The Liberal Studies major allows students a broad selection of courses in core subject areas. It is the university-approved academic program for those seeking preparation to become an elementary school teacher. The major incorporates all of the course prerequisites for Vanguard’s Graduate Education Credential Program. The Liberal Studies major has the approval of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, for those seeking a California Multiple Subjects Teacher Credential. (Students will refer to the Graduate Program in Education for specific information about pursuing a teacher credential.)

Liberal Studies is also an excellent choice for those planning on entering graduate school. Examples of students who should consider the major are those planning on law school, seminary, elementary education or a public service career.

Major Course Requirements

(Applies to students who enter the major beginning with the 2016-2017 school term.)

The Liberal Studies program that is outlined below incorporates current core curriculum courses as well as additional content specific courses to meet the California Teaching Credential expectations for a Liberal Studies major. The student wanting to teach in an elementary school will take the following courses as indicated below.

English/Language, Literature, and Composition

18 units

COMM 201C Speech Composition and Presentation 3 units
ENGL 120C Persuasive Writing 3 units
EDUC 220C Research Writing for Liberal Studies Majors 3 units
ENGL 230C Literary Perspectives 3 units
ENGL 340 Children’s Literature 3 units
ENGL 453 Language, Culture and Linguistics 3 units

Mathematics/Computer Science

9 units

MATH 145C Data Analysis 3 units
MATH 120 Math for Elementary Teachers 3 units
EDUC 330 Integrating Technology into Classroom Teaching 3 units

Science: 2 labs required

11 units

PSCI 215C, 215CL Fundamentals of Earth Science, Lab 3-4 units
BIOL Life Science Course 3-4 units



Physical Science course, Lab 3-4 units

Philosophy and Religion

18 units

NT 101C New Testament Survey 3 units
OT 201C Old Testament Survey 3 units
THEO 101C Foundations of Christian Life 3 units
or THEO 103C Introduction to Theology
THEO 300C Developing a Christian World View 3 units
CHIS 400C Christian Heritage 3 units
PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy 3 units
or PHIL 210 Critical Thinking

Visual and Performing Arts

9 units

ART 252C History and Appreciation of Art 3 units
or FINA 215C Introduction to the Arts
or THEA 102C Introduction to Acting
or THEA 200C Introduction to Theatre
or THEA 202C History of Theatre I
or THEA 204C History of Theatre II
ART 330 Art Techniques for Teachers 3 units
MUSC 337B Music for Elementary Schools 3 units

Social Science

18 units

ANTH 102C Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3 units
HIST 156C United States History 3 units
HIST 203C World Civilizations I 3 units
or HIST 204C World Civilizations II
HIST 356 History and Geography of California 3 units
POLS 155C United States Government 3 units
(A requirement for obtaining a California Teaching Credential)
SOCS/BUSN 215 Economics (Macro) 3 units

Physical Education and Health

5 units

KINE 145C Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Lecture/Lab 1 unit
KINE 146C Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Activity 1 unit
or any KINE 146C one-unit activity course
KINE 435 Physical Education for Elementary Schools 3 units

Human Development

6 units

PSYC 103C General Psychology 3 units
PSYC 320 Developmental Psychology 3 units

Areas of Emphasis

a minimum of 12 units

Students must choose an emphasis from one of the following: Anthropology (no longer offered beginning 2017-2018), Biological Science, Communication, English Literature, English Writing, History and Political Science, Kinesiology (Physical Education), Mathematics, Music, Physical Science, Psychology, Sociology, Special Education (beginning spring 2017), or Theatre Arts. As a capstone experience to the emphasis, each senior Liberal Studies student will participate in a portfolio/performance/demonstration assessment. Contact the Liberal Studies Department for details.

Professional Requirements and Prerequisites: 9 or 10 units

CORE 100C Cornerstone (Required for Freshmen)* 1 unit
or CORE 101C College Learning Concepts 3 units
or CORE 102C Writing Intensive Cornerstone 3 units
EDUC 100 Introduction to Education 3 units
EDUC 315 Teaching in a Multicultural Setting 3 units
(Prerequisite for VU’s Graduate Education Program. To be taken during the junior or senior year.)
EDUC 499C Senior Capstone Seminar 3 units

Electives: a minimum of 8 or 9 units

Recommended Electives:
EDUC 305 Tutoring in an Urban Setting 1-3 units
EDUC 441 Philosophy of the Christian School 1 unit

*This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements.