MISSION: The mission of the Department of Liberal Studies is to provide undergraduate students with a broad liberal arts education within the context of a Christian worldview in a multicultural setting. The Liberal Studies major is designed to challenge students to integrate the different academic disciplines and to bring about wholeness of the mind, emotions, and character.

Why Should One Choose To Become A Teacher?

Influencing Young Lives
Other than your parents, who has been the most influential person in your life? For many it is a schoolteacher. The influence of teachers is profound and long-lasting. Teachers play a strategic role in shaping young lives, and their influence can easily last a lifetime. If you want to make a difference, consider a teaching career.

Teaching Could Be Just What You’re Looking For
Teaching is a wonderful ministry for those who enjoy working with groups and individuals, especially young people. It requires a lot of energy, an optimistic outlook on life, and a good measure of intelligence and common sense.

If you are thrilled to see a young person light up with a smile when they understand a difficult concept for the first time, teaching may be for you.

Why Should You Major in Liberal Studies?

Liberal Studies is recognized by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing as the most appropriate major when preparing to become an elementary school teacher. Therefore, most students who plan to go into teaching in a kindergarten through 6th grade classroom will want to be a Liberal Studies major.

A Liberal Studies degree from Vanguard University will give you a broad knowledge base on which to build a career. It could be in preparation for your teaching credentials, or simply for preparation for a variety of careers. It is the perfect liberal arts major for students desiring breadth in their education.

The Liberal Studies major has coursework in all of the major disciplines: English, Communication, Science, Math, Humanities, Social Sciences, including Anthropology and Psychology, and Kinesiology (PE). In addition, there is room for about 10 credits of electives. Students are encouraged to consider doing their elective work in Cross-cultural Studies, Science/Math, Statistics and Linguistics. All students must enroll in EDUC 100-Introduction to Education; EDUC 315-Teaching in a Multicultural Setting; EDUC 330-Integrating Technology into Classroom Teaching; and EDUC 499C-Senior Capstone Seminar.

A list of suggested program courses is available directly from the university catalog at www.vanguard.edu/catalog.

Vanguard University offers the advantage of being located in Orange County, an area abundant with opportunities to work with students in traditional and after school programs. The Liberal Studies curriculum provides students with the opportunity to observe, tutor, and assist area school children through a variety of courses.

Our Location
VU is located in the center of a thriving, multicultural South Coast region. The University is surrounded by the largest school districts in Orange County, providing a hub of networks and professional support for teacher candidates.
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