State of the Library
Fall 2003


Building Facilities/Library Holdings/Hours of Operation.

  • The Library is approximately 15,000 square feet that provides space for about 150,000 volumes. Vanguard University Library holdings as of September 2003 are 147,354 volumes. During fall and spring semesters, the Library is open 83 hours per week.

Library Budget Percentage of VU E&G Budget.

  • 2002-2003 VUSC E&G Budget: $20,334,141; Library Budget: $547,745; 2.69%
    2003-2004 VUSC E&G Budget: $22,374,127; Library Budget: $550,023; 2.45%

Online Resources/Books and Hardcopy/Microform Periodicals.

  • Databases: 82 Databases – $71,000 of the Library Budget.
    Three databases added since spring semester 2003: BIO-ONE, a science periodicals database; Oxford Reference Online, and an academic Music Module addition to JSTOR.
    Books and Hardcopy/Microform Periodicals: $89,832 of the Library Budget.

Personnel. 6 FTE: 4 faculty, 2 professional staff; 1 part-time adjunct faculty for fall 2003.

FTE Faculty:

  • Alison English, Head Librarian, Associate Professor, M.L.S., Ph.D. (ABD)
  • Mel Covetta, Reference and Periodicals, Associate Professor, M.L.S., M.A.
  • Mary Wilson, Internet Resources and Cataloger, Associate Professor, M.L.S., M.A.
  • Heather Barrington, Access Services and Reference, Assistant Professor, M.L.I.S.

Adjunct Faculty: Frank Eastman, M.L.S., contracted for 200 hours for fall 2003.

FTE Professional Staff:

  • Pam Crenshaw, Library Purchasing Agent, M.L.I.S. (in progress)
    Markita Roberson, Library Circulation Supervisor, M.A. (in progress)

Student Assistants: 4.0 FTE (Varies; most students work 10-15 hours per week.)

Comparison of Full-Time VU Library Staffing* with National Academic Library Staffing
Per 1000 FTE (National Stats from NCES)
All 4-year 1992 MA Granting 1992 All Private 1992 SCC 1992 SCC 1995 VU 2001 VU 2002 VUSC 2003
12.2 10.6 13.7 6.1 4.9 3.7 3.5 3.3

*There has been no increase in the number of full-time Library personnel since 1994.

Bibliographic Instruction Classes taught by Library Faculty

Undergraduate/Graduate/SPS 1995-2003

1995-96 18 classes 401 students 523 Actual in-class hours

1996-97 29 621 858

1997-98 31 595 800

1998-99 47 847 1,285

1999-2000 54 872 1,135

2000-2001 57 912 1,175

2001-2002 60 1,299 1,646

2002-2003 83 1,677 1,990


VanguardUniversityLibrary Web Page:
The Library Web Page is the Syllabus used by the Librarians to teach bibliographic instruction classes.

I. Databases are accessible on campus in the Library, in the Computer Labs and in the Dorms. They are also accessible off-campus through the use of a CD-ROM and instructions provided by the IT department. Copies of the CD-ROM and instructions are available at the Library Circulation Desk.

