CORE 101 Internet Exercises

1. The separation of church and state is always a debatable issue. Let’s say you want to find good information about what the founding fathers had to say about the issue.

  • Using the search engine Google:
  • first type in this exactly: “separation of church and state” “founding fathers”
  • second type in separation of church and state founding fathers (no quotation marks)
  • Question: Which search gave you fewer hits?

2. Let’s say you want even fewer hits, and your goal is to get something that is more scholarly. Search the Internet using Google, Advanced Search for a complicated search:

  • exact phrase window: separation of church and state
  • all the words window: founding fathers
  • Limit the domain to .edu (about half way down the page)
  • Question: What types of material did you find?

3. Visit the two sites below that deal with the issue of church and state:

  • Question: Which do you find more “scholarly”? Which is less biased? What are the clues to whether a site is scholarly or not?

4. Look at the web site below and try to figure out who was responsible for it (not easy!):

  • Question: Try to find out where the person who placed this material on the Web got his B.A. degree!