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Biographical Information



ANB American National Biography: an outstanding resource for info about deceased Americans

Books–Full-text Online

ebrary Our subscription to ebrary gives us access to about 100,000 online books and documents in most academic disciplines. Seventy percent of these items were published since 2000.

Book Reviews

Choice Reviews Online Probably the most useful site for identifying academic books to order.CHOICE reviews significant current books and electronic resources of interest to those in higher education. Each year CHOICE publishes more than 6,500 reviews by subject experts.
Proquest Research Library Coverage back to 1985
JSTOR Full-text entire runs of scholarly journals(except for recent years); be sure to choose only reviews as the type of source. Coverage: For any periodical in the database, back to the beginning of publication
Lexis-Nexis Newspapers full-text; search for title of book or author

Country Information

CountryWatch Up-to-date information and news on all countries of the world


OED Oxford English Dictionary
AccessScience All areas of science and technology


Dissertation Abstracts DissAbs provides info on dissertations and masters theses back to 1861. Abstracts for dissertations since 1980 and for master’s theses since 1988.


Britannica Online Comprehensive online encyclopedia
AccessScience Online encyclopedia of science and technology from McGraw-Hill

Full-text Periodicals

Proquest Research Library Most subject areas; check full-text box.
JSTOR Entire runs of certain titles.
EBSCO Many databases to choose from, with full text.


Lexis-Nexis A full-text news, legal, and business database. Varies, but covers most newspapers back 10 years.

Primary Sources

Lexis-Nexis Primary Sources in US History
Women and Social Movements in the US

Scholarly Journals

Proquest Research Library Click on the box that says Peer-reviewed. Coverage back to 1985.
JSTOR All journals listed are scholarly; click on the subject area you wish to search. Coverage: back to the beginning of publication.
PsycArticles This database contains full-text articles from APA publications.
SSCI Social Sciences Citation Index: no full text, but does let you search social science journals back to 1956 to get a clear idea of what’s been written on a particular topic, or by a particular author.
BioOne Full-text scholarly journals in the area of bioscience.
Ebsco Psychology/Behavioral Full text scholarly journals in the area of Psychology.


