Assistant Professor, Librarian/Certified Archivist

MLIS San Jose State University; BA Vanguard University

Pam has worked in a variety of positions at VU before becoming a librarian. She worked for the Business Manager, Academic Dean, President’s Office and Advancement prior to receiving her MLIS in 2005. She gained faculty status in January 2006 and started the Vanguard University Archives. In addition, she can be found working the reference desk in the library, as well as teaching bibliographic instruction classes.

About Me

Pam’s longevity at Vanguard led her to the Archives. Her love of the University’s history and a desire to make it accessible to its alumni and friends drives her to build the Archives.

Pam is also involved with the Floor Mom and Sister Program at the University. This program helps Freshman women acclimate to the college dorm life with rememberances on the holidays. The program also offers a gift basket program to friends and family who would like to remember birthdays, lift student spirits, or remember holidays.


M.L.I.S, San Jose State University, 2005

Certification from the Academy of Certified Archivists, November, 2009

Certification from the Western Archives, Society of California Archives, June, 2007

B.A. Vanguard University, 1992

Vanguard University Library 2001- present

Vanguard University Institutional Reports 2000-2001

Vanguard University Advancement 1991-2000

Vanguard University President’s Office 1988-1992, 1999-2000

Vanguard University Provosot’s Office 1986-1992

Vanguard University Business Office 1975-1979