition appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis and are approximately 20 minutes in length. Students who are unable to audition in person may send a video recording via YouTube. It is the responsibility of the student to be in contact with the music department regarding audition dates and deadlines.

The audition process is as follows:

  1. Begin the Admissions application process with the Admissions Office-you cannot audition until you have applied, and cannot receive a scholarship award until you have been accepted.
  2. Submit the Audition Request Form. Once this form is submitted the Music Department will contact you to schedule an audition time.
  3. Audition in person or send a video recording via YouTube. Auditioning in person is required for students living within a 100-mile radius of Vanguard University. Please carefully read the below Guidelines for Auditions.

Upon admittance to the university, the ensemble directors will assign the student to an appropriate ensemble. All ensemble participants should expect to attend Music Camp the week before school starts.

Priority Deadline for Music Auditions: APRIL 1st

To audition, all students should prepare two pieces of contrasting style (baroque, classical, jazz, gospel, contemporary, etc.) that reflect their level of musical achievement. Students will also be expected to sight-read a piece of music. Students should bring a list of repertoire studied or performed both in school and/or church.

The below are the listed audition requirements in the various performing mediums:

Ensemble Participants


The student who is interested in joining Concert Choir or Women’s Chorus, but does not intend on pursuing a Music Major or Minor, will need to prepare to sing “Amazing Grace” a capella.

Music Majors & Minors


The student should bring sheet music accompaniment for their pieces, as an accompanist will be available for in-person auditions. (Sound trax are acceptable if sheet music is unavailable.) Voice students may be asked to sight-sing a hymn or worship chorus. Some knowledge of the keyboard or other instrument is desirable. Transfer music majors in the upper division levels should sing one of their songs in a foreign language (Italian, German or French).


An accumulation of five or more years of serious piano study is expected as a prerequisite.

A minimum of three pieces should be prepared from the following (memorization is expected):

1) An invention, prelude, or fugue by J.S. Bach

2) A movement of a Classical Sonata by Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven

3) A work from the romantic period or the 20th century

4) An advanced hymn arrangement

The student may be asked to sight-read or play major minor scales in four octaves.

Brass Instruments

The development of embouchure, articulation, range, tone, flexibility, and intonation should be at a level that will allow students to begin with freshman college level literature. Students will be required to sight-read and to play at least three major scales (two octaves) plus a solo of average difficulty. Two pieces of contrasting styles are preferred.

Woodwinds & Strings

The student should be able to perform at least 3 major scales and have a basic knowledge of minor scales and arpeggios. The student must be able to demonstrate the ability to sight-read and have a command of rhythm and intonation. Audition performance may be taken from the standard etude or solo repertoire for the instrument. Two pieces of contrasting styles are preferred.

Guitar/Bass Guitar

The student should demonstrate the ability to sight-read and play major and minor guitar chords in rhythm guitar/chord chart form. For classical guitarists, the audition should include a representative work from a major musical period. (A piece such as a baroque sarabande or a classical etude would be appropriate.)


The student should prepare to demonstrate skill on snare drum, tympani, and mallet instruments in an audition. It is not required that the pieces be memorized. The student should prepare contrasting works that best demonstrate their ability and interest. The school will provide instruments. Please contact the Department of Music with any exotic instrument requests.