Description of Databases

Anthropology First choice: JSTOR. This database has full text, entire runs of about 14 anthropology journals and 10 archaeology journals; also contains journals in Sociology, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies. You must select the subject areas you wish to search. InfoTrac and ProQuest are also helpful, though not subject specific. AnthroSource and EHRAF World Cultures are also useful.
Business EBSCO Business Elite should be your first choice. InfoTrac Expanded Academic ASAP is an excellent database for business. JSTOR also has numerous journals in the areas of business, economics, and finance. ProQuest is also another good choice. Lexis-Nexis gives company information and also provides access to news and journals.
Communication Ebsco CCMC is the first choice for Comm majors, but ProQuest also has a lot of full text journals. InfoTrac is also a good database for this subject, particularly in gender communication.
Opposing Viewpoints gives excellent information if you are trying to research the pros and cons of issues such as abortion, foreign aid, etc. It’s part of the Gale databases, and you much choose it when you get to the front page. You’ll find long articles, plus links for web resources. CQ Researcher also has lengthy articles on current issues.
Education ERIC is the premier education database. It includes citations and abstracts to education journals and reports. However, ERIC has little full text. Both InfoTrac and ProQuest have full text education periodicals. If you’re looking for just one article on a subject, try those before ERIC.
History First choice: JSTOR, the most useful database with scholarly journals in this subject area. JSTOR includes full-text runs of the most important history journals. Lexis-Nexis Primary Sources is a collection of primary documents in African-American, Women’s and US Presidential history. Women and Social Movements also has full-text primary sources. For biographical information on deceased Americans, try American National Biography.
Lexis-Nexis contains newspapers articles back about 10 years. History/Political Science majors check out more books than any other major, so VANPAC should be your best friend.
Literature There are several choices for the lit major. First, GALE is an incredible full-text database with biographical information on authors and critical analyses of titles. Try it first. JSTOR also gives access to about 50 literature periodicals. InfoTrac and ProQuest also are choices, though only after one has tried GALE and JSTOR.
Math JSTOR has full-text articles for math majors, but InfoTrac and ProQuest are also choices.
Music JSTOR is a good choice because it has full-text runs of entire periodicals. RILM, which is part of FirstSearch, offers abstracts for articles in about 500 scholarly journals back to 1969. You must choose to search this database from a list, and remember, there is no full-text. Other choices which contain some full-text articles are InfoTrac and ProQuest. Grove Music contains the full text of New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians, New Grove Dictionary of Opera and New Grove Dictionary of Jazz.
Nursing The Ebsco databases are the place to begin. Health Source: Nursing Edition (550 scholarly full text journals) will be very useful, as well as CINAHL with Full Text, which Ebsco says is “the world’s most comprehensive source of full text for nursing and allied health journals.
Ebsco also has several other health-related databases. Look at them all and become familiar with them.
Political Science JSTOR has full-text runs of about 26 political science journals. Add on to that number the 40 history journals, and this is an excellent choice. CQ Researcher with its long essays on current issues is also available, plus Opposing Viewpoints. Don’t forget the general academic databases which have both magazines and scholarly journals: InfoTrac, ProQuest, and Ebsco Academic. For newspapers, Lexis-Nexis is your best bet.
Psychology First choice: PsycArticles. This resource has full-text articles from 40 top psychology journals. More comprehensive is PsycInfo, which contains citations and abstracts for “the entire world” of psychology research sources back to 1887. For full-text articles, you might also try ProQuest, where you can choose to search only psychology articles. A new database, Ebsco Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection has full text articles in more than 560 journals.
Religion Two religion databases give excellent information. First, ATLA, which is part of the FirstSearch group of databases, has both citations and abstracts, and full-text for some articles. RTA (also called REX) is also available, but it contains abstracts only. ProQuest also gives the choice of searching only the religion portion of its database.
Science For all science majors, JSTOR is a good first choice because it has nearly the entire run of the journal Science, among other journals. It also contains 8 botany journals. BioOne contains full-text scholarly journals in bioscience. PubMed is the comprehensive database for anatomy, physiology, and medicine, but it contains only citations and abstracts. Other choices are InfoTrac and ProQuest. AccessScience gives more basic information such as definitions.
Sociology JSTOR is the first choice for sociology majors because it offers entire full-text runs of about 30 sociology journals.
Spanish JSTOR has entire full-text runs of seven journals specializing in Latin American Studies.
Theatre Try either ProQuest Arts Module or InfoTrac for reviews of plays and critical analyses. Gale Literature database has info on dramatists and you’ll find our set of Drama Criticism in the Reference Room.
Women’s Studies Contemporary Women’s Issues is an extraordinary database covering topics throughout the world. One can research an issue, for instance infanticide, in a particular country. Women/Social Movements in the U.S. 1600-2000 is also possible option. ProQuest, InfoTrac, and JSTOR are other options.

