Teacher Credentialing: Graduate Studies

Two credential programs are available at VU: multiple subject credential and the single subject credential. VU is also authorized for the CLAD Emphasis Credentials for both Multiple and Single Subjects. Although both the multiple and single subject credentials authorize one to teach from kindergarten through the 12th grade, the multiple subject credential is preferred for elementary teaching, and the single subject for teaching at the secondary level (high school). Those holding a credential in Music, Physical Education, or Art may be employed for only those subjects in some elementary schools.

Students desiring to teach at the secondary level (high school) should major in one of the following areas in which VU is authorized to offer Single Subject Credentials: English, Life Science, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physical Science, or Social Science. Upon graduation with one of these majors, a student would then pursue the Single Subject Credential in the Graduate Program in Education at Vanguard University.

Have Your Fifth Year Count Toward an M.A. Degree!

Upon graduation, the fifth year program at Vanguard University is designed to allow eligible students to apply their graduate credential coursework toward a Master of Arts in Education. Upon completion of the fifth year, you will have your California Preliminary Multiple Subjects Credential with a CLAD emphasis. With the completion of 12 additional graduate units and a research project, you will have earned your Masters of Arts in Education.