English 102

Title of Website and URL:

  • Describe the website. What does it contain? Charts? Graphs? Text? Citations? Links to other sites?


  • Source and authority:

Who wrote, created, and/or published the information?
What are the credentials of the person responsible? Is contact information provided?
Is this person affiliated with an established institution? Explain.
Can information be verified through bibliographies or footnotes?
Are sources acknowledged?

  • Scope and content:

What is the scope of content? Broad? Limited?
How well does it seem to cover the topic?
Is this resource comprehensive, brief or unique?
Is it original material or a secondary resource?

Is the level elementary or advanced?
Is the form of presentation supportive or distracting? Explain.

  • Purpose and Relevance

Is the information intended to inform, explain or persuade? Explain.

What is the author’s or producer’s point of view or perspective?

What is the degree of subjectivity or bias?

What audience is being targeted: general, specialized or partisan?

  • Timeliness or Currency

When was the web page created?

How current or up-to-date is the information on the site?

Is the site regularly revised? How often, if you can tell?

Is the information provided on your topic timely and valid?
C. Comments: Write a paragraph assessment of the value of the web site as a resource for any of the assignments in this class.

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