Alphabetical List of Databases





AccessScience Online encyclopedia of science and technology from McGraw-Hill All areas of science & technology Lower and upper division students
ANB American National Biography: an outstanding resource for info about deceased Americans 17,500 biographies Anyone
ATLA Religion
ATLA Religion in EBSCO
Religion database of periodicals and dissertations Periodicals, books, essays in edited books, book reviews. Lower and upper division students
Useful for mainly religion students, though also comm and psych.
BioOne Scholarly full-text journals in the area of bioscience.
Britannica Online Standard reference encyclopedia with WWW links Everything! Everyone!
Choice Reviews Online Reviews of books and electronic resources Extensive, but particularly reviews of scholarly books Faculty & Staff, but available for all.
Contemporary Women’s Issues Full-text access to global information on women in over 150 countries Books, journals, newsletters, reports, fact sheets Excellent for social science, forensics, etc.
Country Watch Up-to-date news and information on each of the recognized countries of the world. Statistics, information on history, economics, culture, etc., of any country. Excellent for anthropology, business, political science, etc.
CQ Researcher Reports on current hot issues CQ Press produces 44 reports each year; reports are about 12,000 words long. An excellent resource for speeches, debate, research papers.
ebrary Full text eletronic books. These are cataloged in our library catalog VANPAC, but also accessible from the ebrary link. You must download the reader to read the books. You can print off 5 pages at a time. About 40,000 books Everyone!
Ebsco Databases:
Academic Search Elite
Business Source Elite
CINAHL Full Text
Clinical Pharmacology
Newspaper Source
New Testament Abstacts
Old Testament Abstracts
Regional Business News
CMMC (Comm)
These databases are a significant source of information for all students. Nursing students would find the CINAHL and Health Source databases useful. Business majors would find that Business Source Elite has a wealth of full-text journals and magazines. All students would find Academic Search Elite helpful for journals and magazines. Religion majors will use New and Old Testament Abstracts extensively (no full text, though!)
CMMC is an excellent choice for Communication students.
Extensive databases with many full text articles and abstracts. All majors
ERIC A huge education database of periodicals, reports, etc. with some fulltext materials. 1966-current Useful for many disciplines.
FirstSearch Includes access to RILM, Books in Print, Dissertation Abstracts, WorldCat, and WilsonSelectPlus, a full-text database. Varies according to database. Useful for many disciplines and for lower division, upper division, and graduate students.
GaleLiterature A literature resource with full text biographies, bibliographies, and critical analyses of about 90,000 novelists, poets, essayists, and journalists. Varies. Useful for upper and lower division students
Grove Music Contains the full-text Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Dictionary of Opera, and Dictionary of Jazz. Reference works for both upper and lower division students.
InfoTrac Expanded Academic ASAP A general periodical database that indexes about 1900 magazines and journals; about 900 of those are full text. Two files: Current file: current year plus 3 years. Backfile to 1980. Covers every subject area; useful for both lower and upper division
JSTOR A comprehensive archive of full-text, full runs of journals in selected subjects. Currently, about 117 participating journals, about 112 currently available online. Entire publication with the exception of the last 4 -5 years. Anthropology, ecology, economics, literature, math, philosophy, history, political science, sociology, and other areas to a lesser degree. Useful mainly to upper division.
Lexis-Nexis A full-text newpaper and legal database. Varies, but covers most newspapers back 10 years.
Lexis-Nexis Primary Sources/US History Primary and secondary sources in three areas: American Women, African Americans, and US presidential history Scholarly and reference articles, contemporary accounts, manuscripts, laws, court cases, speeches, photographs, and political cartoons. Communication, history, political science majors
Medline/PubMed An immense database (9 million citations!) of medical periodicals–no full text. Extensive coverage Anatomy/Physiology students, physicians, anyone interested in information about health problems
Melvyl The library catalog for the University of California system, plus access to periodical holdings of other libraries in California. Extensive. Useful for all students
Opposing Viewpoints Essays and web sources on controversial topics Abortion, AIDS,
Cloning, etc.
Forensics, Speech, argumentative papers
Oxford Dictionary Oxford English Dictionary Anyone
Oxford Reference Library Database contains many of the Oxford Companions(i.e., Concise Oxford Companion to Military History) Wide variety of subjects Useful for all students wanting basic information, rather than extended analysis
Proquest Research Library A general periodical database that indexes about 2000 magazines and periodicals; about 1000 of those are full text Similar coverage to InfoTrac Useful for both lower and upper division
PsycINFO and PsycArticles The definitive psychology databases. While PsycInfo has no full-text at this time, PsycArticles has full-text materials. Both are part of the EBSCO family of databases. 1965-current. Both upper and lower division, though LD often also use InfoTrac
SSCI Social Sciences Citation Index: no full text, but does let you search social science journals back to 1956 to get a clear idea of what’s been written on a particular topic, or by a particular author. Back to 1956 Social Science majors, particularly psychology and political science
Religious and Theological Abstracts (RTA) Contains abstracts from over 350 world religion journals. A popular research tool for religion students, but since ATLA has full text, it’s not used as much as it was previously. Since the 1960s Upper division and graduate religion majors.
VANPAC Our library catalog Your access to call numbers for books, CDs, dvds, etc. Anyone
WilsonSelectPlus Another general full-text database, with magazines and journals. Part of the FirstSearch group of databases. Anyone
Women and Social Movements in the US 1600-2000 Several hundred primary documents and teaching tools that expand on movements such as suffrage, abolition, etc. UD and Faculty