What the Students Are Saying

“The Towers Lobby is a freshman and sophomore sanctuary. I have made many fond memories chatting with friends until four in the morning, feasting on taco bell, making late night O’ Those Donut runs with my friends, and even running into some shenanigans that I won’t elaborate upon. The Towers Lobby is the place where Huntington and Laguna residents come together. I would like to see this rendezvous spot meet its full potential. I want to see the lobby become a comfortable environment where students feel welcomed. I want it to be a place on campus where students will be proud to socialize, and where others will make fond memories, like the ones I have made.”
Jori Smith, Freshman

“The Towers Lobby is an exciting place to gather and have community with other students. The atmosphere needs to be changed into a place of peace and calmness, with a bit of fun mixed in for good measure. I would like to see it appeal to a wider range of students,  so that we can have a safe place to come together and be who we are.”
Kate Jablonski, Freshman

“When I was a freshmen, I remember some of my favorite moments taking place in the lobby. Whether it was late night chats with our brother floor about surprisingly serious stuff, or taking a million pictures with my girls before an event, the lobby was where it all happened. This is a place that is truly remembered by each and every freshmen, and it should be a place that people remember with fondness.”
Lauren Francis, Junior

“The lobby is a comfortable middle ground. It is a good place to go when you’re planning on staying up at night. Lobbys bring people together and, ideally, I think our lobby can do that.”
Kevin Strickland, Sophomore

“The Towers Lobby is a place where students should be able to hang out comfortably and get to know each other. The weird old phone booths should disappear and be replaced with new comfy couches, tables, etc.”
Alyssa Annunziato, Senior

“The lobby is the first thing that freshman see when they come to the place where they will be living for the next year. It is a place to come together as a class, play games, have fun, build relationships, study and have music jam sessions! A lot of my best freshman-year memories begin or end in the lobby. The lobby is like the living room for the freshman dorms, and it needs to be revamped so that our living room does not look like a doctor’s office, but a cozy home.”
Ellie Kaiser, Sophomore