  • AccessScience – Online encyclopedia of Science and Technology.
  • ANB – American National Biography. This online resource covers biographies of Americans whose significant actions occurred during his or her residence within what is now the U.S. or whose life or career directly influenced the course of American history.
  • ATLA Religion – This database is useful for Religion students. The types of materials indexed include periodical articles, book reviews, dissertations, etc. ATLAS is the full-text version of ATLA and has been incorporated into ATLA Religion which includes full-text religious journal articles and reviews. The items which are full-text can be emailed or printed.
  • BioOne – BioOne is a full-text aggregation of high-impact bioscience, environmental science and ecology research journals representing a unique not-for-profit collaboration among scientific societies, commercial publishers and libraries.
  • Britannica Online – The online version of Encyclopaedia Britannica is updated daily.
  • CHOICE ONLINE REVIEWS – Internet version of the print magazine CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. CHOICE reviews significant current books and electronic resources of interest to those in higher education. provides Web access to the entire database of CHOICE reviews published since September 1988. The database is updated monthly, generally at mid-month, with reviews that will be printed in the next monthly hardcopy issue of CHOICE.
  • CONTEMPORARY WOMEN”S ISSUES – This database covers 150 different subject areas of interest to women in a number of full-text formats: biographies, book reviews, news columns, editorials, instructional materials, interviews, media reviews, personal profiles and stories, speeches, etc.
  • CQ Researcher/CQ Weekly—The CQ Weekly is known as the pre-eminent resource for Congress-watchers who need nonpartisan information on Capitol Hill. The award-winning magazine’s legislative news and analysis is consistently hailed for its accuracy and comprehensiveness. The CQ Weekly on the Web includes access to the full text of all articles published since 1983. The CQ Researcher is the perfect answer for people who need a place to begin research on current topics. This weekly publication covers the most current and controversial issues of the day with complete summaries, insight into all sides of the issues, bibliographies and more.
  • ELS-Encyclopedia of Life Sciences – This online encyclopedia was added spring semester 2001.
  • ERIC – Educational Index to ERIC documents and education-related journal articles. This database is updated daily and contains short citations and abstracts only. Vanguard Library has approximately 1,250 ERIC documents on microfiche.
  • FirstSEARCH – This service contains approximately 60 databases including Book Review Digest, Books in Print, Dissertation Abstracts, Facts on File, WorldCat, World Book Encyclopedia, RILM, BioDigest, General Science Abstracts, Arts & Humanities Search, Humanities Abstracts, BasicBIOSIS, Library Literature, PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES, Readers Guide Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts (Abridged Edition), etc. The majority of the databases are abstracts or short citations only. Some are full-text.
  • Gale Literature – This Literature resource is useful for the English, Spanish and Theatre Departments. Includes biographies, bibliographies, and critical analysis of approximately 90,000 novelists, poets, essayists, and journalists. Gale Literature is updated regularly. Full-text articles can be printed or emailed.
  • INFOTRAC – Academic ASAP and General BusinessFile – The articles in INFOTRAC are predominantly full-text, substantive news and/or scholarly. INFOTRAC Academic ASAP contains articles on Religion, Law, History, Psychology, Humanities, Current Events, Sociology, Communications and the General Sciences. INFOTRAC General BusinessFile contains articles on Finance, Acquisitions & Mergers, International Trade, Money Management, New Technologies & Products, Local & Regional Business Trends, Investments and Banking. Individual journal articles in both databases can be printed or emailed. INFOTRAC is updated daily.
  • JSTOR – This database contains full-text journals in the areas of African-American Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Ecology, Economics, Education, Finance, History, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Sociology, and Statistics. These selected journals begin with volume 1 and run through the last 3 to 5 years, depending upon individual publisher agreements. JSTOR is updated annually. Articles can be printed.
  • LEXIS-NEXIS – Lexis-Nexis is a full-text news and legal database. This database is of particular importance to History/Political Science majors and to COMM majors, especially the Forensics Team. Lexis-Nexis is updated daily. Articles can be printed or emailed.
  • MEDLINE – This database is maintained by the National Library of Medicine and is a medical and science-related database. It contains short citations and abstracts only.
  • MLA Bibliography – This is the Modern Language Association bibliography of linguistics, folklore, language and literature resources. It is a useful resource for English, Spanish and Theatre. It contains abstracts and short citations only. MLA is a part of FirstSearch
  • NetLibrary is a group of 1,500 books in electronic format. The books are web-accessible and can be “checked-out” for a period of 24-hours.
  • OED – Oxford English Dictionary online.
  • Opposing Viewpoints – This database includes essays which argue opposite sides of current issues.
  • OXFORDREFERENCE ONLINE – The Core Collection brings together 100 well-known and trusted Oxford dictionaries and Reference Books, plus and Encyclopedia, into a single cross-searchable database.
  • PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES—PsycINFO indexes psychology journals and related fields since 1887 to present. PsycARTICLES contains full-text articles in general and specialized psychology. Both PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES are produced by the American Psychological Association. These two databases are found in FirstSEARCH.
  • PROQUEST – The articles in PROQUEST are predominantly full-text, substantive news and/or scholarly. There are specific modules that can be searched individually: Arts, Business, Children, Education, General Interest, Health, Humanities, Law, Military, Multicultural, Psychology, Sciences, Social Sciences and Women’s Interest. PROQUEST is updated daily. Articles can be printed or emailed.
  • TREN – TREN lists masters’ theses on religious and theological topics.

II. These Web Links are available directly through the Library Web Page from any computer on-campus or off-campus:

  • Virtual Reference Desk – Contains links to items such as Book Reviews, Cars, Graduate Schools, Maps and Travel, Orange County Information, Job Information, etc.
  • WWW Sites by Subject Area – Example are Business, Literature, Philosophy and Ethics, Sociology, Religion, etc. If your department does not maintain a web site, we will be glad to maintain and add discipline-related links to your subject area on the Library Web Page. Please contact Mary Wilson if you would like for us to serve you in this way.
  • WWW General Interest Sites – Examples are Citing Web Sources, Evaluating Web Sources, Copyright, Higher Education, etc.


  • RTA – This Religious Theological Association database is only available in the Library. It is still CD-ROM based and available at the Research HEX computers.
  • COMMSearch 3rd ed. – This CD is available in the Library at the Circulation Desk. This CD is the National Communication Association’s database of journals focusing on Communication Studies as a disciplinary area of study. There are 26 journals indexed by Title, Author and Keyword since volume 1of each journal. Six (6) NCA journals also include searchable abstracts and full text: Communication Education, Communication Monographs, Critical Studies in Mass Communication, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Quarterly Journal of Speech, and Text and Performance Quarterly. (Many of the journals that are not full-text on the COMMSearch CD are available in full-text format in the online database PROQUEST received by VUSC Library.)
  • ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILOSOPHY—a full-text encyclopedia of philosophers and their philosophies. This encyclopedia is CD-ROM based and is available at the Research HEX computers. The alphabetical entries can be printed, but not emailed.