Faculty Services

Book & Periodical Budget Information

Contact person: Michelle Schonken (x6384 or michelle.schonken@vanguard.edu)

Ordering for periodicals takes place in April for the following academic year. A list of current subscriptions is sent out to each department or divisional chair for decisions about deletions or additions. Books can be ordered when the fiscal year begins in July after the periodicals have been encumbered.

Michelle Schonken sends the status of departmental/divisional expenditures to the chair several times during each academic year. Book/material orders must be received in the library by February 15. Any remaining funds will be spent at the discretion of the Head Librarian.

Book & Periodical Ordering

Contact person: Michelle Schonken (x6384 or michelle.schonken@vanguard.edu)

An integral part of the library’s mission is to support the curriculum of Vanguard University of Southern California. Classroom faculty have a major role in assuring that the collection is vital and that students are able to complete the majority of their assignments in our library. Because of our limited book budget and the possibilities of duplication in ordering, it’s important to follow established procedures. One of the best tools to identify books to order is Choice Reviews Online. If you would like to request that the library purchase books, videos, CDs, DVDs, or subscribe to specific journals, please email Michelle Schonken at  michelle.schonken@vanguard.edu.

Checkout Policies for Faculty

Contact person: Jack Morgan (x6380 or jack.morgan@vanguard.edu)

Faculty are able to check out most materials for the entire semester. While reference materials, the Pentecostal Collection and periodicals do not normally circulate, faculty may check out these items for a short period. At the end of each semester, faculty will receive a list of items they still have checked out. At that time books can be renewed or returned. Faculty will be billed for the replacement cost of lost items. If other family members are going to check out using your card, please contact Jack. Faculty emeriti and adjunct faculty have the same checkout privileges as full-time faculty. Please note that the librarians reserve the right to recall items that are checked out if other patrons need them.

Checking Out Periodicals

Contact person: Jack Morgan (x6380 or jack.morgan@vanguard.edu)

Periodicals do not normally circulate. However, faculty may check out periodicals for a short period of time.

Confidentiality of Records

Contact person: Pam Crenshaw (x6377 or pcrenshaw@vanguard.edu)

The library uses the American Library Association Code of Ethics as our guide for confidentiality of check-out and circulation information. If students or faculty ask who has an item checked out, we do not disclose that information. Nor do we tell faculty which students have checked out items placed on reserve. We will disclose how many times that item has been circulated, however. We are glad to contact whoever has checked out an item to make arrangements for him/her to return it for another patron’s use.


Contact person: Michelle Schonken (x6384 or michelle.schonken@vanguard.edu)

We believe that the library can be and should be a classroom like any other on campus. If our students are truly to become lifelong learners, they must learn to negotiate their way through simple and complex research strategies and tools, and they must know when each is required. Additionally, they must learn to evaluate and question sources and “authorities.” Critical thinking is required at every step of the research process. Ideally, research instruction should be developmental and tied to specific and meaningful assignments. The Library Faculty wish to partner with Classroom Faculty in making research instruction vital and achievable for our students. We’re available to help in several ways:

  • to teach the tools of research for an hour or longer for your class
  • to help you create research assignments
  • to advise you about whether our collection will support a research assignment you are planning

Please schedule library research instruction sessions two weeks in advance.

Interlibrary Loan

Contact person: Steven Valdez (x6375 or steven.valdez@vanguard.edu)

Through OCLC  we can access thousands of periodicals and millions of books throughout the United States. The cost to us varies. We have reciprocal agreements with about 70 libraries, wherein we will provide them free copies if they do the same for us. Obviously, we try to obtain as many ILLs from these providers as possible. E-mail full citations to Pam with your request.


Contact person: Pam Crenshaw (x6377 or pcrenshaw@vanguard.edu)

Faculty reserves are located at the Circulation Desk. To place an item on reserve, faculty must fill out a form indicating the class in which the item will be used and the type of reserve (2-hour, library use only, etc.). Please do not tell students that material is on reserve until it is actually in the library. In the past, professors have casually mentioned in class that they are going to place items on reserve and students leave the class expecting to find the items already in the library, processed, and ready for them. Allow at least a day for materials to be processed.

For more information, please refer to the Course Reserves page or contact Pam Crenshaw.